Anchor’s Moodmojee drinks in PENANG – Lavish Fusion Bakery

While I can confidently rattled off a list of the “best” (well, best according to my taste la) Penang hawker food to anyone who asked; I’m stumped whenever anyone asked me about Penang cafes.

My 1st reaction would be “Ermm..why would you want to eat at a cafe in Penang?

But I get it.
Penang is freaking hot.
And in between all that greasy hawker food, you want a nice, comfortable air-conditioned place to chill, enjoy a cuppa, nibble on a dessert.

Yup yup, I got YOU.

While I can’t claim to have cafe-hopped in Penang a lot, I would, personally hop into Lavish Fusion Bakery on Victoria Street if I’m in the Penang jetty area.

For a start the pastries were enticingly puffy and shined with promise.

Beverages-wise, of course one must order the Anchor’s Moodmojee dairy beverages. For lighter drinks, select from the fruit blended range that was pretty healthy or from the iced teas varieties. I had one with dragonfruit and loved how it was refreshing and pleasant to drink without being tooth-achingly sweet.
Truly, any of them would cool warm bodies or frazzled nerves from the unforgiving Penang heat.

And of course, if you are obsessed with the “GRAM“, this backdrop is for humans, beverages, food and well, whatever else you wish to photograph.

Now what about food?
If you are stuffed from all the Penang delights, then least share a dessert here.

I mean, there’s always space for desserts right?
Especially ones that are totally Instagrammable like Lavish’s latest Sakura Souffle with Sakura ice cream. The bonus? It tasted as good as it looks!

This was light, puffy, not overly sweet and delicate. Each bite was alike eating a cloud that’s dissolves in your mouth.

That said, if you have stomach space, some mains are certainly worth a consideration.

While the all-common-and-popular avocado toast and pastas peppered the menu, the house-cured saba fish (RM27.50) and the miso porridge (RM18.80) stood out for me. I would have ordered the Lavish’s PORK LOIN in a heartbeat, but it was not featured that day so well, that calls for another visit.

Ok, in case you missed that, Lavish Fusion Bakery is NOT halal.
And thus their Cabonara (RM25.50) was proudly proclaimed to be the “real deal”– no cream, just egg yolks and cheese. Not just any cheese, mind you, but Grana Padano.

I managed a forkful of pasta, a bite of the saba fish, a spoonful of miso porridge and a piece of the souffle. The Avocado In The Mist (RM19.80) disappeared pretty fast so I can’t comment.

For those that I’ve tasted, I preferred the porridge and the cabonara. The cured saba; being cured so it wasn’t as moist as fresh fish, was tough to chew once cold (no thanks to 1.5 hours of photography).

In conclusion, I applaud the effort taken by the team to craft a menu offering dishes different from the usual yawn-inducing “cafe food” menus, though at that price point, the usual suspects of pasta, salmon and chicken can be expected.
We were assured too that diners get what they pay for; no MSG were used in the dishes and all components of each dish were prepared in-house.

All in all, Lavish Fusion Bakery is a neat space for customers to chill away while enjoying a range of pastries, beverages, dessert and of course, hearty dishes should the occasion requires it.

We headed over to HIVE at The Promenade Bayan Baru next, another outlet by Love for A Loaf, this one being pork-free. One item worth of note over at HIVE was the Strawberry Watermelon Cake, inspired by Sydney’s Black Pastry.
You can read about it HERE.

Lavish Fusion Bakery
214, Lebuh Victoria, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Tel: +60 4 261 0107
Opening Hours: 10am – 11.30pm (Mon to Thu),
10am – 12am (Fri), 9am – 12am (Sat), 9am – 11.30pm (Sun)
Right at the popular mural areas of Armenian Street, at the back of China House.

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