The Waterlily Bistro, Mutiara Tropicana

I drove pass this place everyday, saw it was open and wasn’t the slightest bit interested.
Firstly, the name is weird (to me at least), next was the location, & lastly was the decor, which from outside; looks “Malay-ised” & “expensive” to me.


So one rainy night, with me feeling pissy, moody & uninspired, Unka suggested swinging by to check the place out. Now, Unka normally refrained from suggesting uncharted territories when it comes to food.
Perhaps he was hoping that the food is bad enough for me to start complaining & subsequently letting off my steam on the food instead of on him. Or by some miracle, the place actually serves good food & my pissy mood would miraculously evaporate. Either way, it was worth a shot, he must have thought.

Upon stepping into the ‘bistro’, it became clear why it was thus named. Balinese food. Arhh.. images of ponds and waterlilies came to mind.

Attentive wait staff ushered us to a cosy spot downstairs.



Flooring, tables, chairs, stairs, paneling, shelves. All for the ‘authentic’ rustic ambiance of Bali.


Spanning 3 floors, the dining area on the ground floor was wonderfully airy and spacious that rainy night.


The smell of spices and smoky grilled food wafted to my nostrils and I flipped the menu eagerly, raring to place my order.

The cold weather clued Unka’s tummy on his first order, & hence 10 minutes later the tummy warming broth of Soto Ayam, flavourful & satisfying with a squeeze of lime arrived & lapped up just as fast. While it was good, I wouldn’t rate it the best.

Soto Ayam
Balinese Chicken Soup with rice cakes, served with garlic bread.


Hunger & greed got me ordering the Nasi Campur. It’s got almost everything in one platter; I thought in glee.
Great for sharing, I reasoned to Unka, smiling innocently. As usual, he indulged me.


Nasi Campur Waterlily, RM33.00.
Comes with choice of Beef/Chicken Rendang, Balinese Grilled Lemongrass prawns, Squid, Fish, Satay Lilit (Balinese Mixed Seafood Sate on Lemongrass skewer), Fried Water Convolvulus, Sambal terasi & Sambel matah.


Everything was slightly salty to me. But the rice was wonderfully aromatic, having been steamed with coconut milk & sweet potato.

The cumi was nice and springy and yields a pleasant elastically chew. Yum yum.

The piece of err..egg (??) I presume, was oily and unceremoniously shoved aside.

Overall, the seafood was fresh, the portions big & I love both the sambal!

Fancy some alcohol? Wines and beers are available to be paired with food or patrons can head upstairs for drinks.


It would have been a crime to not order the Indonesian delectable dessert when dining Indonesian, and I’m not one to commit such a hideous offense.

Es Campur

es teler
Oops.. a bit bigger than what I would have expected.


Wonderfully milky and rich, it came loaded with fruits, ie; bananas, mangoes, honeydew & etc.
The long pieces of candied coconut on top added a nice touch to the overall towering sugar- high dessert.

Total bil came up to RM60.50 & 10% Service charge is applicable.

The Waterlily Bistro
No. 11-G, 11-1, 11-2 (3 floors)
Jalan Mutiara Tropicana 3,
Mutiara Tropicana
474110 PJ.
03 – 7803 6603
(same row as Jaya Grocer in the BU area)


Parking is a breeze and the place is nice and quiet with commendable attentive service.
Barely 10mins from Centrepoint, this would be an ideal place away from the usual loud rowdy joints.

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