2016 Mooncakes by Conrad Centennial Singapore!

Upping my game from the annual Malaysian mooncakes research, I will be focusing on the mooncake varieties from the Lion City – Singapore this year!

And just for Conrad, I’ll be offering complimentary (yes, no charges) hand-carry service from SG to KL.
Just because I love Conrad that much. 🙂

conrad mooncakes 2016 - snowskin and baked

As you know I travel to SG often so if you are serious about getting your hands on these exquisite mooncakes, drop me a message on fb.com/RebeccaSawBlog and I’ll let you know my schedule.
You would have to pick up from TTDI as I won’t be able to deliver to anyone directly. You can opt to use NeonRunner (use my codeNEONS9M5” for RM20 off!) or GoGet if you can’t pick them up personally.

So, here goes, the varieties that I’ve tasted from Conrad.

conrad mooncakes 2016 - snowskin and baked -002

I’ll highlight the snowskin range first as these are the ones that I felt were out-of-the-ordinary from the snowskin variants offered here in KL.

I have come to realize over the years that alcoholic mooncakes are much sought-after.
One was due to the fact that many hotels (which forms the bulk of the mooncakes sale with their pretty packaging) are halal-certified and pork/alcohol free.
Likewise other independent mooncake suppliers and makers are steer away from liquor variety to in hopes to secure better sales, as being pork/alcohol-free is a big factor in Malaysia.

Conrad Singapore Snowskin Mooncake Selection 2016: 

Conrad Singapore Snowskin Mooncake Selection 2016

But there are some of us who love alcohol in anything, mooncakes included.
So other than a limited number of outlets to buy alcoholic mooncakes from, you can be like me, order them from Singapore!

Conrad 2016 mooncake range offers 2 alcohol-infused mini snowskin mooncakes – Champagne and Strawberry and Rum and Raisin, in addition to two other new non-alcoholic flavours – Cranberry Cheese and Green Tea with White Chocolate.

conrad mooncakes 2016 - snowskin and baked -001

With a decadent champagne flavour comes an equally decadent packaging in the form of a luxurious treasure box in Velvet Red, Luxe Gold, and a limited edition Antique Gold, with subtle floral print.
I’m a collector of mooncake boxes and after holding them in my hands, I loved the solid feel and luxe image presented when gifting family, associates and friends with one of these.
The design is timeless, the colors elegant and there are no compartments within so it is perfect as a storage box, or to be reuse as a gift box.

Conrad Singapore Mooncake Gold Box with Snowskin 2016

Conrad Singapore Mooncake boxes 2016_1

Tastewise my picks are the Strawberry Champagne and Green Tea with Chocolate.
The Rum and Raisin is a classic too, though the rum flavour were pretty much limited to raisins.

BELOWStrawberry Champagne.

conrad mooncakes 2016 - snowskin and baked -005

BELOW: Cranberry Cheese.


BELOW: Green Tea with White Chocolate.

conrad mooncakes 2016 - snowskin and baked -004

BELOW: Top – Rum and Raisin.

conrad snowskin mooncakes 2016

For the traditional variants I would commend these mooncakes for their low sugar and low oil properties.
Picking them up with my hands, these mooncakes doesn’t leave greasy residue on my fingers and I was able to devour quite a bit without going on sugar high.
My pick of the lot is the Traditional Baked with Mixed Nuts. Those who doesn’t fancy wintermelon would be pleased to know that the offending wintermelon scent is non-existent in this one.


Other traditional choices are the Traditional Baked Double Yolk Mooncake, Traditional Baked Single Yolk Mooncake and the Sweet Potato Filo Pastry Mooncake.

Conrad Singapore Sweet Potato Filo Pastry Mooncake

Conrad Singapore Traditional Baked Double Yolk Mooncake 2016

conrad mooncakes 2016 - snowskin and baked -006

Conrad Singapore Traditional Baked Single Yolk Mooncake 2016

For orders you can surf over to http://connoisseur.sg/assets/pdf/Conrad_Mooncake-OrderingForm.pdf and place your order or place them though me.

Do bear in mind that champagne snowskin has a light champagne taste, discernible, but do not expect it to be as strong as say, rum.




Classic Favourites PCS PER BOX PRICE S$

(before GST)

纯 正 白 莲 蓉 月 饼

Traditional Baked with White Lotus Paste


4 64.00
传 统 五 仁 月 饼

Traditional Baked with Mixed Nuts


4 72.00
单 黄 白 莲 蓉 月 饼

Traditional Baked with Single Yolk in White Lotus Paste


4 69.00
双 黄 白 莲 蓉 月 饼

Traditional Baked with Double Yolk in White Lotus Paste


4 72.00
金 牡 丹 精 选 四 喜月 饼

Golden Peony Traditional Baked Treasures

(combination of Traditional Baked mooncakes, 1 piece per flavour)


4 69.50
金 牡 丹 精 选 双 宝月 饼

Golden Peony Traditional Baked Delights

(combination of 2 pieces Single and Double Yolk each)


4 69.50
Signature Mini Snowskins PCS PER BOX PRICE S$

(before GST)

绿 茶 白 巧 克 力 冰 皮 月 饼

Green Tea with White Chocolate


8 64.00
奶 酪 蔓 越 莓 冰 皮 月 饼

Cranberry Cheese


8 64.00
朗 姆 酒 葡 萄 干 冰 皮 月饼

Rum and Raisin (contains alcohol)


8 64.00
香 槟 草 莓 冰 皮 月 饼

Champagne and Strawberry (contains alcohol)


8 64.00
金 牡 丹 精 选 八 福 冰 皮 月 饼

Golden Peony Snowskin Treasures

(combination of Mini Snowskins, 2 pieces per flavour)


8 64.00
Golden Peony Signature PCS PER BOX PRICE S$

(before GST)

迷 你 酥 皮 金 薯月 饼

Sweet Potato in Crispy Filo Pastry


8 64.00

Credit Card Discounts :

Citibank, UOB and HSBC cardmembers enjoy the following discounts at The Terrace:

  • Early bird 20% discount, August 1 to 15, 2016
  • 15% discount, August 15 to September 15, 2016

 Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid at The Terrace only with minimum 2 boxes purchase.
  • Not valid at Conrad Mooncake Counters at Takashimaya, VivoCity and NEX.
  • Not valid in conjunction with other promotions, discounts, offers, privilege cards or vouchers unless otherwise stated.

When / Where: 

Venue Location Dates Time
The Terrace Conrad Centennial Singapore,

Lobby Level

August 1 to September 15, 2016 10am to 8pm
Ngee Ann City Takashimaya Square, B2 August 13 to September 15, 2016 10am to 10pm
Millenia Walk North Galleria August 16 to September 15, 2016 11am to 8pm
VivoCity Central Court, Level 1 August 16 to September 14, 2016 10am to 10pm
Nex Shopping Mall Atrium, Level 1 August 29 to September 15, 2016 10.30am to 10pm


For orders or enquiries, please visit www.connoisseur.sg, call +65 6432 7486/7 or 8322 0129, or email [email protected].

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