3rd Penang Floggers Gathering – a night of gluttony & comradeship

I was excited like a kid for this. My first ever floggers’ gathering!
Finally I’m able to associate a face to the writers of the blogs I have been following, and getting to meet and speak to them in person was a real treat indeed to a newbie blogger like me..

Potluck was the theme, and each flogger showed great culinary prowess with their contributions to the dinner table.

First up -Sushi by CK Lam.
Tastewise, can put Sushi King to shame ;o) …but seriously, if she opens a Jap restaurant and serve such sushi, sure go bankrupt! So generous laden with “liow”(not much rice but brimming with fillings) ;p

Spicy cantonese pork ribs – simmered and lovingly prepared for 4 hours by Ken of Foodpoi.com

He came bearing “gifts” like a Santa – packets and packets of premium meaty sausages and a whole chicken stuffed with a fat (what else?) sausage.

Creativity was the game that night for Criz Lai. My my my.. the amount of time that went into this masterpiece. The piece de resistance of the night!

It got the most attention and flashes of the camera.

Each of his 3 ‘seasons’ came with self identifying tags.
This is my fav. Tender pork strips, fruity and slightly sweet. What a palate pleaser!
Even the jackfruit strips itself tasted different as it has absorbed the sauce of the dish.

The spicy chic and abalone salad lived up to its description of spicy! I would think it would be more aptly described as fiery.
Do visit Criz’s post as he has kindly shared the ingredients he used for these dishes.

The salsa salad by Gill, for padding our conscience cos of all the meaty dishes.

Fruits, by yours truly. Hehe.. I have heard so much of the Australian mangoes; been fascinated by the skin colour as well as the size. So I thought that would make a bit of difference to the normal palate of fruits.

It was good alright, the flesh was firm, really sweet and juicy.

This was unexpected! The famous Hakka dish of abacus “seeds” with yam (Suan Pan Ji).
A savoury item with chinese dried cuttlefish strips, minced pork and wood fungus.

Kimchi fried rice by the all-famous Steven Goh. Nice balance of spiciness and sour from the kimchi; though mild. Rice was fluffy with well separated grains.

Lingzie’s late entrance, really rich and luscious cheese brownies. Hats off to her for the perfect balance of cheese and chocolate. It wasn’t cloying. It wasn’t sticky and hard. Top was the marbled effect of cheese and chocolate. Bottom is soft layer of rich choco brownie. Finger licking good!

Lemon/Lime Pie.
The first impact hit me face-on (or rather, should I say right in the mouth?) as the sourness shot through my tastebuds to my head akin the wasabi effect!). Really sour, top was a blend of lime juice, condensed milk and egg yolks. Great to give your sluggish system an electrifying jolt after the oily and heavy dishes we had!

Digestives lined the bottom. served chilled. Enjoy it with a good dollop of whipped cream for good measure!

Drinks was lemonade with Pomegranates by Jason and Gill. Another feeble attempt to wash off the oil lining up along our arteries.. LOL
They prepared the Cheese fondue as well. The taste of the kirsch in the fondue mix was very strong, even to the point of masking the cheese for me. I couldn’t attempt another morsel dipped into it.

The fondue, all the way from Europe..Quite an international affair we had yeah?

The others enjoyed the fondue, coating roasted pork,baguette, prawns (yup, prawns..), sausages with the thick gooey cheese.

Lilian of PenangFaces outdid herself with the homebaked focacia- like bread thins, spread with cream cheese and rolled fresh salmon, seasoned with lemon (I think) Nice..

Allen’s 1st attempt at making mashed potato. Many thanks to him for the effort. It came with a warning “Don’t complain ahhh” just as my spoon was about to descend to the dish.. Heh..
It was definitely creamy, with very rich buttery taste. Smooth too, I wonder how long it took him to make it so? ;p.
Too bad he omitted the salt..and the pepper..and the sour cream..

So sweet of Criz to give us each a souvenir – a pair of chopsticks nicely cocooned in a pretty case. Very apt for foodies like us!


Roasted chic – courtesy of Ken of Foodpoi.com. Came frozen and grilled on location in Gill’s oven.

Enough la! Already dead somemore kena torture lagi!

One of the many variety of pork sausages by Ken. This one came completely raw. Didn’t managed to get a shot of the BBQ-ed version, it was that swiftly devoured! Very juicy, as Ken, Jason and myself can attest to, for our first bite got the liquid squirting out and it literally burned our tongues!

