Another CROCS product giveaway!!

Results!! Thanks to all who took part!!

Winner of 1 Crocs shoe bag & 1 bottle of Soju = Victor Wong

Winner of 1 Crocs shoe bag & 1 can of bulgogi tuna =Running Andrew

Winner of 1 Crocs shoe bag & 1 can of kim chi tuna = JoyceW

Consolation prize : A RM20 Crocs voucher (from yours truly)  = Daniel Lee (love the scuba divers idea!)

Check your email for arrangements of your prizzeeees!!  😉

I’m back from Korea & just as I have promised; I got Korean stuffs to give-away!

Best answer out of the 3 chosen winners will get a Crocs shoe bag + ……

soju - crocs

A bottle of Soju (Korean liquor)!!

And the next 2 best answers wins a Crocs shoe bag + ……

tuna - crocs

a can of Bulgogi Tuna or Kimchi Tuna!

Cool eh? 😉 Very Korean!!

Today (27th July 2010) is the last day! So gimme your suggestions on:

Question: What would you like to hear and see from Crocs in terms of Product, Promotions and Events??


Good day all!
I’m leaving for Korea soon :yahoo: & just before I leave on Tues, I’m giving away THREE Crocs official shoe bag worth RM89 each. Yes yes, you will have to do something to get it of course. But hey, nothing in life is free ya’ know.

In the last contest I gave away ONE FREE pair of Crocs, out of my own initiative. Today, the Crocs shoe bags are sponsored by Crocs Malaysia.
However, since I’m going to KOREA, I shall again, at my own initiative, buy something Korean & throw in an extra freebie other than just the shoe bag. :yes:
I do not know yet what it may be, but it could be a Korean snack, a magazine, etc. Keep your fingers crossed that I find something unique 😉

So all you have to do, is to answer this one simple question; the best & most satisfying three answers will walk away with the prizes.

Question: What would you like to hear and see from Crocs in terms of Product, Promotions and Events??

Answer: ??

Now it’s your chance to voice your opinions to Crocs Malaysia. They will be reading your comments after all. I have heard a lot of people voicing their dislike for Crocs, & at the other end of the spectrum; their fondness for Crocs. Well, let’s play “Imagine you are a visionary Crocs employee ” & leave your answer to the QUESTION above in my comment box.

Below are some guidelines:

YES, these answers are acceptable:

Product: Prettier/feminine comfortable strappy 3inch heels/waterproof ankle boots (something “rational”, you get the idea?)

Promotions: Monthly contests for (insert idea).. , buy a pair & get a 2nd pair at 20%, Crocs gift vouchers, Crocs birthday vouchers of RM20 value for FB fans..etc.

Events: Selected Crocs stores tea party every month for 20 FB fans, etc..

NO, these answers only shows how *ahem*/immature you are. Bear in mind that this is a contest for those who genuinely want to win themselves some prizes, not an outlet for your *********.

Product: I want Crocs to stop selling these ugly shoes in Malaysia.. etc

Promotions: FREE CROCS for life..etc

Events: sponsor me FREE CROCS for my birthday party..etc

So give me a reason to buy something Korean for you! Give me some ideas for Crocs products, promos & events!

On a more serious note, below is an official letter of apology from one of the websites in Malaysia selling ‘original’ Crocs. Very severe action on fake Crocs distributors  have been taken over last 2 months by Crocs; confiscated over 120,000 pairs of fake Crocs from different states & travelling to all the states to do verifications. More reports will be out as soon as they complete the investigations with the Ministry of Domestic Trade.


You can do your part too by not buying the fake Crocs 😉

ps: Do check Crocs official online channels:
Twitter @CrocsMalaysia
Facebook page

This Post Has 57 Comments

  1. CSChak


    My suggestion – I would like to get a pair of Crocs but cannot find “flats” that fit my broad feet. The shallow front makes it look like I’m wearing a size too small 🙁
    Please design something so that I can own my 1st pair of crocs.
    Thank you

    1. Rebecca

      Hmm.. broad feet..u sure there isnt any tht fits?
      mayb I get the Crocs Msia ppl to recom u some k!

