Anlene MOVE app: 21 days of planks for abs!

Seeing that the month of January is the new month of a new year, I’ve tried to encourage my friends, fans and readers to inculcate a healthier and active lifestyle by sharing 21 variations of ONE simple exercise that is FREE, does not require any equipment, can be performed alone and does not require any travel to a gym.

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Based on the 21 days principle, it is said that if one performs a task repetitively for 21 days, it is likely that the person will eventually form a habit, be it good or bad.

So say you chose a dietary or activity behavior— as eg, drinking a glass of milk  — to be undertaken once daily — e.g., when you wake up in the morning; try to monitor and self-report how “automatic” (read: habitual) the activity felt each time you did it.
Researchers had found that it took a minimum of 21 days until the behavior reached peak levels of automaticity.
But it differs for everyone; some require a longer duration while others could achieve automaticity quickly.

Anlene milk recipe - milk bread

So I’m encouraging my friends to start small. A plank is a plank and while it is simple, it can get mundane.
Thus for my 21 days challenge, I’ve performed (and videoed!) 21 variations of planks.
I’ve compiled them here so if you are looking to starting a planking habit, you can refer to them here.

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As you would drink milk to ensure sufficient calcium intake for strong bones, the plank focuses on strengthening the core muscles of the body, which in turn supports the whole body and organs.

Anlene’s message is “The freedom to move start with strong bones. And strong bones start with Anlene. One can’t deny the truth in this statement.
Milk the best source for calcium and that’s exactly what your teeth and bones need. For young ones it is necessary for the formation of bones while adults can benefit from the calcium to keep their bones strong, which in turn reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis.

When your bones are strong and healthy, you can pretty much do anything – work, travel, dance; essentially move with ease and confidence.

Day 1:
Anlene Move Day 1: Simple plank.
I began my 21 day challenge with this simple plank. This is as easy as it can get for those who are beginners to planking and are slowly easing themselves into a workout routine.


Day 2:
AnleneMove Day 2: Alternate Leg Plank.
Keeping your body straight while you move the leg up and down can be challenge. Remember to keep your hips in place as no swaying are allowed!


Day 3: Knee to Elbow Plank.
I’m slowly but surely trying out movement planks rather than just remaining stationary.

Moving body parts while planking is slightly more challenging as you would still have to hold your core in place (do not relax the stomach) and yet ensure that the whole body remains in right position.


Day 4:
AnleneMove Day 4 – Plank Walk.
Gosh, I think I look like a …duck? Spider?
Wait, a crab! That’s it. I’m mimicking a crab. LOL.

You would think that the hand and leg coordination for this is straightforward but I actually got tangled once in a while.

Well, this is the 4th variation of plank as of today and there are 17 variations more! I’m getting a hang of it!


Day 5:
AnleneMove Day 5: Side Plank Star Hold 
Decided to do a “hold on position” plank instead of moving today.
This requires balance & well, core strength.

I’m still maintaining my daily 2-3 mins standard plank PLUS these “fun” variations of planks I’m doing.
It has been fruitful for my abs so far!


Day 6:
Anlene Move Day 6: Plank Jacks – as in you know, jumping jacks?
Yes, but done in plank position.
Just remember to hold your core and keep your butt in place.
My previous videos showed that I was bouncing up and down each time I jumped without realizing it!
Hence, videoing yourself while you perform your workouts is a good idea to spot your errors.


Day 7:
Anlene Move Day 7: Planking in the desert!! I was in Melaka and hence decided to video some of my planks here as I think it would be a unique backdrop.

Plank variation–> Plank Down Dog to Toe.
This looks easy but it isn’t that simple if you are not flexible. You got to really stretch yourself to touch your toes!


Day 8: Side Plank Hip Abduction.
This is a tough one because I find it difficult to balance and hold my body in place and yet keep the leg moving in perfect semi-circle without toppling over!


Day 9:  Anlene Move Day 9: SUPERMAN Plank Hold.
Oh my God, this one was shockingly challenging!
As you can see I was shaking at the beginning and I lacked hand and leg coordination.

This is certainly an advance plank variation. Proceed with caution! LOL.



Day 10:
Anlene Move Day 12: Side Plank Roll Through. I’m halfway through my 21 days challenge with Anlene Move!

Hmmm.. What should I do next? 21 days of sleeping at 10 pm so I’ll finally get enough rest? Oh, nah. I don’t think that’s possible at all. Lol!


