Fabulous tar sar pneah at Kluang

Tong Huat Confectionery @ Kluang, Johor – delicious tau sar pneah

After numerous postings on FB/Instagram about my love for Tau Sar Pneah (you can check out the ones I tried from Perak –> http://www.rebeccasaw.com/tau-sar-pneah-from-teluk-intan-perak-tiger-brand-yee-thye/), my friend Han got me 2 packs of tau sar pneah from his hometown Kluang.
This is the only stall dao sa pheah I will eat” he had declared with pride. 

I had challenged him if he had tried any others from Perak and Penang, since both states are known for tau sar pneah. In fact I was rather skeptical of Kluang as a “famous tau sar pneah producer”.

Tong Huat Confectionery - Tau Sar Peah

The biscuits come in only one size; spherical with crisp and flaky pastry.
Filled with aromatic semi-moist mungbean paste (fried split mung bean) these doesn’t have fried shallots mixed into the paste. I usually like mine with shallots, but Tong Huat’s tau sar pneah are so good that I didn’t mind them without. The sweetness of filling is just right too.

Fabulous tar sar pneah at Kluang

The biscuits are packaged hygienically in food-grade wrapper to preserve freshness. However, they are best consumed within 2 weeks.

a visit to the famous tar sar pneah at Kluang

After finishing my stash and hoping that Han will be heading home to Kluang soon so I could re-stock on them, an offer for a 2 days 1 night trip to Kluang came up.
And thus I made my maiden trip to Kluang and happily enough, a stopover at Tong Huat was in our itinerary.

The production:

1 visit to tong huat kluang


tong huat confectionery - kluang johor-001

It was fun and educational to be able to watch them make and pack the famous tau sar pneah. Though I didn’t manage to get any tips or recipes, it was an eye-opener.
And of course, it provided me the opportunity to stock up on more of their biscuits!



They offer more than just tau sar pneah of course.
This was also my first encounter with charcoal kuih kapit (love letters) and I just had to buy some to sample.
Unfortunately I find them too sweet and heavy on the coconut milk. I had always preferred mine with a strong, eggy flavour.
The pineapple tarts were worse (I’ll update with an image once I find it), was too sweet for me.

charcoal kuih kapit

Pineapple tarts:

tong huat confectionery - kluang



So if you are in Kluang, make sure Tong Huat is on your list of must-visit.
Do call them in advance too, for the tau sar pneah are very popular and usually out of stock.

Tong Huat Confectionery
Address: No. 28 & 30, Jalan Cantik, Johor, 86000 Kluang
Phone:07-771 4616

tong huat confectionery - kluang johor-002