A NEW Digi Prepaid Plan with 7 GB data!

7 GB of data?

Do you need 7 GB of data?


Well, of course YOU DO!

In fact, think of it this way, there is never enough data. And MORE is good, especially in this digital age no?

For someone who is always on the go and always online, I rely on data A LOT.

I never know when I need to flip my Mac on and send that important attachment or image.
That takes a lot of data and not all areas provide WIFI.

In a coffeeshop? In a car?

I work on the go and I reply messages or requests as soon as possible.
Hence it is important that I have enough data for all my tethering purposes.


And truth to be told, I prefer to communicate via Whatsapp.

For one, it provides a black and white trail.

Further to that, it lowers the probability of miscommunications compared to verbal communication.
In my line of work, I prefer a trail of communication that I could monitor.

I’ve had customers who claimed another price to what was advertised, and I could always show them in Whatsapp the exact price I’ve quoted before.

In other cases, taking orders for my business is easier via messaging or Whatsapp too, as both parties can refer to our previous communication should there be any changes.


Now, how else is data crucial to me?

Well, besides work, I spend a lot of time in the car.
And my car doesn’t have a working radio!

So during long distance trips I will play music on Spotify and even the occasional movie.


Thus it is a good point that for the latest Digi Prepaid RM 28 user gets 7GB data instead of 4GB data. Further to that, within the additional 7 GB users get:
– 3 GB on any internet usage
– 2GB extra for Digi Video Freedom (Main partner: Youtube, iFlix, Tonton, Viu)

– 2GB extra for Digi Music Freedom (Spotify, Apple music, Joox, Raku)

All that from RM28 only!


Talk about value.

This could be the best value monthly recurring internet plan for both Digi Live and Prepaid Best Plan user subscribers!
Imagine that, users get to enjoy 50% extra internet from RM28 only!

** To subscribe, simply dial *116*1#, *116*2#, or *116*3# on your phone depending on which plan you wish to subscribe to.

To know more, surf over here –> https://new.digi.com.my/prepaid/live-plans


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