The Volvo V60, moving to a new home and IKEA shopping!

When I first sat in the Volvo V60 during the launch, it certainly has not crossed my mind that I will, 1 month down the road, actually drive and make full use of this powerful sportswagon like an actual owner.

volvo v60-045

It was an experience alright, driving a big sportswagon versus the smaller cars that I was more accustomed to. But it turned out to be an easy beast to handle as the steering and maneuvering was easy and smooth. You won’t feel like your driving a car that is 4 metres+ long. I know you might wonder if that’s for real, but trust me, it is! 🙂

Volvo V60 - rebecca saw-12

2 variants was launched last month; the T4 and the T5. The one I terrorized the streets with reviewed was the T4 variant.

Volvo V60 - rebecca saw-11

When I first picked it up from Volvo Malaysia, there was a few things that I had to get used to. The convenient Key Integrated Remote Control (KIR) makes it unnecessary for the driver to use a key to lock/unlock the doors or to activate the engine.

All you have to do is hold the control (you can leave it in your bag even, no need to rummage around like a flustered aunty!) and stand near the door of the V60.
Put your hand into the handles of the door (it could be any door) and WAIT for the the unlocking mechanism to take place. Wait for about 2 seconds before pulling the handle to open the door.

Volvo V60 doors - rebecca saw-12

Once seated, slot your control into the key slot or you can choose to leave it in your bag. The engine can start without it. To start the engine, just push the Start/stop engine button.

volvo v60 review-028

Now we move on to the brakes. I know sound like I’m terribly amazed but I am! I mean, this isn’t a feature in your usual, everyday, affordable range of cars like the Myvi and I thought it was worth noting on as not many of us drives a continental car over 200K. This is simply one of the numerous features that you’re paying for.

See the bright red “P” on the right side below? It means the brakes are engaged. And there is no physical/classic handbrakes at the centre console so this is it.

Volvo V60 - rebecca saw-10

Most continental cars now has electronic handbrakes, or so I was told by my automotive industry friends. So to disengage the brakes, look for the brake lever on your right.

volvo v60 review-023

Closer up shot:

volvo v60 review-025

Step on the foot brake and PULL the “‘ P” lever. You will feel the brake pedal go down and the “P” lever green light goes off. There! You’re good to go!

volvo v60 review-021

Now that I know how to start the V60, my lesson moved on to adjusting the seat to my comfort. The V60 comes with what the automotive industry termed as a power seat. This mechanism serves to help you to adjust the driver & passenger seat (only) to your comfort.

Push/pull and press up and down on the levers to adjust your seat forward, backward and your back front or back. Once you got everything adapted to your desire, save it into memory.
I kid you not! You can save the settings by pressing M + 1, 2, or 3 together and HOLD FOR 4 seconds to save the setting into the car system. So if you share the V60 with other drivers, you do not have to physically readjust your seat each time when you’re back behind the wheel. Nifty little feature right? 🙂

volvo v60 review-019

Ok, enough of technicalities for now!


I posted some pictures on Facebook  about me shifting to a new place and I want to show you how the V60 came in really handy. I was really fortunate that the V60 was launched just a few weeks prior to my scheduled move and Volvo was kind enough to loan me a review unit for 5 days.

A lorry such as the one you see above cost me RM200 per trip. I can afford only 2 trips for the major stuffs such as the beds, wardrobe, stove, washing machine and the fridge.
You have no idea how much stuffs I’ve got! It took us 8 trips, each with the back seats folded down and the boot space maximised before we could shift EVERYTHING over to the new house.

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -17

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -13

Volvo V60 - rebecca saw

During the launch, Volvo had explained that for the V60, it was designed to be as close to a coupe as possible, while retaining that handy extra space at the rear. The result is that the ALL-NEW V60 is an unique Sportswagon, with a sporty, yet practical attitude and targeted at a younger crowd and families.

Well, I can truly vouch for the practicality and it’s suitability for family part…

Trip 1:

Volvo V60 - rebecca saw-3

Volvo V60 - rebecca saw-4
Trip 2:

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -6

Trip 3:

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -10

Trip 4:

Volvo V60 - rebecca saw-1

Trip 5: 

Volvo V60 - rebecca saw-17

Trip 6 and a few more later….

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -9

And finally a trip to IKEA for some tables!

Volvo V60 - rebecca saw-13

I’m sure most of us had experienced the sweat and headache of shifting and maneuvering tables or items bought at IKEA around to fit it into our vehicles. That’s a common sight at the parking lot. Heck, most didn’t want to pay the RM60 IKEA transportation fee.

With the V60, all we did was to dump everything into the boot. I reckon I could have bought a lot more and even wider tables without any problem!

Volvo V60 - rebecca saw-15

All in all, the move was exhausting. Thank god for the V60! I would have died attempting to shift everything over in my friend’s borrowed Alfa/Myvi/Wira. And the amount of cash I saved from hiring additional lorries for the rest of the household items. I was really relieved that throughout the moving period the V60 was at my disposal.

volvo V60 review - Rebecca Saw -8

Another post coming up to show you guys how’s the V60 like on the road!
Meanwhile, what do you guys think of the V60? 🙂

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