Advertlets: Win Movie & Concert Tickets: Justin Bieber Live in KL with Tune Talk!

Bieber fans out there!
Are you Bieberfied yet??? :yahoo:

Well, ‘Belieber’ or not, Justin Bieber fever has reached our shores & the infamous singer/performancer will be here in KL in April 2011!

As you know, Tune Talk is the proud sponsor of the upcoming Justin Bieber concert and his movie “Never Say Never”. As a blogger or NOT (YES, this contest is open to EVERYONE!), here’s how you can get your hands on the tickets for both events.
Read carefully how:-

Top 5 Most ‘LIKED’ Bieberfied Display Picture (RM288 X 5 pairs)
1. Download the TuneTalk Twibbon (picture overlay) for your Facebook & Twitter here:-
a) For your Facebook display picture
b) For your Twitter display picture
2. Change your Facebook & Twitter profile image, upload it on your Facebook & Twitter account.
3. Upload it on Advertlets Facebook link
4. Get as many people to ‘LIKE’ your photo on Advertlets Facebook.

Top 5 Most ‘LIKED’ Bieber Video Impersonation (RM358 X 5 pairs)
1. Give your Best Bieber Dance or Singing Impersonation.
2. Upload it on Advertlets Facebook
3. Get as many people to ‘LIKE’ your video on Advertlets Facebook.

See? You can join the contest too even if you are NOT a blogger! Just upload to Advertlets Facebook wall!

Ok, next one you will have to be a blogger! Or at least you will need to publish your blog post on a blog, it can be a NEW blog, or you publish it on your friend’s blog.. just get it published on a blog!!

Top 5 Best Blogpost (3D Movie Tickets X 5 pairs)
Top 30 Runners up Blogpost (Normal Hall Tickets X 30 pairs)


For this contest, you MUST include these in your blog post;
1. About TuneTalk prepaid, include the link: (
2. Why you deserve to attend the Movie Premiere
3. And what does ‘Never Say Never’ phrase mean to you.
4. Include the Movie & Concert flyer

That’s it people! 3 ways to Win Justin Bieber concert tickets & movie premiere!
So start changing your display picture, get as many LIKES or blog your way to the movie premiere.

Terms and Conditions:

Your entry must link to this blog post and have the 2 images (ABOVE) included in your post.
– (IMPORTANT) Do send your post URL to ([email protected]) after you’ve done your blog post.
– Winners will be notified via email for tickets confirmation. Judges’ decision is final.

Closing date for all entries and voting is 31st March 2011 at 11.59pm!

Also, Tune Talk brings you The Belieber’s Day Out at the Curve, 16th April, Saturday from 2pm onwards. Bieber fans, see you there!

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  1. Yoga

    baby baby baby ohhhhh .. awesome way for fans to get some free tickets !! :yahoo:

  2. naqid_cool


      1. paige

        hi i am his biggset as well have you ever won his tickets? B-) B-)

      2. rebeccasaw

        Oh yes, those tics that night were complimentary of Tune Talk!

  3. paige

    hi i love so much justin your the best

  4. Adalberto Mckale

    Justin Bieber is a very talented young musician. i really adore him. ”

    Kindly visit our new web blog too

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