When your world turns upside down – ORBING at Tasik Titiwangsa!

Last week’s turbulent state of affairs (work-wise & privately) left me in the doldrums for a while.

Though it was nothing in the region of life & death, the whole episode got me reflective, both on the past (NEVER a good thing) and sat me down hard to re-look at the company I keep.

To cut a long tale short, a valuable lesson was learnt, (sadly the hard way), some suspicions confirmed (I’m freaking glad!) & the answer to a very important question ofΒ  “should I or should I not” was determined.

This week, I shall set forth with positivity & bask in the warmth of the genuine support that I received from the few genuine people that matters (you know who you are). It’s always good to know that I’m not alone. Thank you.

So, riding on that positive note, I’m going to blog about something that has a happy vibe πŸ˜‰

Going through my archives, I found these pics of my ORBING adventure at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. And I would like to transport myself back to the day again, to feel the carefree, light-hearted moments πŸ˜‰

The Orbing booth. It is a very ” nomardic” set-up, but that made sense since they are only operational on Sat and Sun.

NOTE: I called yesterday to make bookings but the orbing services are not available from now til 28th March 2010.

orbing booth

It is not at the main area of where the lake but I’m very directionally challenged so I won’t be able to describe it to you. Call Mr Tan: 012 308 7205 for bookings and for directions.


The orbing ball reminded me of a bubble wrap. It is thick, filled with air in between two layers.Β  Inside, there is enough space for two.


Damn stylo right! πŸ˜‰

orbing -filing

This is the “hill”Β  (70 metres) that you will be rolled down from. I would rather call it a ‘gentle‘ slope.


The actual distance starts from where the ball is. At first I thought 70 metres was too short & a waste of money…


…till I was in the orb itself, roller – coasting down the slope, choking on water, bumping my head and losing all my bearings. Then I actually felt the journey was a biiiiiitttt too long! LOL.

wet orb aftermath

Prior to the ride..


Signing the indemnity form.. “yes yes.. if I happen to choke to death or acquire a migraine the size of Mars (which I did for a few hours after ) plus a throbbing head after the ride, I’m entirely responsible for putting myself through such torment” ..

sign form

Once we got strapped up with the approriate harnesses we then proceed to walk up the ‘hill’ to where the orb is.


Then you are strapped (again) to the “walls” of the Orb. Initially, the pleb in me actually thought we will be falling free within the Orb while rolling down. Thank God for those straps I tell you, I can imagine just how much bodily damage would have occured if we were free falling within the Orb, even if there’s only one person inside.

becky in the ball

Huai Bin (sixthseal.com) acting cute. *chokes* πŸ˜‰

act cute

All strapped up, here goes in the water!! (this is for the wet ride).

pour water

Then we are off!! These guys will run along with you, making sure the Orb does not go off course!

running dwn the slope

The aftermath of the ride..

wet becky

Huai Bin actually carried his camera with him & took a video! Check it out on his blog!

HB w camera

Ears blocked with water, I could barely hear the guy giving me instructions of un-strapping ourselves.

instruction to exit

This semangat Jerine looked like the lady from the Addams’ family with all her eyeliner and mascara smudged! LOL.

makeup faux pas

BTW, here are some stylo ways you can exit from the Orb…

1st up: Huai Bin:

hb comin out

exit wet orb

2nd: Jerine: Right on her a$$..

jerine exit

Myself: Heck, what was I doing?? πŸ˜•

becky's exit

Once the Orb has stopped, they will have to roll it back up the slope.Β  I don’t envy their job at all.


Our cool pose πŸ˜›

big pimpin

I bought change but no towels. Both of them didn’t bring any change! LOL. Anyhow, they managed to dig some clothes from their bags and the car. Lazy us decided to just change besides the car :mrgreen:


Yes, I had fun. We all did. It didn’t matter who/which company I worked for. It didn’t matter that I ain’t rich nor hot. We don’t get too overly sensitive with each other’s remarks. My blog traffic isn’t spectacular enough to be useful to anyone. And we do not know each other that well to call ourselves BFFs. We just enjoy certain similar activities and we hang out doing what we agreed on. Else you do your thing, and I do my thing. It’s best that way.

Note: Dry Zorbing session -RM 15,Β  Wet Zorbing session – RM 20.

Pics credited to sixthseal.com and Jerine.

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