A new hairstyle to usher in 2015 – by my trusted hairstylist in Centro Hair Salon

26 days to 2015.

NY resolutions doesn’t apply to me. I aim to be at my best at all times, anytime, never only at certain times of the year.
However, in prep for coming year, I’ll like to take some time to polish myself up a bit more!

1st up, the hair.
It’s been 2 years, and my trusted stylist, Centro Hair Salon; still knows best what works for me.
My hair has always been under the care of Kevin Woo, founder of Centro Hair Salon other than one exception when Han, one of the best Sr. Stylist in Centro trimmed my locks .


I have even written about the price difference between a Sr Stylist (for those who with a lower budget I can vouch for Han’s expertise) and an Artistic Director like Kevin himself.

Hair makeover by Kevin Woo - Centro Hair Salon

I’m sharing it here again if you have missed it:
**Do expect to pay different price levels for different level of expertise (stylist) and it is also largely dependant on the length of your hair. 

A complete makeover like mine (back in Sept 2013) was RM830.
(Images here –> Sept 2013 cut, colour, treatment by Kevin Woo => https://www.rebeccasaw.com/hair-makeover-by-kevin-woo-centro-hair-salon/).
Cut – RM200
2 tones (COLOUR) for mid lengthRM480

This is Sr Stylist Han; whom I can assure you is very well trained by Kevin.
A Sr Stylish’s rate differs from an Artistic Director’s, but a cut can be anywhere from RM100 onwards, depending on length.

Boon Han - haircut at Centro W Salon Gardens

My latest makeover is by Celine Yap, Artistic Director of CENTRO W SALON.
Celine’s expertise came from 15 years of wielding the scissors; and is now revered for her eye in styling.
Since I wanted to project a sharper look this time, I was referred to Celine; who is reputed to have the magic fingers for styling.

celineyap centro hair

*Celine Yap, Artistic Director of CENTRO W SALON.


Having plied her chops for 10 years at CENTRO Hair Salon, Celine has earned her status with a display of virtuosity skill and technique.
Upfront and impish, Celine has an innate ability to understand her clients’ needs; resulting in hairstyles that are in character with her clients’ personality and thus flattering their features.


Every individual is unique, and truly listening allows me to create a look that sees my clients receiving compliments the moment they step out of the salon.
The best part is, the compliments never stop coming, every day. That’s when I know I achieved something beyond a good cut.
” she had said.


Here’s Celine’s masterpiece for me; an edgier, chic do for me to roar into 2015 with style.
I’m still keeping my trademark red streaks at the front, and Celine added gold and brown highlights around my head to accentuate my hair shape.
Nothing overly done; subtle colours yet these added emphasis to my hairstyle.

Her precise techniques came into work here, for my hair stayed in perfect shape even after the salon-stylish and blow-drying effect wore off.


Below is my salon-visiting record so far at Centro Hair Salon from the time Kevin worked his magic:

All in all, I only require a trim every 1.5 – 2 months (RM100 -200)  & retouch colour every 5-6 months (RM500 – 800 depending on my requirement) .
was very manageable on both my schedule & budget. Kudos to Kevin for his great skills & superb work on the colour.

8th September 2013 -1st cut and colour.

13th Oct 2013 – 1st trim (RM200) after the initial cut. No need for colour.

23rd December 2013 – 2nd trim (RM200). No need for colour.

10th March 2014 – 3rd trim and re-colour. 3.5 hours. Cut, 2 tone colour, treatment – RM800 +. 

15th May 2014 by Han – only trim and style.

25th August 2014 – cut and colour by Kevin Woo.

And this is my latest transmogrification courtesy of Celine; cut, colour and treatment.

Rebecca Saw - hair makeover - colour, hair cut - Centro Hair Salon-005

Rebecca Saw - hair makeover - colour, hair cut - Centro Hair Salon

Rebecca Saw - hair makeover - colour, hair cut - Centro Hair Salon-004

Rebecca Saw - hair makeover - colour, hair cut - Centro Hair Salon-002

So you think you could do with a hair makeover as well? Or is your current hairstylist boring you?
Look for Kevin/Celine/Han at the Gardens, Mid Valley outlet. You’ll definitely need an appointment! 🙂

1. CENTRO W Hair Salon
FF227 4th Floor The Gardens Mall. T: 03-22877330
2. CENTRO Hair Salon and CENTRO Privé
Lot 401M Level 4 Suria KLCC. T: 03-21616330

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