AIA Vitality: I’m reaching GOLD Status!

I woke up at 5 am one morning, all ready to start my yoga but found myself curled up into a ball with an acute and unexplainable stomach pain.

I was then admitted to the hospital for an ultrasound.
It was an eye-opening affair for me and definitely not the pleasant kind. I am such a diligent person when it comes to fitness, healthy eating and general wellness.

Imagine the shock I had when I could only groan and roll back into bed with the pain intensifying with no signs of subsiding.
It was definitely a terrible feeling!


I’ve never thought I would end up in the hospital.

Me, of all people!

This is especially since I had recently done a number of health checks as part of the AIA Vitality programme.
All the tests pronounced me fit as a fiddle with impressive numbers for my fat percentage, metabolism rate and cholesterol levels.

The doctor however, suspected that it was probably due to stress rather than anything else (I’m serious! They did several tests for me but were unable to identify any particular cause).

Truly, I had to concur; as lately I have been sleeping less hours, traveling frequently and have been seriously anxious over my new business.

My face is constantly glued to my iPhone 7 Plus and I eat with my laptop as a companion.
Uhmm… It can’t be healthy at all right, this habit of mine??

My sudden illness just goes to show that a work-life balance is as crucial as proper daily eating habits and consistent exercise.


Thus, I’ve decided I needed to listen to the needs of my body and to de-stress by doing less stressful activities.
One is to cut down on screen time and spend more time on hobbies that I love but somehow “never had time for”.

1. Baking.
I do love baking and making breads.
Kneading dough, mixing the batter and licking fresh batter off my fingers and seeing the beautiful rise of my bakes, it is therapeutic at best.


And oh, I love to cook too!


2. More workouts.
I’m the sort who truly enjoys being in the gym, swimming or running.

Upon recovery from my recent scare, I tried to make time to do less vigorous workouts such as fun runs and group cycling trips. It was relaxing, enjoyable and it still felt great to sweat off my stress!



3. Shopping!
Ok, which lady doesn’t enjoy adding items into her wardrobe?

As an AIA Vitality member, I get discounts for purchases from certain brands as well as rewards in the following areas: gym membership, wearable fitness devices, fitness apparel, healthy food, health screenings and fitness assessments, hotels, airlines and movies.

Depending on my AIA Vitality status, I would be entitled to receive discounts for various partners – AirAsia, Berjaya Hotels and Resorts, BP Healthcare, Fitbit, Guardian and Reebok to name a few.

So I got myself a new pair of Reeboks recently and it has been serving me well!
Pretty aren’t they?


4. Leisure – catching up with friends and exploring new eateries.
Good food makes me happy. But great friends make life worthwhile!


5. Taking a well deserved break.

I’ve decided to go on a trip with fellow bloggers from Asia. The 25 of us toured Yogyakarta and Bali for a week.

I had fun on the beach, indulging in Yogya culinary delights, watching the sunrise at Borobudur and making new friends from the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.
It was the best trip to unwind, recharge and enjoy good food with great company.


And for those who are wondering where I am currently in my AIA Vitality Journey, check my AIA Vitality Points summary below!
I am currently SILVER and only 2, 150 AIA Vitality Points away until I reach my GOLD STATUS!

I didn’t get the chance to blog about it earlier, but IF you have noticed, I’ve managed to earn 4,000 AIA Vitality Points from Health Checks done at BP Healthcare because as an AIA Vitality member, I can. LOL!



I have given myself until the end of December to achieve my GOLD status, and I’m confident that I will.

Since I am feeling a lot better now, I’ll probably join a few more runs, cycle a little more and frequent the gym more often to achieve my goal.
With Gold status, I can enjoy better rewards and one of the perks that I’m looking forward to is the 20% off Air Asia flights! I travel often, so any discounts for flights are much appreciated!

So that’s the story of my recent scare at the hospital and reminders to indulge in hobbies whenever I can to help me lead a better and healthier lifestyle.

What about you? Are there any hobbies you have always wanted to dive into but never had the chance to?

Well, all I can say is begin today! It is never too late to know your health, to improve your health and enjoy the rewards of having a healthier body, for a happier life!

#AIAVitalityMY #ichoose

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  1. Sean EDKL

    yikes! i haven’t had any serious health scares but i just turned 40, so the chances are definitely rising. more workouts should definitely be in my routine.

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