Yu Lin morning market in Chengdu, China

On the last day of our Chengdu trip, we had a late start to the day. I took advantage of the free time to visit the morning market. My guide Zhu kindly provided the address and forewarned me that the taxi fare from my hotel to Yu Lin market shouldn’t cost more than 15 RMB (RM7.50).

And thus I was up by 4am, finished a blogpost (one has to be disciplined even on a holiday) and ambled out to the front road of the hotel for a cab. I realized after 5 days here that it’s difficult to get around Chengdu or Shanghai (this is my personal opinion after my Shanghai trip earlier this year) if you do not know Mandarin. No wonder I don’t see many backpackers/foreign lone travelers around. It is definitely more advisable to stick to tours with an English speaking guide if you do not know Mandarin.

yu lin market chengdu air asia x

Even getting a taxi was difficult. I clutched my paper on which my guide Zhu has written in Mandarin the name of the market tightly in my hand.  Still, I had to seek the help of the hotel staff to flag a cab for me and to explain to the driver where I wanted to go. Once I was in the cab I thought my worries were over til he started asking me questions that insinuate that there might be trouble.

Chengdu - Morning Market-002

yu lin market chengdu air asia x -001

His expression and hand gestures seemed to communicate that he didn’t know exactly where the market is. I was shocked but I didn’t how to reply so I kept pointing to my paper. He seem to gesture that we have reached, and even stopped his taxi and asked me to get down. I looked around and didn’t see anyone nor a bustling wet market so I refused to budge.

Below: Empty streets and shops are still closed. I’m not getting down here!

Chengdu - Morning Market-006

I pointed at my paper once again and sat back on my seat. He grunted, then started to round the block again. He stopped soon after and gestured to a building. I looked around and saw some people walking out with bags of fresh vegetables and decided that this should be it. I handed over 15 RMB (he didn’t use a meter) and came down from the cab. I looked around, and followed towards the direction of where the uncles and aunties were heading to on foot and bicycle.

Chengdu - Morning Market-126

Soon I saw stalls on the sidewalk and motorcycles peddling fresh goods. I walked on, hoping that this is not just it. I’m looking for a REAL, big scale market, not some stalls on the side of the road!

Chengdu - Morning Market-052

And then I spied a 2 storey building. The smell, the wet floor around me and the din says “wet market” through and through. I grinned and quicken my pace.

Chengdu - Morning Market-125

On the outer parameter shops like these does a roaring business selling edible/cooked ingredients/food. There are mostly pau (steam buns) shops, followed by roasted meat, cooked meat, pancakes and soy bean drinks.

Chengdu - Morning Market-120

Rabbit meat is popular here. 🙂

Chengdu - Morning Market-121

Yes, these are all rabbits!

Chengdu - Morning Market-122

Chop chop chop! “A bird or 2 for you miss?

Chengdu - Morning Market-123


Don’t fret if you don’t fancy these swift footed creatures, there are chicken available for the rabbits lovers (the type who likes their rabbits alive).

Chengdu - Morning Market-119

And ducks.

Chengdu - Morning Market-045

At one of the stalls I found these corn cakes.

Chengdu - Morning Market-009

Only 2 RMB (RM1) for 3. Fluffy, greasy as hell but tasted quite nice.

Chengdu - Morning Market-010

It is made, well, from corn freshly ground on premise.

Chengdu - Morning Market-012

The batter is poured into these moulds and then both steamed and pan-fried in oil. Once the batter sets the moulds are taken out and the cakes are left to fry for a bit more on the pan for crispy sides.

Chengdu - Morning Market-011

A bagful of corn cakes in hand, I strolled down the rest of the shops. The long queue for this shop caught my curiosity immediately.

Chengdu - Morning Market-027

Young and old all queuing for?

