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There are times I question my needs in life.
Do I need food, sleep or internet connectivity more?

Ok, that was a joke.
Or maybe not.

touchdown sim

But I digress.
The point is, being connected is one of our top priorities now. Whether it is for work or for social, we need to be contactable and preferably, perpetually.

As a frequent traveler both for business and work, I find myself at better peace being connected than disconnecting.
I like to know what is happening, especially so for work purposes.


Admittedly I rely on data more than calls but that’s because calls can get expensive when you’re overseas!
Now, if there is a service that provides call services at a lower rate, would you consider it?

TouchDown SIM card - launched, best international roaming rates-001

Did I hear a “yes“?
Ah, I thought I would.

TouchDown SIM card - launched, best international roaming rates-002

My latest discover is the Touchdown International SIM which offers all the benefits of staying connected yet with lowered cost.

Now let me break down on what this new Touchdown SIM offers:
Touchdown is a seamless callback service.
1. Get a Touchdown SIM card. (Get it online –>
2. Replace your normal SIM card with your Touchdown card when you travel.
3. You will be allocated a new number to use.
4. Dial an international number from your phone as usual. Touchdown picks up your call, connects it to the number you dialed and calls you back, connecting the two ends of the line.
Example: Call your boss from your phone with the Touchdown SIM card.
Touchdown will detect your call, connects your call and route it back to you.

** This routing step ensures that the call travels exclusively through Touchdown partner networks, generating the up to 85% savings AND ensures superior sound quality to boot, no matter where you are.

TouchDown SIM card - launched, best international roaming rates-003

Each Touchdown SIM comes with a user guide so do not fret as it is straightforward to use!

TouchDown SIM card - launched, best international roaming rates-004

The Touchdown SIM provides data as well.
Choose from Touchdown Classic or Touchdown NEW. The differences between both are as below:

Presentation Touchdown 081015 New Logo 2-page-007

Presentation Touchdown 081015 New Logo 2-page-008

Essentially, Touchdown solves both data and voice communications issues when you are out of your home country.
Travelers could use roaming facilities provided by their providers at home but that could prove to be costly due to high rates.
We have all heard of “that friend” who got slapped with a high bill after they got home from their travels because they somehow activated data roaming/called someone/took a call while abroad and ended up with a heart attack 4 – 5 digits bill.

Yes, you could buy local SIMs cards which will be cheap for domestic calls but you are still subjected to local operator tariffs when making international calls.
So this where Touchdown comes in; to take away all that concerns of connectivity while you are on the go.

Here are Touchdown features and benefits in a glance:

Presentation Touchdown 081015 New Logo 2-page-004
Once purchased, it is valid for 356 days so that’s a whole year of travel covered. With no expiry (within a year), you can just top up as you need.

So does Touchdown SIM sounds like it is an essential item for your travels?
Well, getting one is easy.
Just surf over to!

Now, I’ve got 2 (TWO) Touchdown SIM cards to giveaway to 2 (TWO) readers/friends of my site!
All you have do is to tell me your dream holiday (an international destination) and what have you planned to do there!
2 (TWO) random winners for the Touchdown SIM cards will be selected by 22nd of May 2016!