Ayam Golek 5 Bintang Pantai Dalam – delicious, smoky chicken!

Golek, golek.

I find it amusing really; to use the word golek.
It brings to mind of naughty wriggles and swaying hips. 😀

But jokes aside, the meaning of golek is : bergolek-golek = to roll over and over.

Thus, in this case, it refers to these succulent, plump birds rolling over and over for hours on glowing charcoal embers, slow cooked to a tender bite with an inherent, delectable smokiness.

ayam golek lima nara seafood-003

A whole bird cost RM24, a bloody good value if you ask me, for as someone who cooks, a middle size chicken is about RM18 now (as of 14th Feb) with chicken going at RM8.99/kg. This was the price at NSK just last week.

Here, you pay RM6 extra (RM24 delicious smoked chicken versus RM18 raw chicken) which gets you a plump bird well-marinated and tasty to the bone minus the need to clean the kitchen.

Heck, it even came with sweet chilli sauce and if you dine in, free service.

ayam golek lima nara seafood-002

I’ll happily give up cooking and the cleaning! 😉

However, I’ll personally vouch for the chicken only.

kak som ayam golek - RM24 -001

The restaurant offers other dishes but I wasn’t impressed with whatever I spied on the other tables. There were greasy vegetables, tom yum pot, fried eggs and other unidentifiable objects that got me wary.

Anyhow, my dining partner decided to order the “Kerabu Chicken” which sounded promising at first.

Wrong move, for it tasted like leftover ayam golek tossed in sweet, sour sauce.
To add to the insult, it was rather bony and whatever meat there was clinging to the bones were dry and hard.

kak som ayam golek - RM24 -003

So yes, stick to the chicken.

In need of a fulfilling protein meal?
Just chow down half a bird.

ayam golek lima nara seafood-001

Flavourwise it is non-spicy and leaned more on the sweet side with strong accents of lemongrass, turmeric and onions and other aromatics.
The marination goes deep until the bones so every bite was tasty. Some parts can be slightly drier (breast meat) but not inedibly so.

The best part? The skin where the concentration of the marination is!
The whole chicken wasn’t overly greasy as it was grilled for a minimum of 2 hours so most of the fat dripped out over the coals.

kak som ayam golek - RM24

Parking is at the roadside and the place is airy, clean and comfortable. It can get uncomfortably warm on a hot day but this place is more popular in the evenings.

Service is pretty dependent on whichever staff that was on duty.
The guy who chopped the chicken at the grill area was chirpy and helpful while the lady who took our orders seem to be in need of a quick… holiday.


Ayam Golek Nara Seafood
Jalan Pantai Permai
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
HOURS: 10am til late. (Please call first to be sure)
Contact: 013 – 3780009 /013 – 6050339 /019 – 3605063

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  1. Sean EDKL

    The chicken looks scrumptious – I recently have had an addiction to chicken – I ate an entire nando’s chicken to try their new mango & lime flavour, and I didn’t like it (the flavouring tasted a bit artificial to me). This one looks like it would satisfy me!

  2. Jon

    you should check out restoran anis puteri down the road towards kl direction. interesting selection.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Jon 🙂
      Interesting selection of ? Local Malay food? Like Sambal Hijau?

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