4Fingers Crispy Chicken Mid Valley – juicy chicken drumsticks!

It takes skills to fry an excellent piece of chicken.
An ideal piece should possess crispy, non-greasy skin with dewy flesh. Each bite should yield tender meat with sufficient flavour shining through.

Seeking such a mouthwatering fried chicken experience?
Well, you can get it now at 4Fingers Mid Valley Megamall!

4fingers crispy chicken Mid Valley review

I’ve had my fair share of fried chicken eating experiences in my 3 living decades on earth. Roadside stalls, posh restaurants, fast food joints and from the hands of some famous chefs.
But the ideal fried chicken remains the same. Whether it is cheap or posh, simply wok-fried or sous-vided and brined and god-knows-whatever else technique employed, we all love them with crispy skin and flavourful, juicy flesh.

4fingers crispy chicken Mid Valley review-006

Can’t cook?

Well, now you can enjoy them from 4Fingers at Mid Valley Megamall, located at LG, just a few metres away from the famous money changers kiosks.

4fingers malaysia menu

4fingers crispy chicken Mid Valley-004

An excellent fried chicken requires FRESH chocks to begin with. This is something the folks at 4Fingers understood and a mantra they live by.
Freshly slaughtered chickens (from halal supplier of course so do take note our Muslim friends) are delivered to their outlets as per demand.
The brand’s core focus is QUALITY; as these fresh chicken are carefully brushed with their proprietary sauces, both produced in a factory in Penang (my hometown!), which in keeping to consumer preferences, are FREE of preservatives and MSG.

Another admirable feature is the technique. I haven’t peeked into the kitchen, but 4Fingers chicken are certain cooked at the right temperature for the right amount of minutes for the meat inside is not fried at all, but it is steaming in its own trapped moisture, resulting in that enjoyable crackly crisp skin encasing succulent snowy flesh within.

4fingers mid valley

At first bite, the soy garlic flavour knocked me over with its burst of saltiness so I chose to devour the Hot sauces ones instead. Once I got started there was no stopping me!
The skin is remarkably crispy with no lingering greasy aftertaste on the palate. It was enough to deceive my guilt to silence as I continued on my 4th drumstick for the meal.

4fingers crispy chicken Mid Valley review-007

Besides the drumsticks, I went on to gorge on the wings, the Seafood Salad, the crispy calamari, the battered prawns, the kimslaw, the BFF Chicken Burger, the skinny fries and the addictive Chicken Katsu Sandwich.

4fingers mid valley - review. eat when hot

4fingers crispy chicken Mid Valley review-003

4fingers crispy chicken Mid Valley review-004

4fingers crispy chicken Mid Valley-003

BFF burger - 4fingers. eat when hot

tofu salad 4fingers

At the end of it, after many accompanied burps of satisfaction, my top pick for a meal at 4Fingers remained for the HOT flavoured drumsticks.
These folks at 4Fingers had certainly done their market research. They did away with the breast, which will never accumulate much fans anyways and focused on the wings and drumsticks.
Who doesn’t enjoy a good succulent drumstick or wing really? Or SIX (6)?

4fingers crispy chicken Mid Valley-002

The Chicken Katsu Sandwich came in a close second as my favourite.
Each order is in pairs (RM15.90 for 2) and I can assure you that it is filling if you ate both at one go.

This is recommended for those who love the combo of fried meat with sauce in their sandwiches. There aren’t much meat (the filling is not a whole piece of chicken), but a handful of crispy battered chicken bits with a generous scoop of kimchi coleslaw (kimslaw) which provided the moistness this delectable snack pocket needs.
The buns are alike mantou, crusty on the outer & pillowy soft inside.

4fingers crispy chicken Mid Valley review-001

With such quality controls, 4Fingers almost cult-like success in Singapore is understandable. A Singaporean brand launched in 2009, they had since launched 6 stores in Singapore in merely 18 months. This November 2015 sees the fruition of their first outlet in Malaysia, which is in Mid Valley.
By 2018, fans can look forward to the opening of 20 outlets in Malaysia.

Thank you 4Fingers for providing us the satisfaction of biting into crispy-skin fried chicken with natural meat juices seeping out in every chew!

Rebecca saw - 4Fingers crispy chicken

It was a good opportunity to be one of the first bunch of Malaysians to be at 4Fingers Malaysia launch. I’ll be back for more Hot drumsticks soon!

4Fingers Crispy Chicken Malaysia
LG-074A, Lower Ground Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall, 59200
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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