Aaron Craze in Malaysia : AFC’s Rude Boy Cooks’ Tour

And so a rude boy cooks yea?

Aaron Craze-004

Aaron Craze sure isn’t your typical chef. Thanks to Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen -a foundation used by Jamie for his social experiments where Jamie and his brigade of mentor chefs help to train disadvantaged kids and young adults to develop their culinary skills; Aaron, a school dropout of at the age of 15 is who is he is today; named as Oliver’s natural successor, awarded ₤120,000 to establish a business and a pub license worth ₤500,000.

Aaron Craze-002

Watching him cook and engage with the audience that day reminded me of Sharone Hakman. Both resonates wit and charm, though I still prefer Sharone over Aaron. Both are not chefs by training but discovered culinary talents who has since captivated the culinary scene with their passion and culinary skills.

Aaron Craze-003

Aaron Craze

For this edition of Culinary Masterpieces, the media was treated to a live cooking demonstration of some of Aaron’s creations. He started with Mexican Beef Tortilla with Tomato Salsa and Sour Cream followed by a Raviolo of Sunshine with Thai Asparagus and finishing off with Unbaked Lemongrass Cheesecake with Amoretti Biscuit Base.

Aaron Craze-005

To be frank, none of the dishes wow-ed me at all. Perhaps Aaron kept it simple since it is a short session or the ones we were served (prepared by the students of Berjaya University of Hospitality) were nothing like the original.

Aaron Craze-006

Aaron Craze-007

The Raviolo dish was most appealing for me as it has a nice golden yolk encased within. Unfortunately the taste didn’t quite match its appearance.

Aaron Craze-008

Aaron Craze-009

Aaron Craze-011

The one done by Aaron.

Aaron Craze-012

Aaron Craze-013

The one we were served.

Aaron Craze-015

Aaron Craze-016

Aaron Craze-017

Aaron Craze-018

Aaron Craze-019

It’s a shame Aaron wasn’t able to personally cook for everyone. Anyhow it was good to have met him nonetheless. I generally find most chefs inspiring but more so for Aaron as his transformation from a disadvantaged background to a celebrity chef definitely serves as an inspiration to all budding chefs!

aaron craze in malaysia - AFC

Catch Aaron on AFC every Thursday, 11.00pm from now til 27th June 2013. There will be 13 episodes x 30 mins of “Rude Boy Food” so here’s your chance to see this bad boy turned good chef on screen! 🙂

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    ooo, coincidentally i’ve been to Fifteen (the london branch) and the food was good, lotsa nice italian-leaning fare, kinda like this raviolo, i guess 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Woah! Jamie and Italian fare – it’s his signature – sorta huh? I’m waiting for his restaurant in Sg to open 🙂

  2. Veron

    Rude boy.. hot guys can cook.. LOL. what’s next? Fat men bake?

  3. cleffairy

    I just love men who cooks! LOL. So HaWt!

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