AFC and E&O Kickstart the First-ever Asia-wide Reality Television Contest in Search for AFCʼs Next Celebrity Chef!!

Calling all food lovers and aspiring chefs!

For the first time in Asia, the Asian Food Channel (AFC) is conducting a region-wide search for Asiaʼs next Celebrity Chef through AFCʼs first ever reality television series called the “E&O Search for AFCʼs Next Celebrity Chef”.

Region-wide meaning they are seeking for contestants from across Asia & auditions will be held in 5 countriesHong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

Luxury lifestyle group Eastern & Oriental Berhad (E&O) will be the other partner for this inspiring reality show.

E&O Berhad logo

Both organisations will leverage their resources to put contestants through a gamut of culinary challenges that will test even the most seasoned chef or passionate foodie.

Yes, this is serious stuff. “So You Think You Can Cook?” (- copyright to . Well, show us your mettle!
The E&O Search for AFCʼs Next Celebrity Chef series will be complemented with online updates and information, as AFC will be launching a microsite dedicated to the production of the series.
Click on, read the T & Cs & GO FOR IT!

More of what happened at the press conference:

I got to meet Chef Bruce Lim in person!!

AFC, E & O Search for AFC next celebrity chef-1

If you don’t already know, Chef Bruce Lim is the bubbly persona/celebrity chef from the Tablescapes series by AFC.
He & Mr. Michael Saxon (on my right) are the judges on this show. Mr. Saxon, Director of Group Hospitality & Lifestyle of E&O Group, is not only a well-known hotelier, but also author of his famous professional memoir, Chefʼs Tales.

Caption: Michael Saxon, CEO – The Delicious Group and Director, Group Hospitality & Lifestyle, Eastern & Oriental Berhad, AFC co-founder and managing director Hian Goh & Chef Bruce Lim.

AFC, E & O Search for AFC next celebrity chef-2

 Auditions will run from 3rd to 16th August 2011 in the five respective countries.

Contestants who are shortlisted from the auditions will be put through a series of intense cooking tests and trials, to identify who has the right ingredients to hold the title of E&O and AFCʼs Next Celebrity Chef!

Below: Hian explaining to the press the concept of  E&O and AFCʼs Next Celebrity Chef.

“AFC is proud and honoured to be able to create our own search for a celebrity in show in Asia. It has been something we have been planning for a long time and as Asia’s premier Food Channel we are delighted to be able to develop talent from across the region. Asia can now begin to have its own home-grown celebrity chefs that the region can take pride in.”

AFC, E & O Search for AFC next celebrity chef-4

The exciting eight-part series will unveil the top 12 finalists in its premiere episode. Each week, one or more participants will be eliminated from the running based on the decisions made by the esteemed panel of judges.

Keeping thing exciting, & adding in to the element of surprise, host of international & distinguished celebrity chefs will also be invited to make guest appearances in selected episode(s) throughout the series as guest celebrity chefs judges.

The entire series will be shot on location at E&Oʼs numerous hospitality and lifestyle properties such as the Eastern & Oriental Hotel and Lone Pine Hotel in Penang, the Martinique seafront villa and Straits Quay Retail Marina at E&Oʼs masterplanned township of Seri Tanjung Pinang, Penang, the St. Mary Residences in Kuala Lumpur as well as at some of the popular Delicious restaurants in Kuala Lumpur” .

Below: Mr Michael Saxon of E & O Group.

AFC, E & O Search for AFC next celebrity chef-3

Who can take part:

All aspiring chefs, individuals with culinary training, or those simply with the passion for and knowledge of cooking are invited to sign up for auditions and take up the challenge to be crowned “AFCʼs Next Celebrity Chef”.


The winning chef will also be signed to an exclusive one-year contract as an AFC Celebrity Chef with AFC. In addition, the winner will be awarded the opportunity of a year-long employment contract with the E&O Group, taking on the mantle of Creative Director and Head of R& D for the E & O Gourmet Group.

So, do you believe that you can a celebrity Chef like Chef Bruce Lim??  :P   Here’s the link again: Click on, read the T & Cs & GO FOR IT!

AFC, E & O Search for AFC next celebrity chef

All pictures are:

Samsung NX11

This Post Has 109 Comments

  1. Sean

    A show that I’d like to watch, but wouldn’t have the skill to join! 😀

  2. Isaac Tan

    Love to watch it. And if someone were to ask me the same question ” So Isaac! You think you can cook?” I’ll just slump my head in shame and answer meekly “No…”

  3. Caroline

    wow!! u met him in person!! awesome la!! i always watch tablescape only can see him!! :D:D

    1. rebeccasaw

      He’s awesomely nice in person! Well, I will be meeting him more once he’s here for the judging!

