Best Nyonya Kuih in Melaka – Dapur Cho Cho, Baba Raymond Koh (Soon Yean coffeeshop), Bibik Ong, Nyonya Kim, Yummy Food Court

I was part of the 80% of the tourists to Melaka once, only knowing of Baba Charlie and steadfastly visiting BC each time I’m in Melaka.
I swooned over their bongkong and absolutely love the durian apam. I even wrote a glowing review of it.

Then things changed.
On one visit I was disappointed with the kuih. Perplexed, it hit me that the quality is sliding south faster than our ringgit.

Deprived of good kuih suddenly, I started to bug my ever reliable guide and friend Daniel Cerventus. “Eh, Melaka only one place got kuih ah?”
Overworked yet ever obliging, he was coerced into getting me other options, for he realized he will never hear the end of it from me if he didn’t.

best kuih in melaka - dapur cho cho -002

Thus from his help I got to know of Bibik Ong and the kuih at the Yummy Food Court. Satisfied, I left him in peace for a while.

But of course, as expected I wasn’t satisfied for long.
Bibik Ong is hard to catch. Not only she only sells at a certain time, her kuih sold out fast. Grrrrr

The Yummy Food Court at Sungai Ujong is also on evenings only. Kuih selection is limited as well.

And thus the quest for the best Melaka Nyonya kuih restarted anew.

Through some FB foodie groups I got to know of Nyonya/Baba Kim and Dapur Cho Cho.
I visited both last December, took photos and predictably, got caught up with work and travel and never posted about both.

So now I’m back (Sept + Dec 2015) and ready to document all these not as famous but offers delicious kuih lovingly handmade and taste fabulous too.

Here goes.

Click on the “+” sign for the full review and pictures.

1. Koh & Onn Nyonya
2. Nyonya/Baba Kim
3. Dapur Cho Cho
4. Bibik Ong
5. Yummy Food Court - KH Chee Cheong Fun & Nyonya Kuih Stall


1. Koh & Oon Nyonya Delight (known also as Baba Raymond)
Address: Jalan Tengkera, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia. 
Address 2: 336, Jalan Asean 2, Taman Asean, Jalan Malim, 75250 Melaka.
Hours: 8am – 10am
Waze: “Kedai Kopi & Makanan Soon Yen
Off day: Call and ask.
Contact: Ah Lim (Baba Raymond Koh) 012 – 661 8838 / 012 – 652 4705
Ah Hock (Francis Onn) – 012 – 666 7497

raymond kuih - good nyonya kuih in melaka - soon yen -001

2. Kuih Nyonya Kim
Address: 9-1 Bt 4 1/2 Batu Berendam, Batu Berendam,
Alor Gajah, Melaka 75350.
Hours: 7am – 10am (call to check if there are any kuih left)
Off day: Tuesday
Waze: Not on Waze unfortunately.
Contact: 017 – 610 8262 / 06 – 317 2700

This is Nyonya/Baba Kim house.

nyonya kim - good nyonya kuih in melaka-002

This is the large open foodcourt beside Nyonya Kim.

nyonya kim - good nyonya kuih in melaka-003

Nyonya/Baba Kim’s menu:

baba kim - nyonya kuih in melaka-006

3. Dapur Cho Cho
Address: 84-3, Jalan Mohd Zin Dsh,
Taman Padang Balang,
Batu Berendam, Melaka.
Hours: 7am – 7 pm
Call to reserve your orders or to inquire the type of kuih available.
Off day: NA.
Contact: +6012-276 8606
Waze: Not on Waze. 

Look for this:


At the far corner is this mamak shop. Dapur Cho Cho is at the other end, in a single story house.

good kuih in melaka - dapur cho cho -008

This house is Dapur Cho Cho.

best nyonya chang dumpling - melaka -002

Dapur Cho Cho menu:

good kuih in melaka - dapur cho cho -006

4. Bibik Ong Nyonya Kuih
Address: A stall outside Hilir Garden Ice Cafe at the junction of Jalan Low Hee Kong and Jalan Ujong Pasir.
Hours: 3pm – 5pm (call to check if there are any kuih left)
Off day: Not fixed.
Contact: 06 – 2844 598 

good nyonya kuih melaka - bibik ong-007

5. Yummy Garden Food Court
Address: Jalan Ujong Pasir, Batu Berendam, 75050.
Hours: 5 pm til late.
Off day: To be updated.
Contact: Mr Yee – 016 644 1525