HI hi!!

Thanks for visiting my new blog – home!!
Obviously, I got loads to do .. and it does look like it’s gonna take a while!

But like I said, if I don’t shift now, I’ll probably never will so I’m taking the plunge today ;p

There is a few things I’m still trying to figure out. For example, I can’t seem to “import” over my google friends connect widget (*sob*) & now instead of proudly showing that I got 40 followers, I got none (hint: the widget is on the right column) ;p.

I will also try to have full length posts on the main page.

So…Feedback! Yes yes, please comment & do share if you know of any CUTE/useful/COOL widget I should install (plus links if possible, I’m a tech idiot)… or tutorials that I could read up on. Much appreciated!!

And wishing all who celebrates CNY – GONG HEI FATT CHOY!!!
And to those who don’t, enjoy the hols!!

CNY tiger

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