Wine For Asia 2010 – Asia’s Most Comprehensive International Wine Exhibition

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Wine for Asia will be returning for its 8th edition on 28-29th Oct 2010 in Singapore, right at the most happening place in Singapore at the moment – the Marina Bay Sands. Over 2 days, highlights of the event includes the 1st Asian Riesling Forum, 1st Landmark Australia Master Tutorial, 1st Asia Grand Bordeaux Trio Seminar and Wine Style Asia Awards & Gala Dinner.


Wine for Asia will offer the wine trade 2 focused days of business discussions, as well as education & networking opportunities.
The theme of WFA 2010 is “The 5th Dimension of Wine & Food Pairing”, aimed at bringing a more dedicated focus to wine & food pairing activities, especially for the Asean region as WFA hopes to inculcate wine drinking among Asians, by demonstrating the ability of wine to match with our Asian dishes.

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I was invited for a Wine and Food Tasting & Networking Session at Vintry’s – Jaya 33 as part of a 4 nation roadshow to promote regional participation for WFA event in Singapore; the other 3 being China, Thailand & Singapore.

Rebecca Saw - Karl Kani

Over Sauvignon Blanc & Bordeaux, Mr Malcolm Tham, Programme Director of WFA shared with us some insights & statistics of wine consumption in Asia.

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wine for asia 2010 - malcolm

Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam are still far behind comparatively to other western countries. However, I personally felt that wine drinking has gained traction over the last few years, as the fine dining landscape had slowly evolved since then. Almost every restaurants now offers wine in their menu, even traditional Chinese restaurants!

wine for asia 2010 - wine per capita

Mr Thomas Ling, a sommelier by training, shared his experiences as well.

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The 5th Dimension of Wine & Food Pairing”.
For WFA 2010, leading wineries from around the world, food & wine critics, F&B directors & renowned chefs will be invited to create state-of-art pairing experiences with the best Asian cuisine & finest wines.

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Wine for Asia 2010 – bought to you by Singapore Tourism Board.

wine for asia 2010

Mr Gerald of STB welcoming us to Singapore with a smile! 😉

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Below: Wine for Asia past years statistics.
And with the newly launched “Singapore Global Wine Personality Series” featuring Michel Roland, the world’s foremost consulting winemaker, influential Bordeaux-based oenologist with over 100 clients across 12 countries, WFA 2010 is set to create a new record in numbers this year.

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I sincerely hope I will be able to make it for this event, especially the Gala Dinner & Award Presentation Ceremony for the Wine Style Asia Award 2010 at The St Regis Singapore. Any wine enthusiast here interested to join me? 😉

For reservations, programme & queries, check out:

More pictures from the event:

wine for asia 2010 - STB

wine for asia 2010 wines

With Shaun Lee & Wilson Quah of .

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Vintry’s at Jaya 33 – a very well stocked outlet.

wine for asia 2010 - vintry

Gerald enjoying his glass of Bordeaux. :yes:

wine for asia 2010  - gerald

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