  2. Michelle Chin

    Not going to write about crocs but then omg, YOU ARE GOING TO KOREA!

  3. Spectre

    1) I would like My very own customized croc with my color and painting so I can keep it as souvenir plus service to repair worn out crocs :rose:

    2) Buy 3 Cros and get another one at 90 % off *random* crocs

    3 Event : Ad Hoc (within 24 hour) *foursquare* meetup at one selected croc outlet for special promo and discount.

    1. Rebecca

      Customized Crocs! I like that idea. I think this may need international approval though..

  4. amelialing911

    I want it so much for the Crocs shoe bag as i have 6pair of crocs shoe which is original plus i buy it by myself directly not even win it or get it free from any contest but the last pair of my crocs (7th pair) i win it from the RT 100th on twitter. :yahoo:
    So come and ask me how come i’m crazy of it which i don’t support fake and buy original.. like where u carry COACH brand and yet wearing fake Crocs?

    1. Rebecca

      I think you deserve a bag for that!
      But I need your answer for the Q above else tak boleh! :yes:

  5. Boon Kheng

    What I like about Crocs shoes is the assorted designs the shoes have and also provide a platform for shoe designers to unleash their creativity.

    An issue of concern about Crocs shoes is safety of the products. I understand Crocs is trying to sell the idea of such shoes can look great. However, I heard of numerous cases whereby users got their leg(s) stuck in moving escalators, both adults and children alike, especially in shopping complexes.

    Safety first is the priority for users, so I hope Crocs can address these concerns by either improving the design or at least, educate users about it.

    1. Rebecca

      Hmm.. I think tht escalator incident really got a lot of unnecessary press. anyways, a Crocs safety guideline sounds good!

  6. Daniel Lee

    Crocs are very popular among island-goers and SCUBA divers. So why not create a Marine themed model and design to sell and support a marine conservation group or project???

    1. Rebecca

      Hey, true that!
      Since Crocs are “mostly” water – proof due to it’s material..

  7. Wong Wai Tsung, Victor

    I hope Crocs can run promotional clinics helping Crocs-holics and Crocs-newbies find the best Crocs suited for their lifestyles and needs besides organizing as well a “Welcome to Crocs Family!” Day where Crocs fans can come together and have a fun day!

  8. Andrew

    Yo its me Andrew. Here are some of my thoughts

    1.I noticed there are lack of design for ladies CROCS wear. There are some nice ones but compared to the men’s CROCS wear, it seems limited. Would be nice if CROCS would come out with more design for the ladies for both formal and casual.

    2. CROCS SPORTS wear. We’ve seen some casual and formal foot wear, how about some sports edition? Futsal and running fans would definitely check them out as CROCS is well known for its Croslite material; Imagine the comfort level while running on the hard road or while playing indoor futsal 🙂

    1. How about CROCS membership program? Just like how the New Balance loyalty card works. To have special discounts on member’s birthdays, getting first hand information such as CROCS warehouse sales. Through the membership program, give members latest happenings through newsletters because not everyone is IT literate.

    1.Having CROCS contest at selected stores will be a good idea to surprise shoppers. A good experience experienced by a customer goes a long way in sustaining a good relationship with a product. Like they say, word of mouth is a powerful tool compared to millions spent on advertising.

    2. Have CROCS workshop to promote CROCS. Not many know the benefits of having original CROCS. Also voice out concerns regarding the safety issue that has been spreading around regarding the famous “escalator” incident”.

    1. Rebecca

      I agree on the ladies footwear part! I nd more fashionable designs yo!

  9. Jasmine

    Here are some of my suggestions:

    1) Roadshows to promote new Crocs series and highlights.

    2) Annual Crocs Party for loyal Crosc fans.

    3) Monthly Special discount for online shooper.

    1. Rebecca

      Online shopping! Good idea really!

  10. JoyceW

    Ooh…have a good trip to Korea!!I wish I could go too!!

    Well, here’s my answer to the question.
    Question: What would you like to hear and see from Crocs in terms of Product, Promotions and Events??

