50% off Dominos Pizza : #DTopSecret with code “MYD1”

Ok, I’ve been given a mission to uncover Dominos ‪#‎dTopSecret‬!
The only clue I’ve got is “something about a secret sauce”.


So I need some assistance!
To help me find out the secret plus the opportunity of bagging the privilege to attend the live unveiling event of #dTopSecret on 16th Oct 2015, you will just have to:
1. Use the promo code “MYD1” on any online order on www.dominos.com.my
2. Get rewarded for taking part by getting your orders at 50% off!
3. Once you ordered using the code “MYD1“, take a snapshot of you enjoying the pizza and share it on your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. Remember to include the hashtag “#DTopSecret “and @DominosMY.
4. Make sure your social media account is public so the Dominos folks can see it!


Here’s what I did yesterday when I got back from Osaka.
When pizzas are at 50% off, you don’t say “No“!


It is all about PROTEIN for me so the Meat Mania is the best bet. Beef pepperoni, sausages, ground beef, chicken and cheese.
I need all that after a 7 hour flight!


So with the code MYD1 I got my LARGE, meat and cheese loaded pizza at RM29.90.


Total was RM52.90 but I got a discount of 22.90.


With each order made using the code, we will be one step closer to unveiling the #DTopSecret.

My order yesterday contributed another step towards that goal. So now it’s YOUR turn!
Order a Dominos pizza now.
Remember to share a shot of you enjoying the pizza and mention that you used the code “MYD1“.
Set your posting to “Public” so the Dominos team can see it and who knows, they might be in contact with you with an invite to the unveiling party on Oct 16th!

Just a heads up, the promo code is valid until 16th Oct so order as much as you can as soon as possible.
Heck, I put my diet on hold and enjoyed my 50% pizza yesterday! 🙂

Domino 50% discount


Quick, get your 50% off pizza (via online orders only)!

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