  4. Jardness

    dear, when you gonna update on Le Meridien? hehehe.

    1. rebeccasaw

      TODAY!! Aiyo.. can’t write fast enough to catch up ;p

  5. Jazzy D

    Looks very bad, I love this channel but will not be watching it looks like it is all faked La!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh serious???
      Hhah.. I would need to feedbac k to the people behind it then. Oh wait, then again it’s already shot and produced. Is it just the 1st episode? Hope the rest are better!

      1. Jazzy D

        I hope it gets better, but the first show usually is a strong indication! :negative:

  6. Jazzy D

    Ok La, :wacko: I watched it against key better Judgment and it was very far fetched.

  7. ANA

    Hey guys cant u all see the drama?I hate drama’s in a cooking contest.gosh common if we want drama we can watch the Kardashians na!!Please judges gv sme respect to the contestants.No F word pls no one is Gordan Remsey here.Y not follow hw the judges comment in Australian Masterchef.Do it in a dignified manner.

    1. rebeccasaw

      OMG.. I haven’t watched any episodes but ermm.. this doesn’t sounds too good..

    2. Jazzy D

      I agree :good:

  8. ANA

    See guys for me Im of the opinon that cooking is like fine art.Only those who really put their heart can get to the top.This judges should respect the contestant’s talent.Thr r better ways to make these chefs better chefs and dropping their plates on the floor is not one of it.Who says that by humiliating a person they can come better?? GOSSHHHHH!!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      I totally agree with you Ana! Oh gosh.. I don’t have ASTRO but I”m gonna try to watch this!

      1. ANA

        Finally sme1 agree with me.thanks Becca.Jus bcos they r famous chefs and hv their own show doesn’t mean they r flawless.

      2. rebeccasaw

        Indeed. One should always be humble and open to help/impart knowledge where possible, not bully instead.

    2. prf

      i agree!

  9. Jazzy D

    Can’t you see it is all faked La? :negative:

    1. ANA

      Ya very true,I really can’t understand y this Asian people always wants to follow want they are doing in US?Cooking contests becoming a joke nowadays.

  10. reena

    Chef Bruce is such a rude person. :negative:

    1. ANA

      He thinks he jumped off the sky without facing hurdles before he became a judge.Come on la there are tons of better chefs like chef daniel boulud.hv u seen him using foul language?Gosh ppl grow up

      1. Rebecca

        Wow.. when i met him during this event, he certainly didnt come across like that kind of personality! And he’s so nice during his shows! I’m taken back with your feedback

      2. ANA

        I told u na Becca all this is drama.Mayb he is not rude person but as I told u they are trying to follow what is happening is the Western cooking shows like US Masterchef or Hell’s Kitchen.Haiyaa y not follow our Asian Iron chef better na.

      3. rebeccasaw

        Oohhhh… ok ok.. let’s hope its all an act then!

  11. Jazzy D

    I think Asians are better to be drawn into this scandal, Chef Bruce was very ignorant to the people on this show! :negative:

    1. Mei

      I do agree with u…. Well nobody’s perfect after all…

      1. Mei

        I mean those contestants are not all perfect…..

      2. Rebecca

        Yes, they are in the competition to learn too.. not need to be harsh..

    1. Jazzy D

      Don’t be sad!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  12. Mei

    Chef Bruce- rely bruising these contestants.. Pls respect them, don’t look down on them. Nobody will respect u if u don’t learn how to respect ppl!!!!!! Chef wan n other chefs are better than u but still they respect the contestants…. Too much. I’ve watched master chefs but all of them rely respect contestants…. Vote him out if he continue to do this to other ppl. :negative: :negative: :negative:

    1. Rebecca

      Oh dear… Chef Bruce seems so nice on Tablescapes!! What happened!

    2. ANA

      Mei I totally agree with u.I saw the latest segment last nite.One of the contestant had to leave due to work emergency and the way Bruce treated the contestant was in a very unprofessional manner.Cooking is passion for sme ppl but work is a must Chef Bruce not everyone has a tv show like u.Plus Chef Bruce’s age is Chef Wan’s years of experience so Chef Bruce do keep tht in ur mind and behave well in front ur seniors.Every Tom,Dick and Harry can use the F word dun thk by using it u r sme kind of cool man.Nothing is cool about degrading another human.Bored with ur chef life go join the Kardashians they would really love sme drama at their end.

