Andrew Kit’s homemade artisan breads and banana cake

I’m a big fan of anything homemade, even more so when it is not “entirely commercial”; as in it is available for sale but in small batches and from homemakers/bakers that keeps strict QC on her/his produce.

homemade andrew kit - bread and cakes -008

Andrew Kit was someone I noticed a few months back via a Facebook group.
His contributions to the group was (and still is) sincere, wonderfully engaging and full of positivity.

They said never judge a person by their face (or in this case Facebook profile) but over the months, I had detected no egotistical nor self-centered attitude from him; and overall Andrew seems to be a humble, kind stayhome-dad taking care of his sons and making a living doing what he’s passionate about; baking and cooking.

His daily meals and bakes were distracting temptations since I follow the FB group where he posted daily about his kitchen adventures.
So when when recently Andrew’s breads was made available commercially I decided that to order some to try!

homemade andrew kit - bread and cakes

I love breads and I’m terribly picky about the types of breads that I would consume.
Artisanal breads are no doubt my choice if I have to eat breads.

So as I observed Andrew’s posting, I took note of a few flavours that I would like to try.

For my review to be completely unbiased I got a friend to order the loaves that I want.
I was not in contact with Andrew at all, though we are FB friends.
I paid RM90 (RM13 x 5 loaves + RM25 cake) in total for my purchases as shown below.

If the breads are to my liking (taste is subjective after all) I would certainly promote them.
After all, I’ve always been an advocate of healthy eating, and commercially made breads are more often than not, with added preservatives, softening and chemicals.

So here I am, stuffing my face with glorious, fresh breads (after a 10km run of course).

homemade andrew kit - bread and cakes -012

All were good on its own, though on some days I whacked slices with a good dollop of pure butter on top, and on other days I added some form of protein.

1. Diabetic matcha and mulberries (RM13). About 260g.
The name diabetic would have given you the clue that the loaf is non-sugar. Andrew made it a bit salty for taste.

I find the matcha flavour discernible enough and was imagining eating this with matcha butter or matcha spread. Oh my!
Anyhow for now I’ll savour it with French butter while waiting for my green tea spread from Japan.

homemade andrew kit - bread and cakes -002

2. Multigrain (RM13). About 330g.
This is one of Andrew’s specialty and if you know the ingredients that goes into them, you might agree with me that RM13/loaf is reasonable.
Ingredients: German unbleached flour, German fine wholemeal, wheat barn, black raisins, sultanas, golden Raisins, cranberries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, blue poppy seeds, oats, psyllium husks, brown sugar, salt, instant yeast, sourdough starter, extra light virgin olive oil.

homemade andrew kit - bread and cakes -003

The bread itself is not sweet and you will only taste sweetness when you bit into the parts with the sweet ingredients, which is plentiful.

homemade andrew kit - bread and cakes -010

3. High Fibre w/ VCO (RM13). About 280g.

This one is slightly drier and rather plain. I trust this loaf would be suitable for those who prefer their breads heavy and more grains.
I would use this for sandwiches, especially for my tuna, sardines and eggs sandwiches.

Is it worth RM13? Well, there won’t be a next time for me.
It is good yes, but RM13 for that size…. hmmm… what do you think?

homemade andrew kit - bread and cakes -004

homemade andrew kit - bread and cakes -011

4. Rosemary and Cheese Loaf. RM13About 260g.
A bread ideal to eat on its own, though I felt there should be more cheese for RM13.

homemade andrew kit - bread and cakes -005

homemade andrew kit - bread and cakes -007

5. Apricot Raisins. RM13. About 300g.
Nothing special about this one. Anyhow, apricot and raisins are common ingredients for wholemeal loaves so I guess it is a sellable item.

Again, I found this to be a tad pricy at RM13. 

homemade andrew kit - bread and cakes -001

6. Banana Cake RM25/loaf. About 600g.
I may not know Aunty Pat personally, but I’ve heard of her and I doubt she is the sort to be sharing her banana cake recipe with just about anyone.
No doubt Aunty Pat must have known Andrew and liked his sincerity or character or for whatsoever reason; so much so that she divulged him her personal banana cake recipe.

homemade andrew kit - bread and cakes -006

I love banana cakes and I’m fussy about it.
Well, I am fussy with just about anything and I’m glad to have finally discovered a banana cake that suits my palate; fluffy yet compact with banana, rich in banana taste and aroma, minus the heavy grease, yet with a pleasant buttery moistness.

Goodness, there goes my low carb diet! 😀

homemade andrew kit - bread and cakes -009

Nevertheless, don’t take my word for it, try them yourself. What suits me may or may not suit your palate.
Andrew is contactable via his FB page and I hope that, just like me, you will get to know Andrew and enjoy his bakes –>

** Do note that I’m in no way obligated to promote or “help” out homemakers (I know there are many around) and I would only do so for those I’ve personally known, or have enjoyed their products.

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