    My answer:

    CROCS is really making headway in design for their shoes as they are offering more and more variety which are appealing to wider range of customers. However, I have been at times disappointed with the colour because the colours on the actual shoes differ so much from the colour in the pictures. It would be really good if CROCS work to improve on that area so that they won’t lose out on customers who are particular on colours.

    I noticed that when you see a family group walking around, if one of them is wearing a pair of CROCS, the rest of the family members will also be wearing CROCS. It would be a good idea for CROCS to have ‘package’ promotions like ‘Family package’ where you can buy 2 adult pairs and 2 children pairs at a special discount price. Or even a ‘Couples package’ since I’ve even seen couples wearing matching CROCS. 😉

    CROCS membership is also a good idea since people who buy CROCS tend to be repeat buyers. Membership would make customers feel more appreciated and loyal to the brand.

    Perhaps a special sports event where you have a sports day where you must participate wearing CROCS?? E.g: 100 metre dash wearing CROCS or an obstacle course which you must complete wearing CROCS. This would be fun for the customers and at the same time promote how durable and wearable CROCS are.

    1. Rebecca

      Family package! Tht’s a good one to consider. I agree, when i see those whole family of Croccies, i cant help to grin..

  11. juli1202

    CROCS should established a trade-in / recycling program for its customers to protect our environment. Evey old CROCS trade-in should be rewarded with a RM30 gift voucher.

    In addition, CROCS should look into customer loyalty programs to reward customers for their loyalty to CROCS products. Customers who continue to buy CROCS will be rewarded with points per RM, and in turn they will have the opportunity to exchange those points for any gift selected from CROCS range.

    Approved applicants shall be given a Welcome Pack which includes discount voucher where they can buy CROCS at a discounted rate, free accessories with any purchase of RM100 and above, friends get friends, buy 3 pairs free 1 pair, birthday voucher and etc…

    1. Rebecca

      I like tht trade in and recycling program! But the thing is..ORIGINAL crocs last quite long…

  12. Wong Wai Tsung

    Hi, just thought about something else… since Crocs has been promoting CrocBand a fair bit why not have a CrocBand competition? No not a who has more CrocBands but a Croc Music Band competition to crown an official ultimate Malaysian CrocBand! This will be another avenue to find new musical talents!

    1. Rebecca

      Actually tht’s a fresh idea there! Mayb Crocs can sponsor or partner the next Battle of the Bands!

  13. SHL

    Creative and Design focus workshop for those who wants to personalize their crocs footwear and have ideas to contribute towards new designs, new trend, what works and what does not(good and bad points(i.e. feedback from customers for improvements)

    1. Rebecca

      Workshop & contest for Crocs design! Yes, I do hope Crocs Malaysia can do that soon! Hopefully this year.

  14. Yenni Permana

    Product: give guarantee to those who buy Crocs and insurance will be appreciated :rose:

    Promotions: membership card which allows you to buy with special discount i.e. 40% :heart:

    Events: more special promo at the shopping mall

  15. cindy tong

    Hi there!

    I think the rubbery material make my feet sweat more resulting in an unpleasant odour!Perhaps they should improve the ventilation through the rubbery material.

    Introducing membership with collaboration with other retails shop as well (mass marketing) i.e with purchase of 1 pair of croc, get RM10 voucher at Royale Sport or vice versa. If they are giving the voucher for croc perhap customer won’t need it in a short time since they jus bought theirs on the same day!

    Extreme challenge that involve a groups of people say treasure hunt!

    1. Rebecca

      The Crocslite material shouldnt result in unpleasant odour!
      Whta model are you wearing?

  16. Jessica Lew

    Product – more stylish and afforable crocs

    Promotions – have like membership cards ( like bonuslink where each member who buys a crocs would gather points to get discounts on their next purchase )

    Events – more clearance sales to clear up the old stocks and to bring in the new as well & have appreciation party for crocs fan – like giving some gifts for supporting crocs

  17. Moniqee

    Products – more comfortable stylish crocs

    Promotions – monthly promotions like jan have certain items on sale, then feb have different item on sale and so on

    events – have contest on fb

    1. Rebecca

      Haha.. i see most are concerned abt the stylish part!

