Air Flown Kolok Mee from Sarawak, ETA 2am, 4th Feb 09 Flight AK5219

Yess!!! My house mate is back from the Land of the Hornbills :0)
And yes, that’s the amount of kolok mee he bought back, for TWO of us. 16 packs in total. That number also is because it was the most he could carry on top of all his other luggages!

I get my bi-annual dose of pure authentic old-school Kolok Mee, (though 3 hours old), with “original”, Sarawakian price of RM2.50 each, air flown, hand carried and delivered to my fridge. It would then be allocated carefully, one packet each day, 2, if I have been good & accomplished all of my to-do list for the day.. (ok.. that sound kinda weird, No No No… It’s not that crazy laa.. but yes, it does last us both for a while) *grin*

He being more generous than I am, does share his lot. Moi, however, hoards my share greedily and enjoys it daily, “kedekutly” in one corner every lunch hour away from curious eyes & “can-I-try?” attempts from any colleagues.

This time round I got 2 versions.. plain/original or the one with char siu sauce..

I only had the red version before so I tried both immediately (half -half each only.. not good eating so much at 3am in the morning! ;p) for comparison sake

Char siu sauce.

This one is from another stall, with topping of minced pork and fresh spring onions.

Even the packaging is old -school 😉

In my opinion, kolok mee is a very simple dish. The “power” all lies in the sauce really. As you can see, the char siu that came with them is nothing to shout about, so basically you enjoy the dish for the fragrant, flavourful lardy sauce.

The one I had had strong accents from the fried onions/shallots; which lends a slightly charred, bitter & smoky taste to the dish, of which I enjoyed, and wished there were more. If I’m not mistaken, the oil from the fried shallots is added into the the concoction of the lard-based sauce, for my tastebuds detected the taste of fragrant shallot oil (but no garlic oil), so I guess garlic oil wasn’t part of the make-up for this kolok mee sauce.
The sauce coats each springy strand of original home-made noodles evenly and one can literally eat it on its own, minus any sides. Of course, I won’t complain if I could add some kick-ass, tender roasted pork and char siu to it.
The noodles are thin, bouncy and very much “curly” like your maggi mee. Just great to absorb the necessary amount of flavour from the sauce.

Comparison-wise; the char siu sauce version triumphs (in my case at least) over the original. Not to say the original is bad, nope, it is still awesomely delicious, just that the char siu essense adds another dimension to the dish, rendering it a bit sweet with an aromatic distinctive char siu aftertaste.
Yup, perfect harmony of taste in every mouthful. I’m one happy foodie. LOL.

So, any orders for his up-coming trip?

And yes, for those who are wondering or unfortunately haven’t tasted kolok mee before; it is VERY different from wan tan mee.
Wan tan mee is salt-ish, while this is more on the sweet side. I doubt there are soya sauce added to kolok mee either. At least not for the ones I had (which is veryyyy original ok!) ;p

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  1. Selba

    Ouch.. I guess I belong to the unforunately group who never have tried kolok mee….

    So funny to see all those noodles are packed in white clear plastic bag.

  2. Tummythoz

    OH MY OX!!
    If only there’s a reality show ‘Things Malaysians carry in their luggages!’

  3. thenomadGourmand

    SElba: I’m waiting for your arrival to KL!
    Tummythoz: HAahah.. i think that would be the most original reality show we Malaysians can broadcast!

  4. Life for Beginners

    Now that’s what I call a healthy obsession! 😉

    I’ve not tasted the “original recipe” so to speak, but I am heading to Sarawak at the end of this month for work, and you can bet I will grab me some of this delicious kolok mee. 😀

  5. 550ml jar of faith

    I want a Sarawakian housemate generous with luggage space too! How long did it take you to finish all of them?

  6. gill gill

    how nice, got air flown kolok mee for early breakfast*…haha

    hey, don’t forget about my share! waiting to try the kolok mee

  7. thenomadGourmand

    LFB: lucky u! do try umai and ayam pansuh too!
    550ml: lol.. i got 2 hse mate, both frm S’wak! share stil gt 4 packs left..
    gill gill: when u coming to KL? dun think this lot will last a bus ride fr KL to Pg!

  8. cariso

    Agree with you! I like the Char siu sauce one more! I am a KOLOK MEE’s FAN too! Give me FIVE!!! Every year I got to eat ONE packet nia, airflown from Kuching. 🙂

  9. Selba

    Woohooo… you got a new template! very nice! like it! 😀

  10. email2me

    I can get this near my office. That aunty hand made it on the spot. XD

  11. thenomadGourmand

    selba: ohh..had help frm the very nice Criz Lai! he made the header n watermark for me! ;p
    email2me: ohh? hand made the noodles?? so which blog post (of urs) can i read abt it??

  12. thenomadGourmand

    cariso: aiyahh..ah so! I missed u out! hahaha..great meeting u yesterday! gd lohh..ONE pkt since its super-oily n ur ‘allergic’ to oil! ;p

  13. fatboybakes

    SO CUTE, so lucky you to have such a housemate. there’s a decent mee kolo at taman mega, but it seems to be closed now…sigh….

  14. thenomadGourmand

    FBB: tmn megah one is the Restaurant Gembira one right? tot its stil open, cos Boo blogged abt it few weeks/mth back? got atr hse mate.. also Sarawakian! comin back nx week..u want a pack ;p?

  15. Precious Pea

    Lucky you!!! But the noodle doesn't go lumpy after the long journey??

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