Toy Story 3 Premier at Mid Valley (with pics taken with the HTC Desire!)

A whole bunch of us (bloggers) were invited for the “Meet & Greet the Toy Story Characters” session followed by a premier screening of the movie in Mid Valley Megamall today.

We were all wondering which characters exactly we were to meet…

..till we saw …


Buzz & Woody!! :yahoo: All the way from Hong Kong too!

toy story 3 Mid Valley2

Woody & Buzz came on stage for a quick photography session with the crowd after some preliminary rounds of Q & A and games with the audience. The host for the event was funky, bubbly Azura from Disney.

toy story 3 Mid Valley

The Disney host, Azura. She was a bundle of energy on stage! Guess it comes with the job! ;- )


All the images here are taken with the HTC Desire. I have been pretty amazed with the camera capabilities so far & it has instilled enough confidence in me to actually leave my Point & Shoot at home!

takin pic - HTC Desire

Since Monday, I have used the camera under numerous circumstances & lighting, and with the exception of clubs/pubs, the picture quality for normal objects photography deserved a special mention.

Below: Clear, crisp pictures. Please don’t be silly & tell me your DLSR/prosumer cams can take better pics. This is a HP cam ok!

toy story 3 Mid Valley n josh lim

I wouldn’t say I have used the camera to the best of it’s technical capabilities. I’m sure with further fooling around with the various options, I’m bound to discover more of it’s potential. Right now? I’m thrilled to that I got better pics to post on my blog! πŸ˜‰
I remembered that for this group photo below, the face recognition feature was activated and each of the individuals’ faces in the screen was “box-ed” into focus. Cool! :good:

toy story 3 group pic

toy story 3 Mid Valley1

Group shot! Such kiddos aren’t we? :yes:

toy story 3 group shot

Note: The group shot above is not by the HTC Desire cos I’m posing with it! πŸ˜‰

Camera specifications:

* 5 megapixel color camera
* Face detection capability
* Auto focus and flash
* Widescreen photo capture
* Geotagging

Average file size of image is 1.5 – 1.9 MB.

More technical comparison for the camera for Nexus One & HTC Desire on the next post. The above are just some pics to show of the Desire’s camera capabilities.

<a href=”[email protected]/4691477738/” title=”toy story 3 group shot by wackybecks, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”799″ height=”531″ alt=”toy story 3 group shot” /></a>