This whole Whoa thing ahhh…

I was whoa-ed by this  ❗ ❗

Looks like TM is catching up on the social media scene! And doing it in style too.
No more fudgy-dodgy image of the old TM 😎

Look, I’m a twitter addict.  And no one can avoid emails. 2 gmail accounts and company’s email kept me busy enough. Also, I chat on gmail chat daily. To top that off, what about Facebook??

Seriously, it’s hard to keep track of all.
I find myself neglecting FB a lot in favour of Twitter. And I avoid getting a MSN account just because I seriously can’t cope with all these interactive programs. *Headache* 😐

I hate it too when my laptop lags cos I have so many windows open (3 tabs for twitter, one for Home, 1 for DM and 1 for mentions of my twitter handle). Then another browser window for blog reading, and to reply comments.

Another window for work email and work related research.

And more programs (office, etc) at the same time. Are you getting a headache reading all this yet?
Well, I am. I find tweetdeck not much of a help either, since it’s only for twitter.

Hence my raving review below on iTalk Whoa. It aims to solve all that shit by INTEGRATING all of the above (and more!) into ONE INTERFACE/PORTAL.

Genius! Not bad TM, not bad at all 😉

Sazzy interface! Cute and catchy colours, in line with the fun and interactive portal of ITalk WHOA!


Registration is simple!

register iTalk

Yes, You have to register as a member first. And for 1st time users, you will need to key in the passwords for all your accounts  ie: twitter, email, facebook (yahoo, gmail, hotmail) etc ONCE.

It will then be synchronise with your iTalkWhoa login password.

From then onwards, log into TM iTalkWhoa using ONE (1) iTalkWhoa password & all the others function will be seen/used from ONE (1) screen/interface.


SkyJump  Rebecca Saw

This idea is pretty neat. I’m going to be using iTalk from now on and will update on my blog from time to time on its features. Oh, did I mention that you can call via the iTalk interface? Yup, pretty reasonable rates too (perfect for a scrooge like me, ha!) for local and overseas calls.

Registration accepted here –

I have registered for the iTalk! Have you?

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