Day 11:
Anlene Move Day 13: Circular Plank.
This was tough as well. I realized by now that as much as I think I’m fit and have good core strength, trying out new exercises gives you a reality jolt.
For example, this plank form seems so simple, yet I wasn’t as mobile in my upper body as I thought I was. Try as I might, I wasn’t able to form a larger circle from left to right and right to left as required of this plank.
Frustrating? Yes!
Will I give up?
No! I’ll just have to keep on practising.


Day 12:
Anlene Move Day 12: Reverse Plank.

Keep the hips up and straight and keep the belly in. For this plank you will be tempted to let your butt down and relax, but DON’T!


Day 13:
Anlene Move Day 13: Forearm to Push Up Plank.
This is another plank that is more at the intermediate or advanced level.
You have to make sure your body is tight and straight even as you are moving / changing arms.

If you are already planking regularly, this is a variation that you should test out for a few reps to challenge yourself!
Do it!


Day 14: Buzz Saw.
Just hold your core tight and straight as you move your whole body forward and backward. No cheating by placing your arms slightly backwards or forward. Make sure both arms are right below your shoulders!


Day 15: Plank Hop to Squat.

This is one of my top 5 plank variations because I get to work on my other body parts as well as my core!
The Plank Hop to Squat works out different body parts simultaneously. It is also cardiovascular as it is alike performing a burpee.

Remember to keep your core tight and don not let the bum hang down when you get to the plank position.
I’m still having a bit of trouble getting up to squat position instantly from plank, but with focus and practice it can be done!


Day 16The Alternating Hand Plank.

Compared to the Alternating Leg Plank, alternating the hands is definitely more difficult than the legs as more weight are on the arms when you are in a plank position.
There was another variation where the hands goes up straight in front. I find both (front or to the side) just as taxing.

I was having my time of the month here and I was feeling bloated and exhausted. However, I’ve never allowed sickness to stop me from my daily workouts. If I can get out of bed, I can do some simple exercises!


Day 17: Knee tuck to downward dog .
This was effortless for me. Well, that’s until I tried doing it for more than 30 reps each leg! LOL.

I like this particular variation of plank as it stretches out the hips as you try to stretch your leg up as high as possible.
A combination of a yoga move and plank – this is a win!


Day 18: The Alternating Hand Plank.
Remember Day 16? Well, this another variation of plank that requires you to alternate your hands while holding in plank position.
It looks deceivingly simple but basic core strength is definitely required to maintain the body straight as you alternated the hands.
Remember, no swaying from side to side!


Day 19: The Alligator Plank Walk!
Gosh, whoever came up with this version?
This feels weird. I attempted it the best I could, but my butt kept going from side to side and my feet and my hands won’t coordinate!

If you are attempting this, it is better to do it on a smooth and level ground.
Here’s a tip; get the right hand a step forward followed by moving the feet 4 times forward. Repeat with left land. It might be easier following this sequence.
My attempt below (in the video) was just based on gut feel. I just told myself to move my hand forward and keep the feet moving.


Day 20: Side Plank Reach Through.
One more day to go!
This is Side Plank Reach Through; 20 reps each side for today plus 3 minutes standard plank.

Remember guys, any time is a good time to start a new habit. It can be from waking up earlier to sleeping earlier so you could get your ideal 8 hours a day rest to refraining from eating 4 hours before bedtime.

All you need is a tracking app (like Anlene Move – available on iOS or Android ) & kept your chosen activity going for approximately 21 days.
It is said that doing something for 21 days consecutively creates a habit!


Day 21: Standing plank.
Last post for the #AnleneMove 21 days Plank challenge.
Just the straightforward standing plank to remind everyone that even a simple plank like this works; as long as you do it in the right form & be focused on all parts of your body.

Psst… Do you like my new pair of shoes? They are so comfy and only cost me RM179.
A pair of Under Armour for RM179 is a steal! Yup, I’m always thrilled whenever I get a good bargain for sports wear!

21 days plank challenge - anlene move

** Videos are shot with my Asus Zenfone Selfie as well as my iPhone 6 Plus.
** Sports top: Neubodi Active Wear – Moving Comfort (Review here).


So, does anyone here has a 21 days challenge in mind?
If you do, remember this, it is best to keep track of it so you could keep yourself motivated and not forget to repeat it every day for at least 21 days.
An example of a tracking app would be the Anlene Move app.

To download the Anlene app:

1. Sign up on Anlene’s website ( or download the app (available both on iOS and Android)
2. Set your goals and choose the daily activity you want to do
The app provides nutritional tips to support your Anlene Move.

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