Chengdu - Morning Market-028

A quick peek revealed a tiny but orderly “open kitchen’ within and a variety of almost 4-5 types of pau on sale. Seeing that this is a local market and having a queue of locals aunties and uncles somewhat testifies that this is worth the wait. And thus I joined the queue! 😉

Chengdu - Morning Market-030

Chengdu - Morning Market-031

The buns are cheap; the plain ones going for 1 RMB and meat ones for 1.5 to 2 RMB.

Chengdu - Morning Market-032

Chengdu - Morning Market-029

Size-wise it is as big as our buns here in KL but with more substantial filling.

Chengdu - Morning Market-039

Unfortunately the meat one turned out a bit too salty while the vegetable one was a plain with some sprinkle of greens.

Chengdu - Morning Market-040

I strolled on, peeping into every shop and was tempted into buying almost anything edible on sight. Crispy rolls, oily pancakes, more steamed buns; heck this is what the locals shop and eat, if I want a taste of the local cuisine it can’t get any closer to authenticity as this right? Might as well try everything!

Chengdu - Morning Market-007

Chengdu - Morning Market-016

For this stall, choose how much you want and they will cut these “sheets” of pancake for you.

Chengdu - Morning Market-017

I don’t speak mandarin so I can’t get the seller to tell me what are the differences of each but I’ll hazard a guess that these are basically flour pancakes with different ingredients.

Chengdu - Morning Market-018

This is a crispy version.

Chengdu - Morning Market-019

And this is the crispy rolls.

Chengdu - Morning Market-020

Most of these pancakes are really greasy though and hence I prefer the baked ones.

Chengdu - Morning Market-021

Chengdu - Morning Market-046

Problem is, there’s so many of these confectioneries and snacks and I have only 1 stomach!

Chengdu - Morning Market-038

Chengdu - Morning Market-036

Chengdu - Morning Market-037

I have no idea what are these; and not being able to speak Mandarin sucks sometimes.

Chengdu - Morning Market-041

Chengdu - Morning Market-042

Chengdu - Morning Market-043

Fermented food are a big part of the Sichuan diet. This shop offers all manner of preserved bamboo, vegetables, roots, herbs and nuts.

Chengdu - Morning Market-035

Or at least they looked like bamboos, vegetables, roots and nuts to me. In actual fact these could be anything. LOL.

Chengdu - Morning Market-034

But I know breads and buns when I see them! And it took a lot of discipline to not buy everything in sight.

Chengdu - Morning Market-047

Chengdu - Morning Market-048

Chengdu - Morning Market-074

And fresh soya is perfect to wash it all down.

Chengdu - Morning Market-033

After breakfast I was ready to head inside. The Yulin market is housed in a large two storey building and offers both good quality produce and a good variety. It’s kept reasonably clean, everything looked fresh and I would assume the prices are very good seeing that it is for the locals.

Chengdu - Morning Market-013

The ground floor is for food (specifically on the outer parameter as shown earlier), fruits, dry goods, spices, seafood and while the upper floor is for fresh meat and vegetables.

Chengdu - Morning Market-115

The seafood section is very small, with only about 2-3 stalls at most. My guide Zhu later explained that it is due to the distance of Chengdu to the nearest coastal area, which is a few thousand kilometres away.

Chengdu - Morning Market-114

The sichuan peppers, chillies and spices are in abundance here.

Chengdu - Morning Market-014

Chengdu - Morning Market-067

Chengdu - Morning Market-060

Chengdu - Morning Market-061

Chengdu - Morning Market-058

Chengdu - Morning Market-059

Are you bored yet?
I don’t know about you, but I do love wet markets. I went past all the stalls and stared at everything in fascination and took pictures whenever I could. I was never bored at a wet market. Never! 🙂

Chengdu - Morning Market-080

Chengdu - Morning Market-063

Chengdu - Morning Market-062

Noodles are a big thing in China.

Chengdu - Morning Market-068

Chengdu - Morning Market-070

Chengdu - Morning Market-066

Chengdu - Morning Market-071

That applies to cooked ones too.

