Alcatel One Touch series – phones & tablets range in Malaysia

Alcatel is not exactly the name that comes to mind when one think of smartphones and tablets but the brand’s 2013 strategy is set to make a loud return in Malaysia with its ONE TOUCH series that delivers simple, different and smart mobile technology with the partnership of Ten Ten Telecommunications.

Alcatel One Touch Launch-001

The partnership will mark Ten Ten Telecommunications, a subsidiary company for TEN TEN Holdings, as the distributor of ALCATEL in Malaysia to make a better daily life for as many people as possible with colourful, easy-to use devices, equipped with technology people need most at most reasonable price.

Alcatel One Touch Launch-002

Simple. Different. Smart. Easy-to-use. Equipped with technology people need most.
All of the above tells me it’s a mass market approach for Alcatel in 2013, which is frankly not a bad thing. I had the privilege to see some of the products launched few weeks back and though I didn’t actually review any, first impression were favourable.

Current Alcatel OT model in the market :

  • Alcatel One Touch Insight 993D (RRP RM599)
  • Alcatel One Touch Explore 997D (RRP RM799)
  • Alcatel One Touch T10 Tab (RRP RM499)

alcatel mobile phones tablets (9)


alcatel mobile phones tablets (2)

alcatel mobile phones tablets (3)

alcatel mobile phones tablets (4)

Soon to be launch Alcatel OT series reveaedl during the Alcatel media briefing:

  • Alcatel One Touch Inspire 2
  • Alcatel One Touch Sapphire 2
  • Alcatel One Touch Elite
  • Alcatel One Touch Glory 2
  • Alcatel One Touch Evo 7

Alcatel One Touch Launch-022

alcatel mobile phones tablets (7)

alcatel mobile phones tablets (8)

alcatel mobile phones tablets (5)

alcatel mobile phones tablets (6)

alcatel mobile phones tablets (1)

So, with specs and prices as above, what do you think? Comments please? 😀

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  1. Gerald

    Frankly, fascinating! Alcatel, of all tech brands!

  2. Eddie

    I’m surprised. Alcatel??

  3. Kent

    For real? Where do I get to look at one? Low Yat?

  4. derrick

    Wow back in those days when Alcatel was selling phones.. I remember those brick ones! Almost similar to Nokia!

  5. jerry

    For real? Alcatel jumping on the bandwagon too? I’m interested to see how that would work out for everyone; the public, the market of gadgets and among its competitors – ZTE, Hua Wei to name a few

  6. Anderson

    Price are good for medium – low end customers. Good Job Alcatel 🙂

  7. David

    I echo waht @bytebot said on twitter. Androids are a commodity nowadays and the easiest to leverage on, great for phone makers without their own OS ( unlike Nokia, etc.).

  8. annie

    I’m interesting in Alcatel One Touch product,
    but where can I find in Malacca area??

  9. Lloyd

    I’m a biggest fan of Alcatel phones that’s why I’m waiting for another release of Alcatel OT phones.. I already have glory 2 & inspire 2 the best…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Wow! You do love your Alcatel phones! But why alcatel? The build? the price? Cos if its for Android, so many phone is running android nowadays…

  10. Lloyd

    now I’m waiting for sapphire 2 to be release in sun cellular network for plan promos….. thanks Alcatel…..

    1. rebeccasaw

      Any idea then when Sapphire will be released?

  11. Bob

    well i am alcatel fan ,the phone and the branding is going on fine but the real problem is getting access to this units ,it is so hard to find the right supplier or even any shops that sell this unit

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