VIDEO! Hosting Ms Catherine Bell from Dish Magazine, NZ in KL, Malaysia

We had a blast “makan – makan” over 2 days with Ms Catherine Bell, Food Director from Dish magazine, New Zealand just last week! Thank you to everyone who kindly made time to join us & to show Catherine around our wonderful city & share with her the history, cultural & food of Malaysia!

Video 1 is up! Thanks to Bryan for the wonderful editing & to both him & Nigel for the shoot. :)

Do watch it! Not for me obviously, but for Catherine, a visitor to our country who is really interested in learning more about Malaysia’s people, cuisine & culture. Watch as she enjoys her bak kut teh, nasi lemak & yong tau fu!

I had another video made; and this one’s for her culinary trip to our historical Baba Nyonya state Malacca. Stay tuned for that yea! We gorged ourselves silly on pork lard popiah (spring rolls), had the most delightful true-blue nyonya dinner & chicken rice balls.
Would have loved to join her in Kuching prior to her visit in Malacca but unfortunately that was a bit of a stretch to fly all the way there. Anyhow, she loved Kuching food! Thanks Pierce for bringing her around! :)

So, feedback anyone? Where would you have bought her to dine if you were hosting her? I would love to hear of your suggestions! :)

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