  13. ANA

    I also have something to say about a contestant who behaved very badly toward Chef Wan last nite.Dayal you maybe a top model but we dont tune into this programme to see your six pack.Bruce Lim’s drama alone is enough we don’t need anything extra.Have some respect not only for the judges but also for those ladies present there.By the way the salad dish you made looked horrible and Chef Wan’s comment was not harsh it was genuine.If u can’t take comments like a true man then y come to a competition?If you are not serios about this competition go back to your modeling world.

    1. Rebecca

      Dayal? Oh we have a model + chef on the show?? ahah

  14. Mark Denvero

    Bruce is such a disgrace to the chefs! He’s not fit to be called one! His swearing and profanities goes to show what a low life he is! Learn to respect others and stop behaving like a thug! Lastly, don’t ever throw food on the floor no more coz there’s no room for distasteful mugs like you here in Malaysia! He should be replaced!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Wow…this is pretty bad… thanks for leaving a comment Mark, guess Chef Bruce really disgraced himself in this show…

      1. Afc fan

        I stop watching the program because I hate Chef Bruce Lim’s bad manners in the show. Others were OK. That’s the truth.

      2. rebeccasaw

        Yup yup.. I know!
        So many negative comments about this show.. it’s amazing.. lol!

  15. rainier

    i think that’s a gordan ramsay wannabe,or is it pure gimmick to raise the rating of the show…?
    chefs tend to “inherit” their mentors attitude while slaving themselves at the kitchen back then
    .im sure there are many of these chefs everywhere.

    1. rebeccasaw

      I hope it’s all an act. Cos the comments here are not flattering…

  16. Jazzy D

    Terrible show that is clearly stage la, take a look at some of the reactions FAKE!! :negative:

    1. rebeccasaw

      If it’s fake then at least it saws Chef Bruce wasn’t really an a** in person -_-

  17. christa

    Staged or not, Chef Bruce should have been more careful on how he portrayed himself on Tv. It seems like he just followed what the director / production requested him to act.

  18. Mark Denvero

    If bruce is merely following the director’s request, then he’s nothing but a spineless mug! Don’t forget he’s not any tom dick who accidently appear on TV, he’s one of the celebrity chefs and he jolly well know that this will tarnished his image by behaving like a thug, yes? Stop making excuses for this low life baldy! Sorry guys..I’m pissed!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks Mark for your input…you do have a point there!

  19. Jazzy D

    It just not a very good show to see people treated badly la!

  20. bandana

    I hate that fatty rude chef bruce!

    1. rebeccasaw

      🙁 Yikess.. seems like he’s the simon cowell of this show now!

      1. sam young

        At least Simon Cowell never throws a microphone, smashing a plate is bad enough, let alone throwing a foods and showing it in front of the screen, this is a family show, I would like to remind Bruce that there are still many poor people in Philippines who don`t have enough foods to survive.last but not least, because of Bruce attitude, I have stopped my kids from watching the show.

      2. Rebecca

        Have yo stopped watching the show itself? cos apparently ratings are quite high for this show!

  21. ANA

    Saw the latest episode yesterday nite,thank God that irritating Bruce was not thr.Chef Emmanuel rocked.Less drama this episode wait till next week when the idiot is back to judge we can all watch drama.

    1. rebeccasaw

      LOL. Chef Bruce really aint too popular now huh…

  22. sam young

    the bad act will affect a young kids to copy, this is a family show, Bruce Lim should not have thrown the food and smashed the plate that way, I am very disappointed with the show.

    1. Rebecca

      Perhaps it’s all an act.. well, guess then the script writher is to blame!!

  23. sam young

    we are voting Bruce Lim out from AFC , or we will tune to TLC .

    1. Rebecca

      Hahah..perhps you would want to leave a comment on the AFC Facebook to tell them!

    2. AFC follower

      I am already tuning to TLC if I see this disgusting Chef Bruce on Afc.

