15sheets : Telawi 2 Bangsar – 1st anniversary sale & Summer 2014 launch

UPDATE: Winner of the giveaway: Mr LOGAN!
Do email me at [email protected] to arrange for the item to be sent to you! Thank you everyone for taking part! 🙂


So much simpler than dressing a woman right?

Pants. shirt, shoes.
That’s the very basic but it’s mortifying how some men who walk the streets of PJ/KL allow themselves to be so sloppy with their shabby clothing.
How difficult is it to don a clean shirt, pressed pants and decent shoes? Why the wrinkled, ill-fitting clothes and the seen-better-days footwear?
On the other hand, there are the minority of men that take pride in their wardrobe. Always fashionably dressed, whatever that’s on their body fits and they carry themselves with confident.

Whichever you are, you should be checking out 15sheets on Telawi 2 in Bangsar.


15sheets is the brainchild of Mr Yang who takes a stand against commercialization and generics of the men’s fashion scene.
“Men’s fashion is about fit, comfort, styling and detailing“, he said.


Well, I couldn’t agree more. While accessories are fine, it is possible to be individualistic even with the basics of shirt, pants and shoes.

At 15sheets each piece are produced in limited quantities and are carefully selected to suit most occasions; be it to be worn with a suit or as casual off day attire.
Fashion at 15sheets are defined as INDIVIDUAL, unbound by rules or conformity.
And thus, the brand offers the basic to what every men require; beginning with the clothing and footwear, and then moving on to the accessories of ties, bow-ties, pocket squares, shoe laces to bags and even notebooks.

Since I have no male figure in my life, I hardly ever shopped for menswear. But I do know style and quality when I see it.


I spent hours in 15sheets today, poking around at the shirts on the hangers, flipping open the wallets and helping my fellow male friends select their purchases.
As I unearth more items in the store the more I realized the abundance of variety and styles 15sheets offers.


Seeking something simple? 15sheets has them in tons.

Solid colours. Be it light or dark, the colour wheel and its many possible shades are well represented here.


Every guy’s safe bet – stripes.


Sometimes they like to be cute so here’s the plaids and checkered.


Fun with polka dots? Sure, why not! 🙂


So you fancy yourself the adventurous type? Well, not a problem.
From quirky prints (but never loud or distasteful) to soft colours and unique materials, 15sheets stocks them.

15 Sheets

15 Sheets - Telawi 2 Bangsar -005



No clue on dressing up? No cause for concern please; because the attentive staff in the outlet are more than happy to assist.

15 Sheets - Telawi 2 Bangsar - 1st anniversary sale Summer 2014 launch 2

I’m impressed with the cuts, materials and colours available for pants here. There should a pair for men of any shape or size.



Same goes for t-shirts.


And let’s not forget the shoes.




Lastly, accessorize if you must.





To complete your look, opt for any of the versatile laptop sleeves and roomy, structured bags.

rebecca saw - 15 sheets (1)


rebecca saw - 15 sheets (2)

The store goes a step further and provides the men toys as well as functional living items quintessential to the modern men to complement their home.

15 Sheets - Telawi 2 Bangsar - 1st anniversary sale Summer 2014 launch


15 Sheets - Telawi 2 Bangsar -003

After all that shopping, hang up that shopping bag and chill with a cup of tea or coffee at the Espresso Bar.

15 Sheets - Telawi 2 Bangsar -002

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*Field Notes

*DIBI * Ivy Prepster * Stolen Riches *Orchill *MRKT

*Magisso * PO

Now here’s the BEST news. I’m giving away this smart, structured laptop bag worth RM230 to ONE lucky reader!

rebecca saw - 15 sheets (1)
Win this in 2 easy steps:
1. LIKE https://www.facebook.com/15sheets – show local entrepreneurs some love! 
2. Leave a comment here – What is your favourite item from 15sheets? The pants? The bags? The wallets?

Winner to be announced on Friday, 20th June 2014, 12pm.  Good luck peeps! 😀


GF, 9 Jalan Telawi 2
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon – Sun: 11:00am – 9:00pm
Phone: 03-2201 3760
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.15sheets.com

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  1. faris

    I love the bag because it’s look interesting and simple

  2. Cleffairy

    Sobs…these days whenever I see the word sale…I really wanna cry. I’m turning shopaholic and my pocket is crying.

    Neway…my favourite item from 15sheets would be those bags with striking colours. Definitely the thing you wanna have if you wanna stand out in the crowd. Fashionably striking and functional. I loiiikkkkeee!

  3. Teo Nguan Meng

    My favourite item from 15sheets is pant for its plenty of choices about design, color and material :p

  4. Ho Li Yoke

    I’m Loving the shoes.. Who doesnt love smart and dressy shoes..Especially that blue suede shoe!


  5. Laurent

    Great shop for the boyz…

    Loved the pants and the shirts… And the accessories.. And the shoes also.. And..

