Afternoon lunch market – Fridays only – Jalan Tengah

Chocolate eclairs.
bottom: Carrot Cake.

Another reason to dig Fridays! Other than it being the last day of the week, I look forward for Friday cos of lunch! LOL.
Simply cos come every Friday afternoon, the whole stretch of Jalan Tengah, just off Jln Raja Chulan (if you are coming in from The Weld side) or if you are coming from the other end, Jalan Sultan Ismail, is transformed into an afternoon food and knick-knacks bazaar.

Now it took me an whole hour and 2 different trips to snap all those pics. And another 3 hours to write this blog. Heh, newbie maaah…

Anyways, each visit would see me wondering from stall to stall, checking out the smorsgaboard of food on display and I would inevitable end up with more packets of food than I could possibly finish.
However, it is justified by, “it’s only here once a week wor! How??” Haaha..
The whole lunch hour is normally spent walking around window-shopping and getting some much needed fresh air.
As I am one of those who loves browsing around in bazaars and open-air markets, this is heaven-sent for a day that I can’t wait to be over. Heh.

Drooling yet? Trust me, it tastes as good as it looks!

Malay food is featured prominently but we do have Chinese economy rice and even a vegetarian stall. Again I must say that the variety is mind-boggling.

What is a food pasar if it is without the popular nasi ayam?

top: Hot off the wok…
next: Production line- like system..Ha..

While almost every stall has a long queue, this briyani stall is reallyyyy popular.

As you can see, the L- shape queue goes all the way to the back..
Sad to say, I have yet to successfully taste this briyani. It looks suspiciously like I would need to queue for the whole hour of lunchtime if I dare to attempt to get a pack! But I got to try once my contract ends, I will come all the way here just for this!

Close up of the chicken.. they got beef and lamb too I think, but the people in the line is very tightly squeezed together and I had to stuck my arm in between 2 customers to get a pic! Didn’t want to try again for the lamb pot..kinda embarrassing…

This stall has a good marketing strategy. While it is chocolate cake like any other, this stall’s proprietor coats her cakes on the spot. No doubt the action creates a “hype” and attracts more customers.

1st pic: “Naked” cake
Step 1: Stir
Step 2: Pick up a cake
Step 3: Coat sides
Step 4: Coat top
Step 5: Ready to go!

Ahh.. another stall that you don’t see often. Kacang rebus!!

The stall owner was squatting down to avoid his picture being taken. LOL.

A way more convenient packing for chendol no?

This is the absolutely best kuih bakar I have eaten, ever! Smooth, fragrant, with strong egg taste (no cheating here) and very fresh. For only RM3.00. The best part – it’s not oily. Haha.. guilt-free snack!
Sold from his trusty bike with the old tray compartment “cupboard”. When I bought it, it was still warm, obviously fresh out from the oven….hhmm..just thinking about it now makes me drool..

Likewise for this stall – chee cheong fun. This one needs queuing up for at least 20mins before its your turn.
Again, yours truly here couldn’t afford the wait so it has to be next time…

The stall is under a red umbrella.. apologies for the red– pics..

Kuih Talam, one of my favourites.. another popular version now – corn

The is sold in blocks, wrapped in plastic and this is the outer plastic bag. I didn’t buy any but I did help myself to the testers! LOL. Hey, not cheapskate’s just didn’t “wow” me. I thought it was so-so only.

Fro Rm1.20, I thought this was a steal. There is egg, minced chicken and potatoes inside. Generously filled. Not bad..

I love mushrooms.. and this stall here frys them on the spot and even supplys the flour for those DIY-at home cooks-wannabes.. heh.

Rojak!! Mixed on the spot. His hands were working so fast that I had trouble taking a pic of him in action..but yeahh.. that’s the gist of it.

Another of my favourite food – kebab.

It was hot off the grill, the sauce sweet, the chicken juicy and it paired so well with the soft fresh fluffy bun!

Below is the bread and butter pudding stall. I told ya the variety here is mind boggling right? Did I also say diversified?
Again, B & B is one of my favourite desserts and I wasted no time in getting myself a portion.

Alas, this one failed miserably.. it was the frozen version and no matter how I microwave it, it turned out watery. Every forkful that goes into my mouth oozes water and after 3 forks servings I dumped it into the garbage can. Taste-wise, it was obviously suffering from the lack of both quality and quantity ingredients. Tak cukup telur, tak cukup gula, tak cukup krim..LOL. Enough said.

Now, I don’t think this is common, do you?
Sold from his bike, all ready deep fried and it’s chopped and packed upon order.
For those who adores their pork, this is a-not-to-be-missed!

I got my own name for this stall; the variety pack stall.

As the plastic box was reflective, I couldn’t get a clear shot and the man kindly opened a box for me to shoot this pic.

There are 4 variety of rice – Nasi Goreng Cina, Nasi Goreng Hailam, Nasi Goreng Paprika and Nasi Goreng Kampung. All comes with a piece of chicken. RM3.50. A steal, no?
Mee rebus, mee curry and laksa comes in the round containers with the soup packaged separately.

My lunch – Nasi Goreng Paprika. Don’t be fooled by the topping of vegetables, there were big chunks of chicken amidst the veg.

Being as greedy as I am, I bought 2 packs of rice. So this yam rice was also my lunch. Colour-wise I agree it’s a bit bland looking but the yam rice’s really good. Fragrant, with chopped bit of meat, mushrooms, chinese sausages and cuttlefish. RM3.00 just for the rice. The pack you see above is RM5.00.
The stall:

And not forgetting dessert..

it came from this stall…

who also sells this….

You help yourself to the condiments; dried shrimp – which is really fragrant and quite an uncommon option available for bubur; fried anchovies, peanuts, fried fish, fresh leeks and those big pieces of keropok.

Lekor, fried on the spot and fresh ones are available too…

Next up: the rendang stall…
Lemang and (I really can’t recall the name) , triangular wrapped glutinous rice..

Nasi kunyit (the yellow one) and coconut milk glutinous rice. serunding – chicken, beef or fish floss.

ahhh… the rendang. Chicken or beef.

Packed serunding or dodol for sale. I will have to check next week for the difference between the darker version versus the paler one.

There is still a bit of photos left.. and I will have to continue tomorrow.. bedtime and I got a plane to catch!
Last few pics…tomato rice with tomato chicken..

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  1. shukri

    the lemang stall..the name of the triangular thing, most probably is “ketupat daun palas’

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yup it is! Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂
      That was when I first started out… now after so many years of writing food articles, I know my lemang and ketupat now. LOL!

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