Armada High Tea Buffet @ Armada Hotel PJ – RM50++

My first visit to Armada Hotel for the Valentine Day’s buffet at Armada Hotel earlier in February left a very good impression on me. Prices are considerably reasonable and in tandem with the variety and quantity of food.
The Executive Chef in charge; Chef Chew Teik Chye, whose Hainanese roots has inculcated him with the coveted skills and knowledge of whipping up authentic Hainanese cuisine had very happily asked us all to visit again to sample his Hainanese cooking. So here’s my review of his lip-smacking Hainanese Braised Lamb Chop and fragrant Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Utara Coffee House, Hotel Armada, PJ-010

Recently, I went for the weekend tea. At RM50++ it was such a steal as it became my late lunch, tea and early dinner!

promotions_armada hotel high tea buffet

The variety was good with enough choices for both heavy mains and “tea-time” items. Chef’s signature Hainanese Chicken Rice is available as well; so take your pick of the roasted or poached fowl.

The cold appetisers sections together with the salad bar was satisfactory in terms of choices and taste and almost matching the array served during lunch or dinner buffets.

Armada High Tea-001

Armada High Tea-044

This month, Utara Coffee House is having a Penang Food Paradise Buffet Dinner and some of the Penang hawker favourites such laksa, pasembor and ais kacang were featured during the high-tea as well. Though these were a far cry from original, it’s decent enough if you are suffering from major deprivation of Penang hawker fare.

armada hotel buffet - laksa Penang

Armada High Tea -005

armada hotel buffet - ais kacang

armada hotel buffet - ais kacang-001

My favourite item was this Mexican inspired burrito, partly because it has avocado mash and it’s a pita wrap! 🙂

armada hotel buffet - buritto

Below: Stuff your pita with as much ingredients as you wish!

armada hotel buffet - burritos

Just like any other buffet; western, oriental and asian fare are available. Elements of Japanese such as chawanmushi, Italian such as pasta and of Indian such as roti pratha added colour and flavour to the medley of food at the spread.

armada hotel buffet - dim sum

armada hotel buffet - chawanmushi

Some special Italian pastry cum pizza creation.

buffet armada hotel PJ pizza

Below: Cabonara, Bolognese and another of which I can’t remember...

Armada High Tea-016

Match your chosen sauce with any of these pasta.


The mini crabs stuffed with fish paste below is another signature of Utara Coffee House and I knew why after a bite. The stuffed paste was really tasty and springy.

armada hotel PJ -  buffet

Here’s a cute set, almost too cute to be eaten. 🙂

high tea at armada hotel PJ - buffet

The grilled stingray was one of the best I have had; so fresh and sweet with lip-smacking chili paste.

stingray -armada hotel PJ -  buffet

The mutton, chicken and fish curry didn’t disappoint either. So yes, that’s why the tea became my late lunch and early dinner. The mains are so good I had seconds. And to top that off I tried all the cakes too!

curry fish - armada hotel PJ - buffet

armada hotel PJ - mutton curry - buffet

More food; fried noodles, beef pies, lasagne, stir-fried vegetables and juicy fried chicken.

Armada High Tea -004

Armada High Tea-012

Armada High Tea-033

Armada High Tea-039

Armada High Tea-048

Then it’s time for DESSERTS!

Freshly baked waffles.

Armada High Tea-035

armada hotel buffet - bread and butter pudding

Armada High Tea-026

Armada High Tea-028

Armada High Tea -001

Armada High Tea -006

Armada High Tea -002

Last but not least, not forgetting the freshly cut fruits and another essential part of any buffet – ICE CREAMS!

buffet armada hotel PJ ice cream

armada hotel buffet - fruits

I reiterate; this was worth the price paid. So the next time you’re in the mood for some tete , do consider dropping in at Utara Coffee House at Armada Hotel!

promotions_armada hotel high tea buffet

Utara Coffee House, Hotel Armada, PJ-019

For reservations, please call (03) 7954 6888 ext. 4557

Utara Coffee House, Hotel Armada, PJ-021

Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya
Tel: (03) 7954 6888

I have yet to try their breakfast buffet and I have heard feedback about how marvelous it is, especially so for the Egg Benedict and pancakes by Chef Chew. Good eggs benedict are elusive and are priced at RM20++ per serving at most cafes. The breakfast buffet here is priced at RM26++ and that includes the egg benedict! I think I might drop in on a weekend morning soon! Anyone interested to join me? 🙂


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  1. Sean

    wah, the senior citizen price is appealing to me. i could bring my grandparents, my mom and my aunts here when they visit KL, since they’d all qualify for the RM33++ deal. and they all love ais kacang 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      I agree Sean!
      this place is perfect for your parents, prices are reasonable for what you get, and food’ s decent!

  2. Cindy Tong

    i reli wanna try this buffer spread..the desset look tempting..and the sting ray is it tat good?better than those in the hawker stall?

    egg benedict for breakfast so attractive…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hello Ms traveler! 😀
      Yes it’s good – the stingray was awesome. Let’s hope it’s consistently good; day in day out. You know how buffets are like.
      Another egg benedict fan? Come join me 🙂

      1. Cindy Tong

        i will definitely try their sting ray…

        im a big fan of egg…no matter how the egg is cook..i still love it…

      2. rebeccasaw

        Ohhh… I love eggs too 😀
        I heard the eggs at TWG Pavilion is very good 🙂 So far, no place has done a good egg benedict. I’m aiming to try TWG soon!

      3. Cindy Tong

        TWG??reli??it’s jus below my office…urmm does their egg benedict available all day long??u made me wanna go try tomorrow..

  3. The Yum List

    The burrito would make a lovely in between meal snack.

    1. rebeccasaw

      At the rate I stuffed it, it became a full meal 😛
      I lvoe the combi of sour cream + avocadoes!!

  4. puanbee

    Datang tengok makanan , alangkah heaven kalau dapat makan semua ni sekarang ..

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah I also hungry when i see food pics on other bloggers’ blog too!

  5. Choi Yen

    wow, I must spread as much as chocolate I can on my waffle!

    1. rebeccasaw

      LOL! Alright, waffle fan yea? Maybe u can go the breakfast buffet, more pancakes and eggs and american breakfast spread!

  6. Mariuca

    Long time haven’t visited this hotel, def price looks good and spread is pretty awesome too, I love buffets btw! Thanks for the heads up dearie! 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hey Mariuca!
      No prbm! I’m waiting for their Ramadhan buffet, of which I’m sure gonna rock as well in terms of variety and price!

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