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My AIA Vitality journey begins now with this scarlet card in my hand!

aia vitality card

But what is AIA Vitality really?

“Is it a new AIA insurance plan?” – This is the most frequently asked question since I first mentioned about AIA Vitality on my Facebook! So here’s my post about the “4 things you should know about AIA Vitality and How It Works –> HERE.

Basically, AIA Vitality is a unique insurance and health programme that actively supports and rewards you for making healthy choices every day so you can live a healthier, longer and better life.

Each time you do something to know your health or improve it, you collect points. The more points you have, the higher your AIA Vitality status. The higher your AIA Vitality status, the better your rewards are.

With this card in hand, I shall now begin my exciting AIA Vitality journey! Every member begins their journey at BRONZE with 0 AIA Vitality points, yikes! So I will be diligently collecting my Vitality points as I go along…

My aim is to hit GOLD in 6 months (by January 2017) and that requires an accumulated 20,000 Vitality points (This is going to be so fun!).

So how does one begin collecting AIA Vitality points?

The steps to progress from Bronze to Silver, Gold and then Platinum begins with “KNOWING YOUR HEALTH” and then using that information to improve your health.

Every AIA Vitality member would have to start at this stage – to understand your own state of well-being and having it recorded officially so proper progressive actions can be taken. I find this so important because more often than not, we think we are healthy but in fact, we aren’t. L

So here we go, shall we?
Let’s take a look at MINE as a guide. 

To know a little bit more about my health, I did a couple of online assessments on the AIA Vitality website:

  AIA Vitality Points
(1st test) AIA Vitality Health Review (VHR) 1,000
(2nd test) Mental Wellbeing Assessments 600
(3rd test) AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessment 500
Non-smokers’ Declaration 1,000
Total 3,100


You must be wondering, what is the VHR and what is it for?

It is a simple evaluation focusing on health, lifestyle, behaviours and clinical measures such as height, weight, blood glucose (sugar) and blood pressure.
Think of it as a simple pop-quiz where there are multiple choice answers.

The VHR actually helps me find out what exactly my AIA Vitality age is, which may or may not be the same as my actual age. This AIA Vitality age is an indicator of how healthy you are relative to your actual age. Good news is, my REAL age and my AIA VITALITY age are the SAME – 35! I was actually a bit disappointed as I wanted my AIA Vitality age to be YOUNGER seeing that I do workout quite often.. LOL! Probably will have to cut down on some of my sugary favourites. L

Although some of you may have your actual age matching against the AIA Vitality Age, what’s important is that you’ve gotta maintain this, and this programme will guide and motivate you towards that. If your AIA Vitality Age is higher, well….you know what you need to do then…


Well, it seems that I’ve beenpractising healthy lifestyle habits and have most measures under control” and voila, I’m awarded 1,000 AIA Vitality Points!

AIA 1st test 6

Next up would be the second test, which was the
Mental Wellbeing Assessments

Upon completing the test, I received 600 AIA Vitality points! So apparently the test is accurate as it says that I am stressed, which I am. However it appears that my methods of coping with my stressors are working well for me, which is again, accurate, so I have nothing to worry about – so gotta maintain this for as long as I can!


Next we are gonna take a look at NUTRITION. It is undeniable that our overall well-being would be affected by the food we consume.

After taking the AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessment, I’m given a ‘General Dietary Advice’…how cool is that! I feel like I have a personal coach alongside me in my AIA Vitality journey… Plus I get 500 AIA Vitality Points!

After completing the online assessment, you can take your results to BP Healthcare for a face-to-face consultation with a nutritionist. This will give you an additional 1000 AIA Vitality points. As a bonus, as I’m a non-smoker, I obtained 1,000 AIA Vitality points by just agreeing to the Non-smoker’s Declaration. It really is rewarding to keep your lungs healthy and pumping!


Throughout the process, I got to know my health status better, and some of the Qs also made me realise, that perhaps there are many more ways than I know, that can help me to lead an even healthier, longer life!


Based on the assessments done so far……..

Total points collected for online assessments: 3,100 AIA Vitality Points. Not a bad start just by answering some “quizzes“? So only 6,900 AIA Vitality Points to go for me to reach Silver.

Okay by now you must be thinking that I’ve gone a frenzy for health checks and health assessments. Honestly, it’s because collecting AIA Vitality points is a great motivator, but once I actually did it, I realised that it doesn’t take much effort. Surely we can dedicate a few hours in a year to see what’s going on with our bodies, right?

AIA Vitality Members who sign up before the end of November are entitled to a FREE AIA Vitality Express Health Check by Guardian! So I had no excuse to procrastinate and popped by a Guardian outlet to get it done.

The health check is done at the pharmacist counter and only took 15 minutes. It was really fast! So friends, it can be done over lunch time or when you’re at the mall since there are many Guardian branches around.

GUARDIAN Health check

The AIA Vitality Express Health Check consists of:

  1. Body Composition (BMI – Height and Weight)
  2. Waist Circumference Measure
  3. Blood Pressure Test
  4. Glucose Test (Random or Fasting)

To find out the location nearest to you, just run a check online for location using the search function “AIA Vitality Express Health Check”.


Below are also my results for the AIA Vitality Express Health Check:



As you can see, the AIA Vitality Express Health Check by Guardian is quick and easy…but it’s also important that we do a full medical check-up once a year at least! I’ve been putting this off due to my hectic schedule. But seeing that BP Healthcare is one of AIA Vitality’s partners, I am going to fully utilize these discounts and do a proper health screening a little later – I MUST remind myself to make time for this!

In a nutshell, these are the tests I have done so far:


AIA Vitality Health Review 1,000
Mental Wellbeing Assessment:
– Stressor Assessment
– Psychological Wellbeing Assessment
– Resilience Assessment
– Social Support Assessment
AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessment 500
AIA Vitality Nutrition Consultation (Dietician) 1,000
Non-smoker’s Declaration 1,000
AIA Vitality EXPRESS Health Check by Guardian
– Body Composition (BMI – Height and Weight)
– Waist Circumference Measure
– Blood Pressure Test
– Glucose Test
– Healthy blood glucose
– Healthy cholesterol
– Healthy blood pressure
Get Active 7,500 – 12,499 steps 50

And with a few simple health checks, I just need 600 more AIA Vitality Points to hit my SILVER status! That was easy wasn’t it? Looking forward to enjoying my SILVER status perks such as 20% off my flight tickets with Air Asia. This is probably the best perk for me since I travel to Singapore so often!

I also earned some AIA Vitality Points just for walking more than 7500 steps in a day! These are really easy points to earn, and with my FitBit, I am able to track my daily steps and know if I have achieved my number of steps for the day.

I really am glad to be pursuing this AIA Vitality journey… if it wasn’t for this, I may not have been motivated to do my health checks.

Most of us Malaysians think we are healthier than we are until we feel pain or experience certain symptoms (Healthy Living Index 2016). But we really shouldn’t wait. We can save ourselves a lot of pain (and money and stress) if we detect problem areas early. So go schedule a health check TODAY!! Don’t wait!

I choose to move a little more, to live a lot.”

Yes, join me on this journey! It really isn’t difficult to know your health, especially with AIA Vitality because it is so simple! A few clicks away and a couple of visits to healthcare centres and you know where exactly where you stand with your health. If I can do it, so can you. Let’s choose to LIVE!


How to join AIA Vitality?

AIA Vitality membership is open to customers who purchase any new life insurance policy or takaful certificate with AIA. You can read more here à]

*Note: You are most welcome to PM me on or leave a comment here if you have further queries and I’ll be happy to guide you.


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