ASUS ‘We Transform’ – Fonepad Note FHD 6, MeMO Pad HD7, Nexus 7, PadFone Infinity, VivoBook S500

As an Asus Ultrabook user for 2 years I’ll readily recommend Asus whenever anyone asked me for notebook options. My Asus Ultrabook has never failed me though I’m not exactly the gentlest of users.
I travel often, I used it for 15 hours a day as my primary workhorse and I carry it wherever I go. And so far (touch wood!) it has been reliable with no lag in performance nor have I experienced any software issues.

rebecca saw Asus Zenbook Fraser hill

At the recent Asus ‘We Transform’ event in Mid Valley, I drooled over the new range of laptops and ultrabooks. Some came with red keyboard (yes, I’m a sucker for coloured gadgets) and most of them are touch screen enabled with Windows 8.

ASUS We Transform_ 23

I’m still wary of Windows 8, but Asus has kept up with times and ensured the necessary latest updates in their notebooks.

ASUS We Transform_ 21

At the same event, Asus showcased its current and upcoming innovations which includes entry-level tablet MeMO Pad HD7, value touch VivoBook S500 Series, new multimedia-optimised N Series notebooks and new A Series notebooks.

ASUS We Transform_ 10

ASUS We Transform_ 9

ASUS We Transform_ 12

ASUS We Transform_ 7

ASUS We Transform_ 13

Tech geeks were seen drooling over the long-awaited PadFone Infinity, powered by Intel Atom, as well as ASUS’s first 6-inch phablet the Fonepad Note FHD 6.

ASUS We Transform_ 14

ASUS We Transform_ 16

ASUS We Transform_ 17

ASUS We Transform_ 25

ASUS We Transform_ 26

ASUS We Transform_ 27

ASUS We Transform_ 28

ASUS We Transform_ 32

ASUS We Transform_ 33

Last but not least, all of us couldn’t keep our hands off the Nexus 7. ASUS had revealed that the much-awaited Android tablet will be coming to Malaysian shores mid-November, hopefully not priced much higher than what it is in the US. 

Well, I’m happy with my Asus ultrabook so far. I loved the Asus Taichi too. Perhaps Windows 8 is next for me? Or the Nexus 7! 😀

PS: Thanks for the pictures! 

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    ok, i must remember this ASUS brand when i next need to purchase my own personal lappie 😀

  2. Kathy

    Looking to replace my current laptop. Will look into this new range since I am considering a touch screen enabled with Windows 8.

  3. Christian

    Can’t wait for the Nexus 7 coming in mid Nov. 🙂

  4. Cal

    Sounds like you’re a fan. A happy satisfied advocate of the brand.
    I’m Mac kinda guy but if I ever have to try out Windows I’ll give Asus or Toshiba a shot. Both brands seems manufacture pretty solid machines.

  5. Veron

    I’m a happy Asus user too! Unfortunately my workhorse is not any of the super light series in the rage currently. That’s the thing, it’s so good that it won’t crash and die, so I’m not getting a new lappie!

  6. Hong Wei

    I’m keeping an eye on that Nexus 7!

  7. daniel

    Why so serious?? (re: 1st pic).

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