Another steakhouse in Bangsar – Maria’s Restaurant & Cafe

It’s been years since I last walked into Maria’s original outlet at Damansara Perdana.
The long-standing outlet at this not-exactly-fabulous location bears testament to its food; good Western grub with justified prices which has since garnered itself a loyal following despite its’ challenging location.
Weekends are packed I’ve heard; and reservations are a must.

My experience was pretty positive as well, and thus when I saw the new outlet at Bangsar I decided a return visit is in order.

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The menu is similar. It seems that team here is a believer of “don’t fix what’s not broken“.

Lunch sets are available even on weekends and naturally priced at better value than ala-carte.
Joanna had the Grilled Chicken which was irreproachably tender and topped with a very homely, fresh mushroom gravy. The vegetables and potatoes were adeptly done; well seasoned with its crunch intact and for the potatoes, nicely soft.
The same were served with my NZ roast leg of lamb with traditional brown sauce (RM24 – lunch set price).
While the portion is certainly generous for the price paid, I prefer my lamb to be more tender so my dining companions helped me finish it instead.

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Another steakhouse in Bangsar - Maria's Restaurant & Cafe-001

But of course, what are we here for if not the steaks?
James & PL had the chilled Aussie chilled Black Angus, RM48 before taxes for 100 grams. The minimum order is 200 – 250g so this one was about RM100++.

Another steakhouse in Bangsar - Maria's Restaurant & Cafe-004

We requested for medium rare of course, and it was served as per request.
And yes, with the same accompanying side of the vegetables plus potatoes.

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I’m quite a steak snob and would usually get my fix in Singapore. Dry aged, US cattle, Japanese beef are some of my preferred picks.
I find steaks in Malaysia bordering on predictable (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie cattle; regardless of Augus, Black Augus, Wagyu, Master Kobe etc) and taste-wise one-dimensional after a while.
For the steaks in Maria’s, I agree that they are decent for the prices charge and would satisfy any meat lover who’s seeking a steak done right minus the frills of 6 – 10 different sides, hotel prices and sparking/still water environment.
Now I know where to recommend my friends/readers for their steaks fix.
The menu also includes New Zealand lamb, fish, chicken and pasta dishes plus homely, well made desserts. All in all, Maria’s stays true to its tagline of ‘Nothing fancy, simply good food’.

Another steakhouse in Bangsar - Maria's Restaurant & Cafe-003

We ended our meal with the famous Maria’s alcoholic Tiramisu for dessert.
Not bad at all. 🙂

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Another steakhouse in Bangsar - Maria's Restaurant & Cafe-008

Maria’s Restaurant & Cafe
DP outlet:
Centre Wing, Level 3, Metropolitan Square, Jalan PJU 8/1, Damansara Perdana, PJ
Tel: 03 7725 2313
Opening times: Daily, 12noon–10.30pm

Bangsar outlet:
Maria’s SteakCafe
58 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur, facing the main road.
Tel: 03-2282-2220

Other steakhouse recommendations:
Beato – Publika and Bangsar (dry aged steaks)
The Restaurant at The Club Saujana
The Steakhouse, Changkat Bukit Bintang
QBA Latin Grill and Bar, Westin KL
** Tried Prime at Le Meridien, Ril’s, La Vacas, El Fresco Empire & The Intermark KL , Tony Romas, TGIF and thought it was just ok.

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  1. Renne

    I agree. The food here is good, not fantastic but consistent

  2. Hugh

    Am a fan. I especially like the smell of the grill wafting over when the waiters carry the steak dishes. Appetising even before the first bite. We also enjoy their oxtail soup and traditional carrot pudding. Much credit to the personable and attentive service.

    Not aware that they have one in Damansara. But Maria’s Bangsar is indeed the best steakhouse in KL thus far.

  3. Eric

    I went there with a group of friends. The food was not bad and the service was good but there was this lady which i think is the manager. She does not even know how to treat a customer properly, she kept on looking at my group and by the looks like she thinks we’re poor and cant afford to eat at the restaurant. She even came to our table and to tell us their pepper shaker was expensive thinking we can’t even afford one i guess. Anyways, there was a customer which didn’t finish their wine and they left. They cleared the place and she took the wine bottle and she was drinking from it. Very professional and classy i guess. In business, no1. is always customer satisfaction. BTW this is the Bangsar Branch.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      So sorry to hear that Eric!
      And drinking frm the leftover wine – well she could have at least done that in private! LOL!

  4. Elesh

    Rude Staff and serves Marseille dies even when I was there earlier…

    So I took my biz elsewhere

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Well I don’t condone rude staff or bad service either!
      I hope you found a better place for your meal after this incident!

  5. Appalled

    You are not a steak snob, you are just rude. Period.
    Thanks for rudely pushing your groceries over mine at Ben’s checkout.

    Initially I was ecstatic when I saw you as I have been following your blog. Then I saw your apparent lack of civic manners.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Dear Appalled
      I truly didn’t realize – when was this ?? Was it a few days ago? I’m sorry! I didn’t realize at all!
      I hope you can accept my sincere apologies.
      Please let me buy you a coffee or something.

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