4 Occasions to Celebrate on a Luxurious Harbor Cruise

Are you stuck floating in the endless fanciful promises for your dream occasion experience? It’s the best option of choosing a luxurious harbor cruise for sure!
Setting the dreamy sea as its own master, the Royal Albatross, the super-yacht equipped with its 21st-century glamor, has more to offer than myriads of joyful voyage and explorations.

Here are the great offers for your wonderful occasion set up:

Birthday Party Treats

Birthdays do come once in a year, so who would want to let it slide just like that? Here at Royal Albatross, you don’t need to chase extraordinary moments to happen. You don’t have to be super busy with the preparations. They do it for you.
If you’re otherwise the one to throw a surprise celebration, the ship showcases excellent package deals from special wax-sealed gift cards, lovely bouquets, and luscious cakes to a majestic sailing under the sunset, you ought to have them all in a few clicks.

A Grand “Say Yes” Deal

Your pocket needs not only your courage and a ring.
For one true love of yours, everything should be in place, particularly to be stunningly perfect.
She’ll be offering a significant decision; thus, this entails a situation planned with grandeur. This state-of-the-art yacht guarantees incredible packages.

Privacy, romantic view, live entertainment and a big bonus of her “yes”- all of these that you can avail when you wish to try their most romantic packages that can leave her teary-eyed with joy. If you think she’s that adventure seeking, climbing the Main Mast which is 21 m above the sea level while on board, one of the unique and thrilling offerings of Singapore’s only tall ship, is a good pick.
After the exciting Eye-in-the-Sea experience, grab her to the peak of getting on your knees and let her believe in forever.

An extra-special “Tie-the-Knot” Day

Marching towards her prince charming is probably every girl’s dream. Finally, the long wait is over.
That big day, the most awaited part of one’s life should happen in a beyond unimaginable perfection. Royal Albatross makes this easier for yours to become a reality. Not only in savory cuisines that they are called masters but also in setting up your desired wedding solemnization, reception venue, as well as wedding consultation and other wedding packages that every couple would love.

Isn’t it a picture-perfect scene to experience a once in a blue moon occasion while on a delightful voyage in this one dynamic space?

Company’s Day Out

Exhausted of everyday paper work?
Singapore’s tall ship cruise creates the royalty ambience that is perfect for a stress-free day. Ranging from restaurants which offer delightful signature menu, bars for exquisite relaxation, grand salons that are fully air-conditioned and recreational activities that release toxicity from work, these are the splendid services you can enjoy on your day away from work.

Thus, to make your rare occasions special, magnify it by making it beyond what’s usual. And this is the specialty of the Royal Albatross!

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