  6. Ying

    I <3 their dress laces! It's hard to find such colourful and wide variety of dress laces else where!

  7. Kelvin Gan

    Yes i agree with you!
    They have got a wide selection and different range of styles.
    What catch my eyes are their shoes.. just lovely! I want em all..
    Shoes shoes shoes…

  8. Alex

    I’m actually quite excited at the fact that this newly opened local store is focused on menswear. You’re quite right Becky, it is so easy to dress a man than it is to dress a woman but unfortunately most men take it for granted and the end results are horrifying. Good thing my dad highly prioritizes self-grooming and making sure he looks sophisticated wherever he goes – which says a lot about a man in just one look, at least that’s what it taught me. (Especially now that I’m in London, you see all the men looking darn good and all well-dressed, you can’t help but wished EVERY MAN would just take a little time, put in a bit of effort to look…presentable, at the very least!)

    Now I know where to go to get gifts for Dad. Doesn’t help that he is such a stickler when it comes to looking good that we’ve all ran out of ideas to surprise/please him. Thanks for the review & recommendation, Becky! 😀

    Oh since I am here, I might as well try my luck!

    My favourite item from 15sheets (because I have been browsing online hehehe) has to be their shoes! Casual, smart casual, formal shoes – they’re all looking very good. I have to say, sometimes men can be well-dressed…or so you thought, until you look at their shoes and then *facepalm*. LOL . Also because my dad is a shoe fanatic, I tend to look at men’s shoes first before I browse other things hehehe. Hoping to visit this store when I come back! 🙂 xx

    (Oh I just realized I’ve been rambling on and on ahaha, oops!)

  9. Hoe Yau Tuck

    I love their shirts because unique materials, styling and the most important comfort. Comfort always will be my first choice..

  10. Angelina

    Wallets. I’m always looking for good wallets for my bf. Gonna drop by the shop soon.

  11. George Lim

    Nice post especially for men! 🙂

    When I saw the laptop hand carry bag, immediately I made a mental note. Wham! I need that bag for work to break the stereotypical view of me being a geek among my high fashion conscious office colleagues. While I’m at it, I don’t mind stocking up some great looking shirts for work too! Time to dress to kill, at least not literately. Haha.

  12. Marcus Low

    The colorful shoelaces! Never came across so many vibrant colors to style up!

  13. Angie Ng

    I love their bags because it is simple yet elegant, fashionable and smart.

  14. Lee keat yen

    I love the shoes! The colors are young, the designs are cool, casual and trendy at the same time. My hubby will love them!

  15. Logan

    A gem! Finally.. a fashion venture tat’s focused on men.
    I have to meet this Mr Yang. I assume he’s well dressed of course?
    A men’s specialised store in what we men need, and also a grooming course. Not just any grooming course but one that allows men to walk in, admit that he may need some guidance in the fashion department (maybe even hair, facial grooming, and fitness) and not be intimidated with the “need to buy”.
    Mr Yang should leverage on his current expertise and set up monthly meet -u ps- no pressure to shop, but those who came must at least buy coffee and “donate any amount you like for a chosen charity” and hell, I’m sure there wil be many of those men who woudln’t mind just strolling in, have a cuppa and listen to the “talk” by Mr Yang.

    Ok, now on to the contest:

    THE SHOES of course. Not only ladies love their heels you know? 🙂
    I believe while the shirts and pants may be the basics, a pair of shoe is the finale that complete the outfit. In fact, it could even be the “one thing” that stands out!

  16. Ivana

    Bags!!! They always catch my attention first. It’s so practical and suitable for daily use whether it is for work or school!

  17. Christopher Lee

    I love their shoes because they give me the comfort and style I desire, the support and design I require and the elegant and smart lifestyle we admire, serving me with a smile!

  18. Emily

    I love the no-frills items for the home. Clean cut, fit any home setting and decoration. No headache induced!

  19. Hareena

    I have seen this store before and I love the fact that they have so many choices for men. Be it from classics to the quirky but I must say I love the fact that they have all those colorful laces for men’s dress shoes. All black is boring and that little bit of color brings zest and life to an boring black dress shoe. 🙂 🙂

  20. Jessica

    Definitely the bag as it’s unisex… not only me can use it… my bro, my dad and anyone else can use it and still be stylish at anytime, anywhere and any occasion.

  21. Mei Yun

    The bags of course! Bright, colourful and most of all, can be for unisex use 😉

  22. Ruby.MY

    Hi Becky,

    My favourite item from 15sheets is the bags because the combination of color, canvas and design are simple but yet exclusive. The bag size suitable to put my macbook, easy to carry around without any people notice what actually in the bag. Hehehe.

  23. Norman Goh

    Finally, a men’s specialised store! It’s quite common for me to see these when I was working in Singapore before relocating back to Malaysia. Great shots Becky! Looks trendy and looks like my next stop for splurging to update my wardrobe!

    Gonna head there this weekend! Where exactly is it?

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