Authentic Penang lorbak for sale in KL – RM30 for 10 rolls!

My grandmother makes the best … “xxxx “.

Sounds familiar?

Well, I honestly do think that my granny made the best Penang Lorbak.
Hers is a lovingly marinated mix of pork liver, lean pork, pork fat strips and
Some recipes call for water chestnuts, others used jicama (sengkuang) for the sweetness and pleasant crunch.



Don’t be.
Penang lorbak is different from “Ngoh Hiang” aka chinese meatrolls.

For a start, Penang lor bak uses whole strips of pork loin whereas a ngoh hiang recipe calls for minced meat.
I’m a Penangite so I’ve grown up enjoying lorbak and I like to be able to bite and see actual chunks of meat, as opposed to minced version.

Strips also gave the meat rolls a lot more bite than minced ones which tends to be soggy especially when the maker cheats by adding flour and whatnots into the ngoh hiang.


For lorbak, the meat is in your face, no qualms about it.
And the meatrolls are unapologetically spiced, robust in flavours and aroma from the use of “ngoh hiang hoon” aka “five-spice powder”.

Penang lorbak is best eaten dipped in a lor sauce aka sticky egg white and starch mixture that is uniquely for this dish.
There should be a watery, sweet spicy chilli dip as well.

However in the Klang Valley most hawkers offers the Penang lorbak without both the lor (gravy) and correct chilli dip.
And there are not many “legit” Penang lorbak sellers around to begin with.

Well, that’s why I started my Hearts & Hands business.

These lorbak are transported from Penang monthly and it is one of the better ones that you can get for now.
It is not my granny’s version, but that recipe is lost as she had passed on a decade ago.

Many such recipes and skills are lost forever and that was the catalyst for the birth of Hearts & Hands.
I had wanted to work with homemakers and anyone, anyone who is willing to teach, share, make and sell traditional food or craft, namely in the effort to educate our current generation on how authentic recipes are like, while preserving the traditional and simultaneously generating an income to those makers/bakers/creators.


For now we are not able to provide the lor sauce and the chilli.
However, it is tasty on its own and if you do need some spicing up, sambal or Kg Koh will do fine.

Well, try it! You can buy it from us from Monday – Sunday, 6am – 12am.

Just give us 24 hours notice to ensure that we could advise you on stock availability and suitable pick up time.

Price: RM30 for 10 lorbak rolls (min amount is 1 box of 10 rolls).

Pick up : TTDI (address provided via Whatsapp). 
Delivery can be arranged via Zoom or GoGet.

For outstation orders, we deliver MONTHLY to Ipoh, Melaka, Terengganu, Singapore and Johor. As these are fresh, raw meat rolls, I’ll be visiting these states monthly/2 months once and bringing them with me via ice box.

To order:
Message me on or Whatsapp +6011 – 3938 5350.

VIDEO: What to expect for this lorbak

1. Deep frying:

2. Airfrying:

HOW TO STORE, COOK and ENJOY Penang lorbak: 

3 days in the fridge.
3 – 6 months in the freezer.

Once cooked, you can keep them in the fridge or you can freeze them again.

To reheat:
If frozen then make sure it is fully thawed (room temperature).

1. Deep fry for 5  – 10 minutes in hot oil (not smoking but hot).
2.  Bake at 170 Celsius for 10 – 12 minutes.
3. Air fry at 200 celsius at 20 minutes or til cooked.


Enjoy it on its own or with rice.
I add it into buns, made it into a lorbak hotdog and even add it into curries, fried rice and noodles.
And yes, it is great with Maggi mee (if you do consume such stuff). 🙂

So yes, Whatsapp +6011 – 3938 5350 or FB message us to order!

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  1. Sean EDKL

    your list of goodies keeps growing! 🙂 i don’t personally have an affinity to penang lorbak, since i never had it in malacca, and it wasn’t really something i had often while studying in penang. these look great though – i like the look of the textured fillings. and your initiative is excellent and very relevant to the malaysian food scene – i look forward to seeing more food-makers join your roster, and eventually ordering something close to my heart! 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Thank you for your kind words Sean! 😀
      Yes, the list will grow and grow and gosh, I’ve been so busy! Im glad that you been traveling and it looks like you’re having a blast. Hope you had a good break and catch up soon! 😀

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