Arthur’s Day 2010 with Guinness – Souled Out, Hartamas

I think the Arthur’s Day Bus is a brilliant idea! This bus makes its way thorough the streets of Kuala Lumpur & make pit stops at some outlets, namely Jarrod & Rawlins, Souled Out, Sids Pub TTDI & Royal Oak during the whole month of September as part of its countdown to Arthur’s Day celebration this 24 September at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon.


GUINNESS® fans will have the opportunity to sample creative GUINNESS® infused dishes & enjoy GUINNESS® at happy hour prices during these pit stops, starting at 17:59 (pm) – which happens to be the year GUINNESS® was established.

Also, one can hop on board the Arthur’s Day Bus to take part in exciting games & grab exclusive Arthur’s Day merchandise. For the  “Ultimate Arthur’s Day VIP Experience” contest, the winner together with five friends will be whisked away, pampered and treated like VIPs this Arthur’s Day.


Myself had a chance to experience all this first hand few days back when I was invited to staple Souled Out’s GUINNESS® infused dishes at Souled Out. So here is moi enjoying a shot of GUINNESS® Lychee Shooter as my appetizer.


Wonderful stuff! Even for someone who generally avoid alcohol, I enjoyed this cos it was sweetish & smooth.  😉

Arthurs Day - Lychee shot

That was followed by a platter of Souled Out’s GUINNESS® infused dishes – the GUINNESS® Battered Fish & ChipsGUINNESS® Chicken Yakitori and Meatballs in GUINNESS® Sauce.


Arthurs Day - Souled Out platter

I find the chicken skewers pretty much alike a normal chicken yakitori, not a Guinness “infused/flavoured” one. Perhaps the flavouring was very mild.

Arthurs Day - teriyaki chic

The meatballs fared much better. The gravy was very robust flavoured with a hint of bitterness from the Guinness. I would have preferred the Guinness accents to be stronger though.

Arthurs Day - meatballs

The fish and chips had absolutely no taste of Guinness & the batter was a bit thick & oily. The redeeming factor was the Garoupa fish, winning me over with it’s flaky & sweet flesh. This was certainly yummier without the batter 😉 .

Arthurs Day - fish and chips

Bangsar-babe ( and moi.


The GUINNESS® infused dishes in full portion.



We were served some additional dishes after the tasting platter and their signature salmon pizza lived up to its reputation. I loved the generous slices of smoked salmon and the thin smoky pizza crust.


To those who are going to the Arthur’s Day celebration this 24 September at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon, let’s rock the night with international acts Flo Rida, Colby O’Donis, Sean Kingston as well as homegrown acts Pop Shuvit & DJ Fuzz!

But if you aren’t, fret not, you can always enjoy your pint of Guinness your way, anytime & with some Guinness infused dishes at Souled Out! :yes:

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    1. Rebecca

      Yea! These 2 tasted so much better & are my fav too!
      Too bad it wasn’t that great fr the fish & chips & the teriyaki chic.

  1. Leo

    yeah.. Guinness spare ribs are the best!!! But if it’s done right.

  2. Sean

    ya, am not really a fan of guinness either, but guinness-infused food somehow tastes good! 😀
    btw, greetings from thousands of miles away. am typing this in a cold room and wishing i was back home…

    1. Rebecca

      yea..wish ur here too! u so so far away ;(
      1 more week! Hang tight..

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