AFC & Pernod Ricard presents “Great Dinners of the World” – with Chefs Malcolm Goh, Sherson Lian, Johnny Fua and Chef Sho Naganuma

The venue was the swanky The Upper Deck @ G Tower, Kuala Lumpur. 

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-5

The occasion – an exclusive by-invite dinner to preview the first episode of the AFC original production of “GREAT DINNERS OF THE WORLD“.

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-2

The menu –   an ambrosial affair, with each course specially prepared by each of the 4 lovable chefs on the show.

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-19
The free flowing intoxication that night – smooth, rich liquors courtesy of Pernod Ricard Malaysia.

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-7

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-1

And the outcome – an entertaining dinner like no other, full of laughter, surprises and many hilarious candid moments.

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-10

The show “GREAT DINNERS OF THE WORLD” takes you on the incredible journey of 4 Asian chefs (3 of which are Malaysians! 🙂 ) to Europe, where they were each expected to cook for their unsuspecting guests (which includes a Duke) while battling the cold and unfamiliar surroundings.

While all of us are not new to AFC (well I hope not cos you’re missing out big time on food-related entertainment if you are!) and we have our favourites programs on ASTRO Channel 703, this show deservingly to be added into your must watch list.
Be prepared to be tickled pink at some of the comical antics of the 4 chefs while simultaneously marvel at the picturesque chateaus, mouth-watering breweries and enchanting castles in France and Scotland, all captured in vivid detail during this production.

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-3

So mark these dates –> AFC’s “GREAT DINNERS OF THE WORLD” premiers on Tuesday, 13 December at 10.00pm on Astro 703. No worries if you missed it, as we know there are repeats! But do watch from TONIGHT onwards!

Yes, the next episode is TONIGHT 10pm!

Watch and you may try to win yourself a pairs of tickets to an exclusive dinner hosted by the Great Dinners Chefs.

Yup, you can have an exclusive dinner like mine that night. Course by course, where each is a specialty of the 4 chefs.


My dinner that night……..

From Chef Malcolm Goh: One of the best “terrine” I have ever tasted.
This was a layered carnivore favourite – sheets of tender smoky quail, chicken, beef and duck meat with rich foie gras in between.

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-6

From Chef Sho Naganuma of Marina Bay Sands: An exquisite creation somewhat alike a chawanmushi in foie gras broth.

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-8

Yes, you read right. The “soup” is foie gras broth and dig your spoon in for the wobbly custard. The custard is egg-based but no cream were added. At the bottom of the cup I unearthed truffle bits and the overall soup is perfumed with truffle oil.

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-9

From Chef Sherson Lian: Seafood.

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-14

Inspired by the fresh seafood he had in Scotland, Sherson whipped up this seafood platter, where one end is the prawn and crabmeat salad and another sea bream with his signature lemongrass sauce.

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-13

My preference goes to the salad for its lovely marry of fresh crabmeat with briny roes plus sweet, natural tomatoes. Adding in bits of longans was genius. The fruity sweetness gave the overall emsemble a refreshing jolt.
The sea bream, though well executed, paled in comparison.

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-12

From Chef Johnny Fua: Braised beef ribs & monk fish liver.

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-18

I have high regard for Chef Johnny ever since my meal at The Upper Deck (post HERE).
He knows how to cook his meats properly. The beef shortribs were nothing less than superb; juicy and flaky and pink.

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-17


AFC - Great Dinners of The World-15

It was indeed a wondrous dinner. And it will remain a cherished memory that I managed to meet all 4 amazing chefs in person!

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-16

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-11

Last but not least, I got to take a “part of” each of the 4 chefs home!

AFC - Great Dinners of The World

Erm, what were you thinking? 😛
These little bottles are the chef’s own specialty of seasoning/sauces. Such inspiring gifts right?
It made me want to hop to the market and get some fresh meat and seafood and head home to fire up the wok!  🙂

So, remember – Every Tuesday, 10pm. ASTRO Channel 703.
Watch it! These 4 jokers are instant stress relievers. The chemistry and the comaradeship on screen is incredible!

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-4

All pictures shot with the:

Samsung NX11

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      1. Nikel

        Nope.. watching HK drama.. keke

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehe.. I love it that the 4 chefs themselves prepared the food for us!
      Such an honour really!

  1. Glow

    OMG~~~~ i want the sauce! lols pale in comparison LITERALLY! it’s paler than the blushing salad<3 Malaysia Boleh!

  2. Akulah Pak Lan

    Next door to my office. Always had lunch at the food at ground floor. but never try this one before

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh now I know where you work 😛
      Heheh.. we go try Estate at The Intermark one day.. one of BIG Group of restaurants..

      1. Akulah Pak Lan

        Ops! kantoi! :unsure:


        sure..never try The Intermark before since it is across the road. Most of the time I will walk to KLCC buy bread n then come back to office (exercise 🙂 )

      2. rebeccasaw

        HEheheh!! 😀 So healthy..only eat bread!

  3. Sean

    hey, this sounds like a fun tv show to watch (especially considering there’s not much to watch at the cinemas right now). i wonder if they’ll post the show on youtube after it airs on astro 😀 and wow, all the four chefs whipped up equally enticing dishes. i wouldn’t be able to choose which one i’d want, if i couldn’t try them all! but fua’s beef-&-monkfish liver sounds like an extraordinary pairing. wouldn’t have imagined those two ingredients together 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      yup yup!
      I asked for the same thing as well..after the whole season is over, just put it up on youtube!
      So far AFC has not done so.. and I doubt they will, else it might dilute their viewership on subscription…

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