  18. anti arrogant

    I dont think by publishing the name of the person in the letter is something ethical. Why must you publish the letter anyway, isn’t it enough for you to just mention about someone who apologized to crocs for selling fake stuffs?

    i used to wear crocs and I found it very uncomfortable. Bought another one, and my skin on my feel started to peel off. I never make a fuss and publish on a blog about it, until at this moment.

    I think you better tell crocs to improve on the quality of their products first. To me, crocs are fashionable, but comfort-wise, sorry…i think it’s one of the worst footwear ive ever had.

    And no, I am not the person in the letter above.

    1. Andrew

      Are you sure?

      Which model did u wear? Which part of your feet did the skin peeled off? Heel? Was it because of blister?

      I think you would have tried it out at the shop before purchasing the shoe right? If you didn’t feel comfortable, why buy it in the 1st place?

      1. Rebecca

        LOL. Thanks Andrew for replying on my behalf!

      2. nameless

        keselesaan itu subjektif dan …mungkin tidak konsisten…jika dia rasa selesa pada masa awal dia mencuba dan kemudian tidak selesa pula so mesti ada sesuatu pada kualiti produk yg kena diperbaiki…logiknya untuk menentukan produk itu benar2 bagus/kualiti atau tidak review-nya iaitu SELEPAS digunakan dan ia ditentukan berdasarkan sesuatu tempoh masa yg panjang supaya tidak bias,dan tepat dan bukan dibandingkan dengan 5-8 minit semasa proses mencuba di kedai yg mungkin hanya selesa pada masa dan keadaan disitu saja…tapi keselesaan untuk keadaan yg berbeza bagaimana pula nak ditentukan semasa dikedai?????

      3. rebeccasaw

        For me my Cabana is stil as comfortable as ever, while the choc Lily I got stil takes some gettin used to it

  19. Jason Chan

    Products – Crocs are iconic footwear! Yes, I do own 2 pairs of Crocs, the camouflage and the medical use ones. Love my Crocs till today. Durable and Lightweight. Good to see that Crocs have diversified to other designs and colors.

    Will there be Crocs Sneakers?

    Promotions – Loyalty card should be introduced to loyal Crocs fans whereby they get a FREE pair after 10 purchases or more. This would encourage more and more people to get their friends and family to buy Crocs. Or perhaps do a cross-marketing promo with fashion, food and etc.

    Do a family loyalty where if all family members buy a pair, gets 40% off on the next family purchase! This sure to drive volume!!! 😛

    Events – Constant marketing events/activities will help the brand Crocs to get in people’s minds. Have fun activities and get the younger generations involved so that the brand will live on generations after generations.

    1. Rebecca

      I think Crocs Sports should be the next thing they should consider!

  20. Rathi Malar

    First of all, Crocs need to educate everyone on which is fake crocs, a lot of us still fall for the tricks of shoe vendors.

    Next, stop FAKE crocs! I mean , look at any one pasar malam, and you will see at least one shop selling “genuine” crocs merchandise. If this is mot solved, then any promotions or events will just fall flat. 🙂

    Throw a party where everyone have to wear any product from Crocs or maybe dress up like a Crocodile? 🙂

    1. Rebecca

      True that! I guess education is key.
      Tht’s why Crocs has us as official bloggers & Crocs been sponsorin events & their marketing manager has been giving talks at a lot of functions too

  21. Seo Services

    Really good blog post here and I just wanted to comment & thank you for posting this. I’ve bookmarked youi blog and I’ll be back to read more in the future my friend! Also nice colors on the layout, it’s really easy on the eyes.

  22. Wong Wai Tsung, Victor

    Thank You Rebecca!

  23. Rare Jordan Shoes

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  24. Francis Mayse

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  25. Good luck getting people behind this one. Though you make some VERY fascinating points, youre going to have to do more than bring up a few things that may be different than what weve already heard. What are trying to say here? What do you want us to think? It seems like you cant really get behind a unique thought. Anyway, thats just my opinion.:)

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