Chengdu - Morning Market-083

Fancy some pig snout with your noodles? 🙂

Chengdu - Morning Market-087

Or some regular pork belly? 🙂

Chengdu - Morning Market-086

I never knew there can be so many type of soybean curd. No no, these are NOT cheese! Really.

Chengdu - Morning Market-085

More pickled goods.

Chengdu - Morning Market-088

Something for your pet fish? Or for that little plot of land that you been trying to coax some life out of? Buy them here!

Chengdu - Morning Market-079

Chengdu - Morning Market-082

Done with the lower floor, I took the escalator (yes a working and dirty one) up to the 2nd floor.

Chengdu - Morning Market-089

And was greeted by this. Whoa, the 2nd floor is happening! This was where the action is!

Chengdu - Morning Market-091

Cows and pigs are being gutted, weighed and sold. The women in the business wielded the cleaver as surely as any man.

Chengdu - Morning Market-099

Chengdu - Morning Market-100

Chengdu - Morning Market-107

Chengdu - Morning Market-108

Chengdu - Morning Market-109

Chengdu - Morning Market-111

Blood and flesh aside, potatoes, colourful vegetables and chillies lined another alley.

Chengdu - Morning Market-102

Chengdu - Morning Market-093

Chengdu - Morning Market-094

Chengdu - Morning Market-095

Chengdu - Morning Market-103

Chengdu - Morning Market-105

Fresh dumplings anyone?

Chengdu - Morning Market-104

Home goods, some groceries and clothing are sold here too.

Chengdu - Morning Market-101

Chengdu - Morning Market-112

This is fermented beancurd. There must be about 20 variety of these at one stall. The lady owner was giving me looks so I didn’t take too many photos of her goods.

Chengdu - Morning Market-113

Outside of the market street peddlers hawk their goods. I found that most of them sells difference items from what was sold within the Yu lin market building.

Chengdu - Morning Market-128

For instance, bullfrogs!

Chengdu - Morning Market-057

Fresh chicken.

Chengdu - Morning Market-056

A lot of unidentifiable greens. If only I could understand Mandarin!

Chengdu - Morning Market-051

Chengdu - Morning Market-053

Nuts and some form of roots.

Chengdu - Morning Market-050

Morning tea for you?

Chengdu - Morning Market-049

There are independent mini markets within the vicinity too.

Chengdu - Morning Market-054

I spent almost 2-3 hours here and I loved every minute of it. My only regret was not being able to speak Mandarin and thus I wasn’t able to converse with the stall owners. I have many questions left unanswered but I guess I’ll have to make do with only photographs for now. I’m grateful that our Chengdu trip wasn’t as rushed as our Shanghai one and I had time to visit a local wet market!

Where: Yulin market, between Yulin Road and Yulin Street.

Chengdu - Morning Market-160

Just opposite this school.

Chengdu - Morning Market-025

How I got back to the hotel:

Chengdu - Morning Market-124

The way everyone drives in China is just crazy. Anything goes on the streets; lane cutting, queue jumping and non-stop honking. What an experience!

Chengdu - Morning Market-162

I hope to explore more markets in the world! What about you, would you get up early in the morning to go the wet market? 😉

AirAsia X flies to Chengdu from KUL 7 times a week.
The timetable of the flights are as follows: 

Flight from




Flight Time


Kuala Lumpur to Chengdu181522404 hours 25 mins               Mon – Fri
Chengdu to Kuala Lumpur235504304 hours 25 mins               Mon – Fri
Kuala Lumpur to Chengdu091513404 hours 25 mins               Sat  – Sun
Chengdu to Kuala Lumpur145519304 hours 25 mins               Sat  – Sun

*This wonderful experience wasn’t a part of our itinerary during our media familiarization trip organized by AirAsia X, but I went to the market during our free + easy time. 🙂

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