A Club Med vacation for the kids – Baby Club, Petit Club Med, Mini Club Med, Juniors’ Club Med

Passing the big 30, I observed as my peers (and even those 5 – 8 years younger) posted ” I said Yes” on their Instagram, flashed their engagement rings as they waved their hands, shared their wedding albums on Facebook and subsequently started popping babies.
I on the other hand, are too preoccupied with 4 businesses and all the traveling plans to bother much about family planning.

When I was at Club Med Bali in 2013, I had remarked in my blogposts that although many guests came with their little ones, I was barely disturbed with any child’s tantrums, cries or mischief.

If anything the children are well behaved, kept preoccupied at the designated areas/activities and are supervised at all times by either their parents or the GOs.

Since I wasn’t disturbed, I didn’t think too much about it til my recent trip a few weeks back; where at Club Med Bali the launch of the new family space demonstrated the seriousness of Club Med in ensuring yours and your child’s vacation in their clubs.

This time I found myself understanding the the dedicated Children’s Club better, and Club Med Bali being one of the busiest and most popular Club Med for family retreats, has upgraded the facilities and services available for children of all ages from four months to 17 years.

Club Med Bali - family space - petit club, junior club

With the exceptions of the Baby Club (4 months to 23 months) and the Petit Club Med (ages 2 -3 years old), the activities and services for Mini Club Med (age 4 – 10) and Juniors’ Club Med are inclusive in the Club Med package.
The Baby Club and the Petit Club Med requires pre-booking and additional cost.

Here’s a little of what to expect for your little ones at Club Med Bali. If you are looking into booking a vacation in another Club Med resort (not Bali), do inquire about their Children’s Club in advance.
I trust that these clubs may be almost similar at all Club Meds.


The Baby Club Med*, on the ground floor, offers facilities for little ones aged between four months and 23 months.
Decorated in such a way as to whisk babies into a magical world, way up in the sky surrounded by clouds and kites, Baby Club Med* is run by specially trained G.Os.

They pay close attention to the tots’ biological rhythms, adapting their nutritional, sleep and play schedules and balancing their activities to ensure the kids always leave in good spirits.

Club Med Bali - family space - petit club, junior club-003

What to expect for the Baby Club Med:



Petit Club Med and Mini Club Med.

The Petit* and Mini Club Med, between them offering educational and entertaining activities for kids aged two to 10, are brightly and freshly decorated with graphics and drawings depicting Bali’s rich wildlife and its traditional puppets, creating an energising and vibrant space for fun and learning.

Club Med Bali - family space - petit club, junior club-004

Club Med Bali - family space - petit club, junior club-002

Club Med Bali - family space - petit club, junior club-001

What to expect for the Petit* and Mini Club Med:



Juniors’ Club Med.

Kids at this age would normally make use of the sport, circus and watersports facilities around the resort.


kids pool - club med bali


Not all activities are necessarily indoors.
There’s archery, tennis, golf, soccer and swimming for those who are more sports-inclined.

You can opt to have your kids with you at all times, but I think the young ones would benefit more from the freedom and “networking” while having fun with other youngsters from around the world.
Besides, you can join in the fun during the activities – just like how most of the parents did!

kids activity, club - Club Med bAli-004

kids activity, club - Club Med bAli-001

main pool - club med bali

And the more adventurous kids get to take part in the circus activities too.
Other than that, the watersports activities suitable for the young as are below:
Windsurfing : Min age 8 years old.
Snorkeling : 11 years old (accompanied)
Kayak : 6 years old (accompanied)
Boat Cruise : 11 years old.

club med day 4

That’s not all.

The nightly entertainment and shows involve the kids in the plays.
Little ones are seen jumping, dancing, singing and performing their roles on stage with aplomb.
All guests are invited to watch these nightly shows and reward the kids by clapping and cheering them on, as the kids would have practised and rehearsed the whole afternoon for their parts.

kids performances - club med bali

kids - club med bali-002

The main source of sustenance is from the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet at the main restaurant Agung.
Snacks are aplenty during the afternoon games, where even parents, other guests and children were seen helping themselves to the drinks, fruits and pastries prepared.

kids activity, club - Club Med bAli-002

The buffet at Agung offers very satisfying variety of cuisine from different parts of the world, but rest assured that the diets of the little ones are not an afterthought.

Dedicated plates with colours indicating required nutrients are available for parents to pick up and use while they browse the buffet for suitable dishes for their kids.
The western corner can always be relied on for chips, nuggets, burgers and sausages while pasta and pizzas are available daily at the Italian section.

1 Club Med Bali - TO USE

All in all, with the rest of the spread including fish, chicken, cheeses, salads, noodles and rice, you should be able to feed the most finicky of eaters well.

PS: Your kid’s birthday? The GOs will sing a song and give him/her a cake (only if they knew of course)!

kids - club med bali

For a family vacation that provides a balance between spending time with your young ones and yet having the luxury of choice to sneak away for some private time for yourself, leaving the kids under in safe supervision and knowing that they would be involved in educational and fun activities. a Club Med holiday package would be ideal!

For further details you can email me or you can surf over to www.clubmed.com.my/ www.fb.com/clubmedmalaysia or call 03 – 2053 1888 (9am – 8pm, Mon – Sun).
Booking terms and conditions apply.

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    wah, if i were six years old, the petit club would be paradise for me … can definitely imagine having a few fun hours flying by there! 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      hhehehehe and your parents would be glad to have you out of their hands! 😀

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