VCR, Jalan Galloway Pudu – good coffee and great environment for coffee in KL

The scene has changed. We do not only consume coffee as a mere beverage anymore. It is now a lifestyle drink. We discuss how it was roasted, methods of extraction and even how it was harvested.
Instead of large gulps, we sip now, and we savour. Bitter? sour? We evaluate the temperature, its depths of flavour and for some of us, rejoice in its energy-jolt properties.

I, for as long as I can remember, loved coffee. One day, I’ll be able to join my friends and enjoy a cuppa. For now, I took sips and asked; ‘How’s your coffee?”.

VCR Cafe, KL

VCR Cafe, KL-003

Coffee over work. Coffee with family and friends. Coffee and solitude. Why not? ๐Ÿ™‚

VCR Cafe, KL-005

VCR Cafe, KL-010

VCR Cafe on Jalan Galloway in Pudu area is one of the nicest coffee outlet I’ve been. I can’t say much about downstairs, but being upstairs was really pleasant.
What really strikes my fancy was the inordinate amount of space. The sitting arrangements may not be very ideal now, but we personally didn’t mind the low tables and the rattan armchairs.

VCR Cafe, KL-011

Water is complimentary and between the four of us (who just had a decent Japanese lunch in Starhill, blog on that one next), we settled for one coffee each and for me, a cake.

VCR Cafe, KL-007

The King cake (RM12) took a strong 8/10 from me.ย Banana sponge base with peanut cream, bananas and chocolate are not exactly difficult ingredients to match, but striking the perfect balance of richness and flavour can be tough.
On its own the sponge is bit dry but the cream on top and the middle layer made up for it.
My coffee partners gave their one sentence reviews as below, do pardon them.
It’s a lot better then the usual “oh it’s good/Urgh it’s bad” one liners they gave me. ๐Ÿ˜€

Kevin: Long Black (RM7.00):
Strong and almost intense. It definitely delivers a jolt to the system! And in comparison to many other coffee joints in KL/PJ, I’ll rate this as one of my top 3.
KC: Piccolo (RM9.00) – Strong, packs a punch even though there’s milk added. I like the flavour and aroma.
PL: Mocha (RM13.00) – Thick, strong flavoured. A balanced combination of chocolate and coffee, without one overpowering the other.

Ah, all said strong. And all of them were darn happy with their drinks and looked forward to a return visit, which says a lot, since all 3 can be finicky.
Me? I stole sips here and there. And relaxed in the comforting ambiance and bright sunshine.

VCR Cafe, KL-008

Rebecca Saw - VCR cafe Pudu

rebecca saw - VCR Pudu - coffee

I love the ‘old house converted to a shoplot’ concept. This does remind me of the heritage houses along Georgetown (Muntri St, Chulia St, Kimberley St) area. Not spaciously wide, but long and narrow.
Perhaps that was what that draws me to it. The nostalgia.

VCR Cafe, KL-012

VCR Cafe, KL-013

VCR Cafe, KL-014

Ordering is simple, there’s not even a menu. Just let them know what would you feel like drinking for the day.

VCR Cafe, KL-009

2, Jalan Galloway, off Jalan Pudu
Opening Hours: 8am โ€“ 11pm (daily)