      1. rebeccasaw

        Ahh.. other shows don’t have Bruce what! U can watch the others – I highly recom Great Dinners of The World. My fav! 😀

  24. ANA

    Yesterday was another day of drama because the bald headed brainless man came back.Again the throwing of plates started,and the funny thing is that he is justifying his actions by saying that his mentors has done that.True enough Bruce see what kind of chef they have created by throwing the food you cooked on the floor.Is this some kind of fantasy you have to do the same things your mentors did to other chefs?Shame on you.There are more ways to mold new celebrity chefs.Throwing the food they cook on the floor is not one of them.Maybe it is ok in your country to do such inhuman act but this is Malaysia.Dear directors,if drama is what you all want please do it another way food is not toys to be thrown around.There are thousands of people throughout the world who would die for even rotten food please keep that in mind before wasting expensive food on the floor.Lastly,Christian good that you stand up to Bruce like that.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Wahhhhh..this is bad. Thanks Ana for your consistent feedback!

      1. Gary

        Cooking is all about expressing out ur creativity and passion. Foods can actually gives message such as emotions. Look at President Kennedy’s chef last time. I mean what the hell with all these plate throwing stuff? This is meant an insult to someone’s creativity…Man..please grow up.. cooking is passion not a military purpose.

  25. Joey

    Chef Wan or Chef in Black should replace that botak fella on the show. Without the pretty girl co-host nobody would watch tablescapes.

    1. ANA

      Good one Joey… :good: .By the way now I can see why that bald guy is not the way he was in Tablescapes..the sexy lady missing punya pasal la.If only the lady comes to this show then the botak fellow will be doing this :yahoo:

      1. Rebecca

        Sexy lady..? Oh yes.. that one..

  26. Joey

    If I were Robert, I would pretend to hug that botak chef and then push him into sea hehehehehe……..

    1. Rebecca

      HAhahahha. I doubt he’ll drown though!

      1. James

        Can’t drown cos fat floats? Lol 🙂 peace

  27. ANA

    Good one Joey,but why pollute our Penang’s beautiful sea…ha ha ha.I think that from now onwards there will be people talking back at that fellow.Have you guys watched his latest show “The Boss”? Boss my ass….You suck Bruce… :negative:

    1. Rebecca

      Hmm.. I thought he’s not like that in his other shows?

  28. Sara

    I wonder why AFC is still keeping this fat lard on the show. It was such a pleasure to watch in one of the episode when this prick was absent. Thought he died of heart attack for awhile. My rejoice was shortlived after seeing his arse face again in the latest installment! Chef Emmanuel and Chef Wan is so professional and really put this fat arse to shame! Amateurish! Really liked how Christian snubbed him. That fat lard looked lost for a moment, clueless on how to respond! Good for him! Boss? My arse! :negative:

    1. Rebecca

      Ok, I wonder how to watch this show now…cos all the comments here are intriguing! But I dont have ASTRO…

  29. Sara

    Trust me Rebecca, you’ll want to slap this sorry arse’s face if you watch the program. He’s a total disgrace! :negative:

  30. Lucy Ozawa

    Quoted from Christian’s facebook page: “I am a firm believer that you cannot please everyone and if you are busy trying to you may lose your soul. I am all for negative comments and constructive criticism as it makes us stronger. I personally try to avoid the practice of criticism and steer towards constructive encouragement.

    I don’t believe that bullying, yelling, swearing, throwing plates on the floor, complaining that sashimi is raw, complaining spring dishes are like summer dishes and trying to be Gordon Ramsay would make people better.

    We work hard, put our heads down and put out our very best dishes under the circumstances and for that, I commend and applaud each and everyone of my fellow contestants. The circumstances were rough and for sure sometimes our dishes may not have translated but bare in mind, some dishes rocked this planet.

    It was an honour to cook alongside you all.”

    We are with you Christian! So happy that someone stood up that worthless excuse for a Chef!

  31. ANA

    Way to go Christian,viewers who are watching this show can see what an arrogant …… Bruce is.He seem to forget that he is not the All Mighty in the culinary world.As far as I see him in his show “The Boss” I don’t think he is such a great chef.

    1. Mi

      Correct,he’s not at all. He’s a disgrace to the Filipinos.

      1. rebeccasaw

        I’m startin to wish Chef Bruce reads all the comments here! -_-

  32. Jason Lee

    I am rooting for Diane coz she is hot and has mad skills. Found out she’s also a racecar driver for real!!!! Super hot. But I think Christian may win it. He’s been on a couple local shows and is super funny. Met him last week at a food festival and he was working with Richard Blais from Top Chef! Found his latest show on Youtube

    1. rebeccasaw

      Met him?? Oh where are you based? Not Msia I guess?

