Abdul Briyani POWER, Batu Pahat, @Sg Buloh

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

So how’s everybody? I have been amusing myself reading tweets & it seem that CNY is what CNY is supposed to be, visiting relatives, indulgence of food, gambling, overdrinking & overall, a MERRY TIME for everyone.

Myself had had the good fortune to enjoy the clear roads in KL & PJ (though I personally find that traffic wasn’t as clear as it used to be during the same period years back) & been going around whizzing past rows & rows of shops tightly shut in SS2, Petaling Street, Jln Alor & Cheras; all for the sake of gleefully gaping at the deserted streets & enjoying the ability to get parking just about anywhere! (When was the last time one gets parking in Telawi Bangsar with one eye shut?)

Anyways, back to food. Other than the F & B outlets in malls, most of my favourite kopitiam haunts are closed, (understandably) during this period. Well, CNY or not, a gourmand has got to eat. And mamak food just doesn’t appeal somehow.

Thank goodness for some Malay friends who made sure I wasn’t having any mediocre grub for my 2nd day CNY dinner. They whisked me off to Sg Buloh (I never been to Sg Buloh before!) & ordered me this.

Briyani Power Sg Buloh1

I can’t fathom the need to name ‘power‘ this, ‘power‘ that. You can read about this particular Pak Ya Popia POWER HERE. Fascinating business I tell you, just selling popia.

Back to Abdul Briyani Power.

IMHO, it may not be as ‘Power’ as it is named but certainly a good one nonetheless. The rice¬† was in whole kernels, aromatic but greasy. The thick gravy of the mutton is superbly fragrant & the mutton was tender. I got 5-6 chunks of mutton and my only gripe is certain cuts were a bit tough. Other than that, RM9.80 for this, plus a side dish of acar (pickled vegetables) & thick dhal cooked with chicken feet seems a bit on the higher price spectrum. But I did love that dhal, slightly creamy & gelatinous from the stewing of the chicken feet.

The stall is located in a row of open air ‘food court‘, which is right behind Komplex Sg Buloh (The Store) . It’s neighbour sells one of the best rojak ever. Sweetish thick sauce with chunky cuts of eggs, cucumbers, fried dough fritters, bean curd & boiled potatoes, it’s worth another trip to Sg Buloh!

Briyani Power Sg Buloh


For me, I still prefer my Briyani sold during the Friday afternoon market in Bangsar and JM Briyani. I haven’t tried that many for I find Briyani oily & would normally choose Banana Leaf instead, if given a choice.

Abdul Briyani Power Batu Pahat
Lot 119-4, 5, 6, 8,
Medan Selera Utara Fasa 4
Bandar Baru Sg Buloh
47000 Sungai BUloh

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  1. Sean

    ooh i didn’t realize that dhal could be cooked with chicken feet. curious to try … i’m a major fan of dhal, but i HATE chicken feet though.

    1. rebeccasaw

      I think the chic feet kinda secretes the gelatinous stuffs tht thickens the stew..
      HEhe. i like my chic feet if its cooked in the chinese (stewed) with soy sauce way.
      only if its done well of course! ūüėČ

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  3. Calvin Echter

    just ate it and thanks for the post again

  4. Ryan Galles

    In town for a few days & my client bought me to this place! So I googled for it & found yr write-up ūüėČ
    Cool stuff babe, keep it up.
    and it’s my first time trying this, I think even the locals here are not aware of this place!

  5. Ressie Lagraize

    I’ve been following your site for a few days. really like your posts. anyway i’m doing a study concerning this topic. do you happen to know high quality blogs or maybe forums in which I can get more information? thank you ahead of time

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