A much much better layout??


I almost gave up blogging after the constant headaches I got from the last layout! LOL. Goes to show that not only I got a very short attention span, I got no patience either!

Well, what do all you think?

Next is the blog roll..I know I have not been catching up on my fellow blogger’s updates. A blog roll that shows their msot recent post would be helpful.

Then a header perhaps?

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  1. unkaleong

    It’s easier on the eyes 😉 Sidebar needs some housekeeping though…

    Love the welcome bit 😛 *hugs*

  2. Huai Bin

    Yes this is a much better layout. You previous one very magazine style…nice to look at but hard to find posts. 🙂

  3. Sean

    yup, i like it too! clean and attractive 😀 though your welcome is a bit misleading. u don’t eat like a whale lah, more like a goldfish =)

  4. Leo

    everything is just fine becky 🙂
    but compared to the previous, this one looks neat and tidy…
    keep up the good work

  5. ai wei

    nice <3

    this is simple and neat

  6. Chong

    Yeap. Looks way better than the previous. But the columns need some adjustment to accommodate your photos on your main column (left side).

  7. vialentino

    not bad…is better than mine site many times ler….nice layout!

  8. sophia

    haha, you’re so lazy! Just get Google Reader lah!! Instead of relying on the blogroll to click on.
    But I like the layout! Very clean and easy to access! HEadache over, I hope?

    Oh and I love that you added a pic of yourself! But why so tiny? Must be bigger! Oh, make it a background, muhahaha!

  9. Chriso

    Ok it feels sooooo much easier to comment now 😛 Good one!

  10. J2Kfm

    A little sparse, but cleaner layout I guess. I’m thinking of changing mine, but it’s too much a hassle as well ….

    Or i’m just lazy. Hahaha …

  11. softbunny

    yay…i can finally read your blog without feeling frustrated as I didn’t know how to navi in yr 1st one~~~~

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehhe! Glad to hear that! I’m also a happy bunny too! 😉

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