A Toilet post dedicated to TummyThoz.. heheh..

Not trying to be a copycat here, mind you. *grin*

But I just thought of sharing this, as it is quite unlikely for most people to take the ferry, so lesser chance of seeing the toilet right?

It was NOT as I remembered, but the last time I was on the ferry was last month, and the last time I used the toilet was decades ago! Dirty and disgusting, that’s what I remembered it to be.
Typical of the Malaysian toilet.

Apparently things has improved (surprise surprise!).

Entrance to the toilet.

Ladies in at one end of the ferry, gents at the other end. (meaning one at the front and another at the back of the ferry)

Open the door and you’ll see this.

Not bad eh? “Spacious” enough for separate wash area! LOL.

Enter and the next door opens up to this.

CLEAN. But that could be because it was 6.30am in the morning! Must the first trip for the ferry.
And yeah, the flush works just fine.

And yeah, an apt reminder to all MAlaysians out there. “How to pee properly”. Hehe..

As I took the ferry again late at night for my trip back to KL, I used the toilet again and well.. it was still ok, though not as clean as in the morning. So, verdict: usable, spacious and FREE!

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  1. Tummythoz

    *Hands on cheeks-face* TQ TQ!

  2. Justin Ng

    Haha..wait. you come to visit me, I’ll show you some interesting really midn blowing toilet designs! Maybe u could do a blog on it! Jsut toilets! *cackles*

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