10 days in Melbourne #BeckyinOzzie

Thank you to Tourism Australia & tourism Victoria for the superb itinerary as below; all 10 days of it!

Anyone has any other places to recommend or any particular activity/things to eat/buy at any of the places i’m visiting?? 😉
Feedback & recommendation appreciated!

Day 1: Arrival & Melbourne City – here!
Day 2: Yarra Valley & Domaine Chandon – here!
Day 3: Rochford Winery & Phillip Island – here!
Day 4: San Remo & Churchill Island – here!
Day 5: The Chocolate Factory & Sunny Ridge – here!
Day 6: Horse riding & Peninsula Hot Springs – here!
Day 7: South Yarra & Deck of Secrets – here!
Day 8: Walking tour & shark walk at Melbourne Aquarium – here!
Day 9: Departure. Bye bye Melbourne! – here!
Day 10 – Hello Malaysia! Roti canai & Nasi Lemak, come to mama! 😉

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  1. Caroline

    safe trip babe! and i know u going to have a blast for this trip! everything seems so great! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha! Got to work as well k! Need to blog 😉

  2. Baldwin

    Great itinerary!
    U’ve got the places covered quite well. U can actually do Phillip & Churchill island in a day. Remember to stay for the penguins around 8pm.

    Enjoy the pies at Miss Marples..though service is quite slow, but its worth the wait.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup yup! This is actually a sponsored trip by Tourism Aust & Victoria so they planned it out for us all!

  3. Michelle Chin

    Melbourne Aquarium is not too far Crown Casino. 🙂 If you have a chance to walk over, give it a look. 🙂

    1. Rebecca

      Hahaha.. it’s in the first day’s itinerary babe!
      And now here i am skippin it for a good night’s rest in the hotel room & replyin your comment ;p

    1. Rebecca

      OOHHHOHOHOH warehouse!!! Yayayaya!! ;p
      Thks fr the heads up!

  4. augustdiners

    wahahaha my strongest area! mornington is really lovely for hot air balloon or sky diving!

    1. Rebecca

      Yup! I do hope all will turn out as planned. Cos they said it might be cancelled if it rains! * thinks positive *

  5. augustdiners

    oh and please do me a favor and drown yourself at yarra valley?
    I’m talking in the alcoholic sense. Ahhh u’re so lucky babe! i have to wait till my turn in MAY! sooo farrr awayyyyy

    1. Rebecca

      How long will u be back in May?
      Oh yes yes, I will be visitng wineries there so wine tasting is definitely in the itinerary! 😉

  6. melyien

    very nice & well-planned itinerary! perfect for reference. Thanks for the awesome info! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      It’s planned by the Tourism Aust & Tourism victoria so they got it all covered! and yea, you can use it too as a guideline for your trip :yes:

  7. Thanks for placing the vanues’ names for different kinds of activities. I am specially interested in day 6 activity ‘Horse riding’ and peninsula. Nice one.

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