      1. Jason Lee

        in hk.. i travel to kl loads though

      2. rebeccasaw

        cOOL! When you’re here, gimme a holla can? 🙂

      3. Jason Lee

        for sure!

      4. rebeccasaw

        Upsetting? Why? All I saw was a recipe when I clicked on the link…

      5. Jason Lee

        Dino’s “Signature dish” he won with is actually Richard Blais’

      6. rebeccasaw

        Ermm.. was it stated in the competition that the dish has to be original?

  33. prf

    One should kick Bruce Lim of the in E&O programme. Is he a Christian?? Well he certainly doesnt behave like one. Vulgar words pour out of his lips, he is arrogant, FAT!!, and full of himself.

  34. chichiru

    Hi, I just wanna add that the show pales in comparison compared to Masterchef. My family particularly agree with most of the people here. Chef Bruce Lim acts like a Kardashian sister on testosterone pills, spewing out negative, non constructive comments that do not help contestants at all 🙁

    Honestly, we find it hilarious as Chef Bruce goes all-its about me, me, me-kind of attitude. Its such a pity that the beautiful Penang is marred by this clown and his antics. Maybe next season, AFC can film in the slums of Philippines, at least then Chef Bruce can just “donate” the food to them :wacko:

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks for your feedback Chichiru. Oh my, I was told that this show’s ratings were pretty good, maybe its cos of all this drama! 😛

  35. synical

    Never seen Tablescapes before nor have I met the guy, so I’m not one to judge whether Chef Bruce is nice or not… But he does come across as Hell’s Kitchen Ramsey and not Masterchef Ramsey. I guess someone had to be the tough judge to please. I mean, these people are (presumably) already professionals competing to be a celebrity chef, unlike on Masterchef where it’s people from all backgrounds. But I do feel bad for the broken plates.. 😛

    I personally have nothing against the swearing because they’re pretty much bleeped out on TV. And studies have shown that it’s good for stress relief and ratings.

    1. Rebecca

      LOL! Oh yes it was good for ratings from what I heard! 😛

  36. eric hon yan

    Mr low life Pinoy Chef Bruce is just a fat arse celebrity wannabe. :negative:

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahhahahha… it’s over! They got their “celebrity chef”. Let’s see what’s next…

  37. KC


    1. rebeccasaw

      Seriously I wonder how the script for this show was approved!


    I am sorry but I have to agree with the DISGUST these people are feeling, take this from a FILIPINO himself!

    At first when I heard about Bruce Lim, I felt proud because at least, a FILIPINO chef is making his way internationally known. But I was DISGUSTED on how he acts in his shows NEXT CELEBRITY CHEF and THE BOSS…

    Man, who are you to ACT like that?! Throwing PLATES all the time?? Even the great GORDON RAMSAY does not do that TOO OFTEN. I have been watching Hells Kitchen for years now, and I can only count the times he throws food, he breaks PLATES sometimes, but HELLS KITCHEN is HIS restaurant anyways! AND, given the CALIBER of Gordon Ramsay, he can act arrogant all he want because he already PROVED something.

    I have no problem with people being arrogant as long as they have something to BRAG about, but I cannot stand people like YOU who acts so arrogant yet has nothing to BRAG about. Who are YOU to throw plates at aspiring chefs ALL THE time? Shame on you! Do that after you acquired 5 Michelin Star restaurants and we can SHUT UP.

    You are the most arrogant FILIPINO chef I have ever known! I hope all FILIPINO chefs are like Boy Logro or Gene Gonzales, they have proven themselves yet doesn’t have the ARROGANCE you have.

    In behalf of millions of Filipinos, SHAME ON YOU!

    1. Kenneth

      I totally agree that Bruce Lim sucks! I 2nd Bruce My Ass!

      1. rebeccasaw

        Haha..guess he didn’t quite got himself a fan club this time

      2. Michael

        Probably Bruce Lim thought he was the ‘reincarnate’ of Bruce Lee? 🙁

        It’s such that AFC got a “Gordon Ramsay-wannabe” on its panel of judges.

        I wrote to AFC on its facebook page, but got no reply. I just hope that “SAINT” wouldn’t be elected as one of the judges in the upcoming programme. Such a shame to all Asian.

      3. rebeccasaw

        Oh my.. yeah, I guess AFC won’t be replying to your comments.. I think perhaps it’s an act purposely to promote the show..

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