“Whisk” yourself here – Empire Shopping Gallery for yummy cakes!

Whisk, a charming little family- run cafe is one of the outlets worth checking out in Empire Shopping Gallery.


Their menu is not extensive & as per it’s namesake, Whisk – Espresso Bar & Bake Shop prides itself on it’s coffee & it’s array of home – baked goodies, all dotingly baked by the trio of mother and 2 sisters.


Flaky puffs, fat pies and pretty cakes were all lined up vying for attention at the counter. Everything radiates a “family”, home -baked vibe. My attention was, of course, held captive at the sight of cakes!


This pretty cake here is the HummingBird. Originally a favorite cake of the south United States, the Hummingbird Cake is moist and flavorful with chopped pecans, crushed pineapple, and mashed bananas. It is then frosted with delicious cream cheese.

Here at Whisk, The Hummingbird would be more aptly named “Banana” cake. The many-eyed fruit (pineapple) failed to make it’s presence felt and hence the cake seemed to have lost its identity. However, a follow up sms to one of the sisters confirmed that there were pineapples in the cake but “balanced” out as to not overwhelm the flavour.

Well, I still think it is a banana cake πŸ˜‰ . (Oh, Check out the Daily Grind’s Hummingbird here for comparison.)

Anyhow, texture – wise it was perfect. Less dense than the average, it was light and bursting with the aroma of sweet bananas. The cream cheese icing is lovely as well; dainty & spreads easily. I doΒ detest those heavy paste-y kind!

One cake is never enough. And I just had to try their Carrot & Pecan Cake. In any case, I’m still in the quest of searching for the best carrot cake in town. The version at Collins Bakery in Mt Kiara was good; but sadly now it only comes in cupcakes versions which somehow affected the taste. Haute Food’s Carrot cake was alright….but still not quite the one.

While the Hummingbird was spongy, the carrot cake here is dense. Dessicated coconut was very prevalent, but not so much of the carrots & just a slight nauce of cinnamon was detected. The icing is a replicate of the Hummingbird’s.

carrot pecan

Another close up picture of the Banana, err.. I meant Hummingbird cake Β  :whistle:

hummingbird cake

There was no Red Velvet available that day, so I guess this calls for a re-visitΒ  :yes: . And yea, gimme the lamb pies, quiches and all the savoury goodies too!

Whisk – Espresso Bar & Bake Shop
Location : LG03A, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang.
Right beside – SuChan.Β  Which is opening soon.Β  ..