A Night at Hennessy Artistry 2012, Kenanga Wholesale City!

** Guest post by Pamela, since I was in BKK for the World Gourmet Festival 2012  🙂

Hennessy Artistry was the place to be on Saturday night. The second installment of 2012’s Global Art of Mixing Trilogy promised a night of fist-pumping dance music, delicious drinks and an exciting crowd. And boy, Hennessy do know how to throw a party 😉


Before the party-goers headed into the main room, they had a chance to experience the super-cool Hennessy 360 Cam (and have their 5 minutes of fame).


 There were plenty of drinks to go around that night and guests got to sample the different mixes of Hennessy. Hennessy Berry seemed to be a favorite among the ladies (and even some of the guys too 😛 )




Note from Rebecca: I would say KWC was an ideal venue; plenty of parking (legal!), safe area (proper building vs open space somewhere in nowhere) and spacious partying space! I attended many Hennessy Artistry events before this and THIS one; this I heard was one of the best! 😀



The main highlight of the night of course was Eva Simons. To say the crowd went completely gaga would be an understatement, especially when she belted out her club anthem, ‘Take Over Control”.



All in all, it was an unforgettable night. Here’s to the next edition of Hennessy Artistry! :DD




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