11street x Mr Dakgalbi – Speed eating challenge!!!

Who knew that mozzarella cheese would pair so well with Korean food?
The creaminess mellows out the strong marinade of the meat, and the super stretchy cheese was so much fun to eat!

If you have not enjoyed dakgalbi before, you do not know what you’re missing out!

If you have, then you should try it with CHEESE, more so if you are a cheese lover.

The dakgalbi -eating experience is one of muhibbah-ness (togetherness). It isn’t quite possible to finish a platter of dakgalbi on your own, well, unless you’re like ME. Or .

We were challenged to finish a serving of dakgalbi meant for 3-4 pax on our own and being the good sport that we are, we took up the challenge instantly.
However, we agreed to split the portion into 2, and start the challenge to see WHO CAN FINISH their portion FASTEST!

Our set was the Cheese Ring Dakgalbi by Mr Dakgalbi. It consist of marinated chicken, vegetables, a ring of cheese and broccoli with kimchi, noodles and rice on the side.

Dakgalbi a natively communal dish that’s shared among a small, intimate group of people. Naturally it stimulates conversation and thus ideal as a shared meal for family and friends.
The raw ingredients are brought to your table which allow you to watch in anticipation as it gets cooked (while you salivate) by the wait staff.
Every element are stirred consistently as they cook – the crunchy vegetables to the squishy rice cakes that absorb all the glorious sauce and of course, the well marinated chicken meat.

Essentially Dakgalbi is meat plus lots of my favourite vegetables and rice cakes in gochujang (Korean chili paste) sauce. The whole combination spells out ADDICTIVE to me!

But the best part for many is the addition of carbs at the end of the meal. Personally I prefer rice over noodles. Whatever it is, once added and mixed together with the chicken, vegetables and sauce leftovers it would still be delicious!

Last but not least – guess who WON the challenge?
Me? Hadi?

WATCH and you will know!

If you would like to enjoy a great Dakgalbi meal at a value for money price, check out this voucher from 11street.
This RM91 voucher would entitle you to claim RM100 equivalent of food which frankly is value added to an already value for money meal!

There are many Mr Dakgalbi branches so location shouldn’t be an issue.
Claiming the voucher is straightforward as well since no printout is required. Plus there is NO restrictions to dates or time or holidays. In addition to that, each voucher is valid for a very reasonable number of 60 DAYS after purchase. I’m pretty sure you will be able to schedule a meal in 60 days.

As Mr Dakgalbi is PORK-FREE, it is a meal that can be enjoyed by all!

Convinced? Here’s the link to purchase : 

IMPORTANT: MUST present e-voucher before orders are made.
• Redeemable Daily: 11am – 10pm (including Public Holidays)
• Cash voucher can be used to cover GST. Restaurant no service charge.
• E-voucher can be combined for more value.
• Valid for dine in only.
• Pork free restaurant.

• No bookings required. Walk-in for redemption.
• Show your 11street Mobile App for redemption. No printed e-voucher required.

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  1. Sean EDKL

    12 minutes is a very impressive time in finishing that portion! i think i’d need at least 20 minutes! 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      20 mins is not bad Sean! 😀 What we did was just gulp down everything at the last part! lol

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