I truly enjoyed myself, for it was a night of great company, laughter, fun and absolutely fanta-licious food, (especially so since each dish was personally prepared by each of the flogger) and I’m already looking forward to the upcoming 4th Penang Floggers Gathering (tentatively) in Feb!

Thanks to Lingzie, the organiser, Jason and Gill for being the host and everyone else who came! Great knowing you guys!

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    I was wondering who took my Ms Orange Tomato Head home now… LOL! Anyway, it’s great to meet up with you and the rest at the gathering. Well, I’m still resting for the time being after a hectic food preparation.. but am really looking forward to meeting up with you at the next gathering. 🙂

    No more fruits this time, cook up something from the kitchen.. haha 😛


  2. thenomadGourmand

    Criz: Hahaa..It was great meeting u too!
    the nx gathering not gonna be potluck again i hope! Everybody seems exhausted!

  3. email2me

    Nice meeting you …. At first I thought this blog is written by a guy …. lol …. now I know is a gal.

    So you a KL food blogger also …. hehehe …. same as me ….

  4. thenomadGourmand

    email2me: ehh..which part of my blog made u think i boy ahh?? ;p
    Yup, KL..but definitely not as pro as u!

  5. gill gill

    Luckily you were there to helping me up, if not i kena balik at 3am…heee

    Thank you for such variety of fruits, especially the Australian Mango x 3, already cost a lot…heee

    Yea, everyone seems exhausted…probably we’re already OLD, lol

  6. thenomadGourmand

    gill gill: No prob..u guys took the resp of preparing so many stuffs!
    Now everyone realized popping food into the mouth so much easier than the preparation!

  7. Steven Goh

    Wah… fast on track and with all the great shots around. Anyway, nice to meet you Rebecca. Next time don’t just bring fruit, cook some for us. I am looking forward to taste your cook.

  8. Dragon

    wow, u fast huh!!! too bad i was not well on that day. nice to meet u and we did chit chat like we knew for years. hahaha.

    aiya….. cannot leave comment as others name one. 🙁

    allenooi from Yummy Station.

  9. thenomadGourmand

    hello Steven! yes yes..borrow me ur kitchen nx time when i’m back ya!
    Allen: ya loorr..we Pg-lang very friendly one..haha

  10. J2Kfm

    that’s so cool. potluck, where everybody turned that chef inside up a notch.

    i’m pathetic when it comes to kitchen sessions. i’ll be glad to bring fruits just like you did. =)

  11. Selba

    Wow.. so many food!!! And how nice to be in the floggers gathering.. I wish I could be there 😀

    The choopstick souvenir is so cute, I want.. I want… hehehe…

  12. thenomadGourmand

    J2Kfm: yup, gd excuse I used since I comin frm KL ..hahha
    Selba: Mark ur calendar for end of Feb n come to Msia. Extend ur stay n I’ll bring u ard KL ok!

  13. Lingzie

    soli ha i was sooo late and had to make you guys wait for me. 🙁

    it was really great to finally meet you (though everyone seems to have the misconception that you’re a guy!) must really catch up with you more in the next gathering!

  14. Selba

    There’ll be another floggers gatherin in February? That’s so cool!!!

    I would love to be there! And seriously you’ll bring me around KL? Yipeeee… *so excited*

    Ok.. ok.. I will try my best to be there… need to adjust with my working schedule… let me know more about the details, ok 🙂

  15. CK Lam

    Glad that you manage to join us in this gathering. Hope to see you again in the next one too.

    Thanks again for the juicy fruits 🙂

  16. thenomadGourmand

    Lingzie: I know! Where did that misconception come from?? No worries, u made up for ur Malaysian time arrival by the decadent choco brownies!;p
    Yess..see u again in Feb, or do let me know if ur in KL!
    Selba: Yup it’s tentative in feb. And I promise to bring u ard when ur in KL 😉
    CK: Thks for ur tips on the blogging..and the ride back ;p
    Hope to learn more frm u!

  17. cariso

    Hope to meet u next time! 🙂

  18. thenomadGourmand

    cariso: yeahh..i heard a lot abt ya 😉 But too bad u couldnt make it this time. Feb then?

  19. 550ml jar of faith

    It was really a great gathering… really wish I didn’t have to chau so early! Good to have met you Rebecca!

  20. thenomadGourmand

    550ml JOF: nvermind nvrmd,we can go still makan in KL right??

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    I can’t read your page in Safair 5.3, just figured I might tell you abotu it.

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    I’ve subscribed to your blog

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    oops, I think I saw this in another blog

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