7 Days Promise by Centro Hair Salon

Did you remember my post and my cry for help on my FB after my hair colouring session earlier this year? Remember how I regretted the red streaks on the surface of my hair? Yes, I loved the multi-layered colours, but it was the eye-hurting red streaks at the very top that was so “ah-lian” that I had to hide my hair by tying it up for weeks after that!

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-027

My hair stylist is a very nice guy and had obviously done a fabulous job on the colour layering but the shade of red at the very top was just not something I like. Unfortunately it can’t be reversed since the colouring session was already done.

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-026

Did my situation strike a familiar chord? Have you walked out of a hair salon wishing that there’s something that you could revise or change?
For my trip that day I did love the multi colours and I ONLY didn’t like the red highlights. I wished that I could change that, but that would mean forking out another RM100-RM200 to redo, which I won’t.

The MEt hair salon - makeover - rebecca saw-024

I’m sure this is a familiar scenario for many. We try to be bold; we try a new hairstyle, a new colour, a new cut.
After the cut and the wash and the hair-drying, we looked at the mirror and realized “OH NO! That didn’t look too good on me!”. More often than not, we had to live with it, as any further modifications would translate to additional cost.

The recent Centro event I attended bought to my attention of their new innovative and bold policy. Centro pledged to complimentary touch-ups should your session at their salon turned out dissatisfactory.

1 Centro hair salon - 7 days promise


This is applicable to haircuts, colouring, perming and rebonding services.



This free retouch is claimable within 7 days of the initial salon visit. I think 7 days is very fair don’t you? 🙂


During the event, we were treated to a scrumptious lunch, Centro videos of their behind-the-scenes shows and a performance by songstress Attilia, who happens to be a loyal Centro client!




I have been eyeing this Kerastase Elixir Ultime for the longest time and I won myself one that afternoon!
It’s supposed to improve softness, strength, smoothness and is known to be the ultimate ‘must-have’ multi-purpose treatment booster used by celebrities worldwide for all hair types. And now I’ve got one! 😀

1 Centro hair salon -009


Thanks again Centro for the goody bag. This is just what I need for my coloured hair now.

1 Centro hair salon -008

So for those whose haircut/rebonding/re-colouring regime is about due now, head over to one of the 3 Centro salons in town and challenge their hairstylists. Will they get it right the first time or would you have to request for a complimentary touch-up?
Either way, you have NOTHING to lose! Well, except for some hair. 🙂



Visit them on http://www.facebook.com/centrohairsalon.my for further details.
Meanwhile I think my hairs needs a makeover don’t you think? New colour? Or go black? Shorter? Or curls? 😀

Centro hair salon - 7 days promise

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  1. ALAN

    As you were in March dear. No need to change just for the sake of it!

  2. Sean

    Curls for your hair sounds intriguing! =)

  3. Maggy

    Curls becky curls! Try it!

  4. Veron

    Sexy waves ala JLo becky!

  5. David

    Keep it long again and relaxed waves would suit you

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