UFO, SS2 – Taiwanese Desserts again – Had yogurt popping balls before??

So in my previous post I was all elated that there is a taiwanese dessert outlet in SS2, where their specialty is adding a raw egg or an egg pudding on your ice (READ about the Ice Bowl, SS2 HERE ) and I had thought that was already quite a noteworthy twist to the taiwanese dessert that we are all so fond of.

I certainly didn’t expect to discover at another dessert outlet; another and perhaps even more of a novelty than raw eggs; a topping of which is aptly named “Yogurt Popping Balls“.

ufo, ss2-6
Yup, these transparent globes burst in your mouth to spew sweetish sour yogurt -tasting fluid that is simply delightful to eat. If you are ever here, I strongly recommend that you pick this as one of your 3 chosen toppings!

ufo, ss2-4

So that’s the good news. Now onto the bad.
Actually it’s not really “bad” per se, as in the end it really boils down to individual preferences. If you were to compare Snowflakes & Ice Bowl & UFO (which is an inevitable comparison anyway) you might find that other than the Yogurt Popping Balls, UFO’s desserts may came across to be a bit “bland“. Even the taro balls lacked the soft chewiness when compared to Snowflakes or Ice Bowl. The flavoured ice is not as sweet; and overall the toppings we sampled that day were just as mildly flavoured.

Here’s mine. I opted for the Grass Jelly Series, the basic one.
Here in UFO you have the option of choosing Set 1 – Set 4 toppings (RM6.00) or to go for SET 5 (RM6.50)which is any 3 toppings on the menu.

My chosen toppings below were taro balls, aloe vera & Au Yi jelly; all of my favourite items.  :P

ufo, ss2-10

You can see the Ai Yu jelly here, as it was layered on top of the grass jelly and hence was unnoticable at first.

ufo, ss2-9

As for specialities, Snowflake’s special is their peanut flavoured one, while Ice Bowl’s is Green Mung Bean flavoured ice. UFO’s special ice is even better, it’s MATCHA flavoured!

If you are a lover of green tea, you’ll love this. There’s even GREEN TEA taro balls to match!

ufo, ss2-5

See the below?  OCHA!

ufo, ss2-7

This is another UFO Special – Lemon Ai -Yu (RM5.50) which is lemon juice base, with Yu Ai jelly & Yogurt Popping Balls. Perfect for those who likes their desserts tangy.

ufo, ss2-6

If any of you has tried Snowflakes + Ice Bowl + UFO, do share with me your preference!
For now, mine is UFO>Ice Bowl>Snowflakes.
I could be biased; no thanks to RAW EGGS & the Yogurt Popping Balls! :P

Note: Another factor is also the saccharin level. UFO’s desserts are lower in saccharin levels in comparison to Snowflakes. At UFO, you may request for syrup top-up if you wish as they do allow that.

UFO Taiwanese Desserts
SS2. Same row as CIMB Bank.

ufo, ss2-3

ufo, ss2-2

Looks like an UFO?? :P

ufo, ss2-1

The menu.
UFO offers Fresh Milk Series, Smoothies, Milk Tea & even fresh soya milk!

ufo, ss2

Revisits are definitely in order as I’m eyeing a few of their other desserts. That aside, there is this intriguing SANDAKAN UFO TART which I have never came across before. Serious!
They were out of stock for the past week and I’m hoping that I will get to sample some soon!

ufo, ss2-8

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